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Commission2017 by kimardt

KIM'S COMMISSIONS 2017 (last updated 6/05/2017)

Commission Slots Open:
1. ---
2. ---
3. ---
4. ---

Commission Types:

SKETCH .......... $15.00 USD

EXTRA CHARACTER..... +$10.00



LINEART.......... $30.00 USD


EXTRA CHARACTER..... +$20.00


FULL DRAWING.......... $50.00 USD


EXTRA CHARACTER..... +$35.00


PAINTING..........$100.00 USD

WITH BACKGROUND..... $140.00

EXTRA CHARACTER..... +$50.00




I will draw NSFW content. Some NSFW I will not draw (please ask first), and I will not draw
anything offensive to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc.


If you need a commission done within a certain timeframe please notify me beforehand!



At least 50% payment upfront.

If interested in commissioning me please contact me by:




Thank you!!!

Portfolio ll Art Blog

Twitter ll Facebook ll Instagram

So tl;dr I'm back and I'm drawing every day and it's awesome.

What's not awesome is trying to find the right colors because I have like no more than 20 copics to choose from and boy do I need more colors so guess who's gonna go and buy a new marker each week at Michaels with a coupon.

Also, also, follow me on tumblr and instagram because I'll be posting in those places before here and I have fun little doodles and WIP pics I post.

Thirdly also, look at the three cats I acquired this past year I love them ( also they have their own instagram account why not )

  • Listening to: OK Go
  • Reading: Hamilton
  • Watching: Arrow
  • Playing: Pokemon S & M
It's been too long since I made a journal entry but I think it's about time I started being more active here. Over the past few months I've settled into my new full-time job and have finally got a hold of the swing of things and balancing out free time. A lot of the art I've done I've been posting over on my art blog including works in progress. I'm going to start posting stuff from there over to here more often from here on out.

Also, I'm so happy with the reception my newest Pokemon group drawing has gotten! These pictures are a pain in the butt to draw but are forcing me to practice backgrounds and character/character interactions. I'm currently working on fleshing out a background for the Water type drawing and I'm going to start making some of these drawing looks more like scenes than just a group standing around. I hope my next drawing will be even better than the last!

Blast Burn by kimardt  Frenzy Plant (2016) by kimardt 
I finally got a new job!  It's a full-time position too which means I'll finally have benefits and be able to have a more stable schedule.

Which also means more art from me! Mostly traditional stuff since it's easier than booting up my computer (plus, I get an hour lunch break (a whole hour!) and so far I've eaten in like 10 minutes and haven't had anything else to do for the remaining 50, so I've been drawing).

I also attended NYCC last weekend, only went on Friday, but I had a ball. Got to meet one of my fave artists (though I'm pretty sure I'm cursed to always find artist tables when they're eating and I feel terrible about interrupting their meal  D;  ahh) and got a bunch of Transformers art and comics. Hoping I'll eventually find a photo of me in my Tailgate cosplay cause I realized after the con I didn't get a substantial photo of myself in costume on my phone  :')

And I also now have a Redbubble!
I'll be starting to make drawings and designs specifically to make into shirts and stickers and the like, probably going to be a decent mix of original stuff and fanart (planning on a lot of Pokemon, Digimon, and Transformers in particular).
It's been a couple months since I've posted anything significant, even longer since I really tried to interact with anyone on here. Mostly it's a combination between my current job, a class I'm taking, and for a while a costume I was making for NYCC (if I ever get decent photos of it I'll post them here) that has caused me to not frequent dA as much.

Now that NYCC has passed I'm starting to get back into the swing of things and getting back to drawing. Since meeting one of my favorite artists at the convention I've just been, like, renewed and reinvigorated I guess would be words to use, to make more art and really buckle down and work hard. The class I'm also taking is also giving me some motivation to make things. It's a dual certificate program for graphic and web design and I'm learning a lot more about Adobe programs and techniques than I think I ever could trying to learn on my own. Plus, I'm using the latter half of the course to revamp my portfolio site so that'll be very helpful! 
While I won't be posting every doodle and sketch I make here (that's what my art blog is for!) I'll be posting more frequently with completed pieces, both super refined and whatever I'm particularly proud of.
Which the first order of business right now is getting this behemoth of a drawing done.

(I may have started to become a HUGE Transformers fan over the past few months...)

And while at one time I wanted to stay away from submitting too much fanart to this account I'm abandoning that idea completely. It doesn't make sense since I love drawing fanart just as much as I love drawing skeletal death-dinodragons. So I'm going to try and draw a somewhat equal amount of original and fanworks.
Going to be deleting A LOT of stuff from my gallery/scraps over the next couple of days. Almost all work older than 2010 is going to be deleted. I just don't want a lot of my older stuff on display anymore and it's too much work for me to make a new account for non-fanart work and try and dig up a lot of the original files of pieces again.

Couple of things:


I have recently re-done my commissions and am currently accepting them!
I've lowered the prices by a bit and am sticking with very specific styles (as displayed in the example pieces). I'll draw just about anything as well (see exceptions on the commission page).


