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i give you nothing for 2 years! and then i over tripple my gallery! XD have fun.
gee i have ignored you 2 people that actualy look at my page. i just got back from hawaii so i should have some pictures for ya, not  sure thou, depeneds on how good they look on the puter. uh... ya..
well school starts on the 8th here for us upperclass men/women. so i only have one more day of freedom. i think i'll have more time to draw cause i wont beable to do much more.. because of my slacking the past 3 years i have to work my ass off this year to graduate.. oh well :P
well i put the drawing in the scraps.. i think its crap.. but you tell me :P i'll clean it up when i get a digi pen.. or get Jamien to do it for me if she would be so kind.
you what what people who actualy whatch me.. i have been slacking on drawing.. more then normal that is. i need to sit down and just draw.. then post what ever i get, no matter how crappy i think it is.. i am gonna go do that. i'll be done by tomarrow..
i am currently working on cleaning up my logo, as soon as i am done it'll be posted.