I forgot about the features I was supposed to do months ago on another journal so I'll continue them here (as well as a few added ones for some artists friends of mine)

Weedy Seadragon by Ama-Encyclopika  Glyphis glyphis by Ama-Encyclopika  Endangered Species Day 2014 by Ama-Encyclopika  Flying Painted Wolf by Ama-Encyclopika
A good friend of mine since highschool, Ama's focused a lot on wildlife art. She's a huge supporter and contributor towards conservation and focuses primarily on ocean life (sharks being her favorite). Her art has improved tons over the years and I'm a pretty big fan of her scientific illustrations. She has a penchant for more traditional media and her paintings have a lot of life to them. She also does a lot of Pokemon fanart (with a Pikachu-centric comic she's been working on for some time and a lot of Fakemon for a fan-region she created (this right here is my favorite Fakemon of hers it's so cool just look at it)).

ACC Ch20.33 by Shizuko2  Chalk board dragon doodle by Shizuko2  Archeska ink by Shizuko2  Okami brush stroke by Shizuko2
Shizuko is a great example of practice makes perfect. They've been working on a comic/OCT-thing since 2010 and though I have not read through the entire thing I can see the visible differences in quality between the 2010 and 2014 pages (and the ones in-between). They work in traditional media and, especially with the comic pages, I'm really impressed by both the quality and tenacity of this artist.

Lonely Deer by GoddessOTU  Ducks in a Row by GoddessOTU  Violin by GoddessOTU  Ascending the Green Monster by GoddessOTU
One of my college buddies and roommates, Jeni is a skilled photographer. Though she'd complain about trips to the studio to work on things (then again, who didn't?) she'd always produce some amazing works. I particularly enjoyed pieces from her senior show and leading up to then depicting small figurines in landscapes made with pretty much anything from outside and inside, created in her room at like 11PM the day before it's due. The ones depicting singular figures or the same type of figures are my favorites among those. Though she doesn't post as much stuff as when we were still at college give her gallery a look through, you won't be disappointed!

Through The Desert On a Horse With No Name by KazultheDragon  Put the Lyme in the coconut by KazultheDragon  Lost by KazultheDragon  Did Somebody Say Chocolate? by KazultheDragon
I've known Kaz for a while now and she is one of the people I have really tracked the progress of. Her style is instantly recognizable and she has maintained and improved that same style for years. She specializes in dragons and horse-type animals and is active enough on Neopets. Personality is overflowing from each image and the colors and shading are vibrant and eye-catching.

Finally Free by spiffychicken  Rose Nouveau by spiffychicken  Fire Piggies by spiffychicken  The Spiffy Chicken by spiffychicken

Elsie is another long-time internet friend. She started out primarily with Pokemon art and then one day became this amazing 20's-inspired art machine pumping out piece after piece of wonderfully stylized characters. Whether it's papercut digital pieces or old timey black-and-white Mickey Mouse style characters or just really vibrant pieces of fanart this gal's got everything going on in her art.

<da:thumb id="438022034"/> <da:thumb id="342870700"/> <da:thumb id="370328436"/> <da:thumb id="354141701"/>

Kendra went to Alfred with me for a bit and then ended up elsewhere (boooooooo haha). She was an exuberant and delightful person to be around and that transfers over into her art art well. With bright colors and well designed compositions her pieces are not only eye-catching but an absolute delight to look at over and over again.
Will update with some features that I mentioned I was gonna do previously in a day or two. Just wanted to push the other journal off my front page :V

^^^ Prices and preview images ^^^




1. I have the right to turn down a commission.

2. I will draw almost anything. This includes NSFW pieces.

3. I will NOT draw: racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, some fetishes, etc type of content. If you are not sure if what you would like drawn is classified within these types of categories please ask.

4. All commissions are made in Photoshop CS3.


1. Unless asked otherwise, I retain the right to post final pieces in my galleries and portfolio (depending on content). If you would like the commission to remain private please state beforehand.

2. You (the commissioner) retain all rights to use the content for non-commercial purposes (display on blogs, websites, sharing with friends, sharing with your dog, etc).

3. Do not remove my signature from the piece.

4. Do not crop or edit the piece as that the signature is removed. Exceptions to this are avatars/icons and banner images.

5. If you would like to commission me for a commercial piece please contact me beforehand to discuss. You do not need to fill out the 'Commission Form'. Prices for commercial pieces are not the same as the prices displayed here and are dependent from project to project.


1. If you need a piece completed by a specific date or within a certain timeframe please tell me. I will work as quickly as I can to have it completed by the set date.

2. If the piece does no have a set timeframe for completion please do not rush me! I juggle a job, online courses, and other real-life activities along with art. However, if I do not update you within a week of being commissioned please contact me.

3. I will send low-res process screenshots throughout. These will be at various intervals such as the initial sketch phase, linear, colors, etc. to make sure it is what you are looking for. If anything needs to be changed please tell me and I will be happy to change it for you.

4. More complex pieces will take longer than simpler pieces. I try to work as quickly as I can and for more complex pieces I try to keep it within 4-6 weeks for completion.

5. If I have a waiting list you will be notified when your piece has begun.


1. If the piece needs to be a specific size and/or filetype please notify me beforehand.

2. Normally, I work on a minimum 800x800 pixel canvas and up to a 2000x2000 (if not more) pixel canvas. Sketches are generally made on smaller canvases while lineart to paintings are made on much larger canvases.

3. I send three .PNG files of the finished piece as a small, medium, and full-size.


1. If something needs to be edited please notify me within 7 days of completion. 

2. There is no extra charge for revisions.

3. Each piece will only be revised once.


1. I only accept payments through Paypal.

2. At least 50% must be paid up-front for Flats, Shading, and Painting pieces.

3. Payment must be paid full up-front for Sketches and Lineart pieces.


1. You may cancel your commission at any time. Refunds will be given equal to the amount of work not completed out of what has already been paid.

2. No refunds for finished commissions.


(Please fill out if you are interested in a commission. This will save time for both of us.)

In the subject line please put 'KIM 2014 COMMISSION ORDER FORM'

What you want drawn: (Name of character)

Extra characters: (List any extra characters if any)

References: (Please provide photo references if possible. If you do not have any photo reference please provide a detailed description. If the character(s) are based off of anything in particular you can send photos of objects/character/animals/whatever to give me an idea of what you are looking for.)

What will the character(s) be doing: (What actions will be occurring (standing, sitting, doing kung-fu up the side of a cliff, etc)

Type of drawing: (Sketch, Lineart, Flats, Shading, Painting; and any extras)

Timeframe: (Optional. If you need piece done by a specific time please fill in.)

Anything Else: (Any additional material or comments can be written here.)

Please send commission form to or private message me here (e-mail is preferred).

Hello to the few new followers I've gained since posting 'Lair of Grievous' (and also everyone who's followed me since I last posted a journal entry, hello all of you!)! I only do really refined fanart stuff like that every-so-often, but I've been on a Star Wars kick recently so there should be a few more related drawings on the way one of which should also be pretty refined. Otherwise, expect a lot of creature and monster designs and stuff as that's what I usually draw.

Also, I have an art tumblr that I frequently update with work in progress shots and other drawings/doodles I don't want to clutter my dA gallery with.

And I'd also like to feature some people! The first 10 people to comment I'll feature in a follow-up journal entry. I'll select 3 pieces from your gallery I enjoy the most and leave a comment about what I like!

Aside from that, I'm going to be buckling down and defining a style for myself. Or a few to use interchangeably.
  • Cartoon-like style as indicated by how I've been doing the pokeddexy drawings  pokeddexy Day 10 - Grass type by kimardt  pokeddexy Day 5 - Fairy type by kimardt It's a fairly fast (for me) process and looks fairly decent imo
  • A more refined approach with painterly/sketchy lines such as in 'Lair of Grievous'  Lair of Grievous by kimardt but also a 'lineless' style such as the elf knight and Grinner  Elfknight by kimardt  Almicia Fauna: Grinner by kimardt
Of course I'll still play around with different styles as I don't want to be too confined to any one style but those are the ones I want to focus on a try to perfect. I've realized I do tend to rely on black/super dark colors for shadows a lot but I think using a lot of dark colors is something I automatically go to, I enjoy it stylistically. But I don't want to be stuck with only darker drawings, or maybe I do, I'm still not really sure what sort of aesthetic I want to have, it just seems to be developing towards darker. At least for my more refined, painterly pieces.
Like, looking back on pieces I did over the years I've always seemed to stick with really dark shadows in one way or another:
POKEDDEX challenge - Archeops by kimardt  A Computer's Heart by kimardt  . i n n e r  u n i v e r s e . by kimardt  untitled - almician rex 2 by kimardt  Glaring by kimardt
And over the past year it's just gotten even more abundantly clear that I've been leaning towards darker colors whether I want to or not:

Lair of Grievous by kimardt  [unamed] biomecha by kimardt  Goodra by kimardt  Royal Dragon - speedpaint by kimardt  Cave Dragons Speedpaint by kimardt  Oyrthirn by kimardt
Which in a way, now that I can see all these drawings lined up next to each other, gives a sense of cohesion between everything. I still don't see myself as having a particular 'style', but it's getting there.

I want to know what other people think of this. Do I currently have or am developing what appears to be a 'style'? And what are the aspects of said 'style'?
First off my FC: 1693-1317-6585 (Goggles)

So yeah during the weekend of New York ComicCon I went back home for a midnight release of the game and have played it as often as possible since. Such a big step up from previous generations both visually and gameplay-wise. 

But first, a brief summary of my ComicCon weekend (If you just care about Pokemon stuff skip down):


I cosplayed Zoe Hanji from Attack on Titan Friday and Saturday and went to photoshoots and had such a great time. I also bought the best stuff ever:

An Imperfect Cell figurine, a Perfect Cell keycharm (currently hanging on my 3DS), and two Cell Juniors (I'm on a DBZ kick right now/forever)

I also got the manga 'Sacred' which I started to read and haven't gotten a chance to continue reading it. It's really interesting so far and the art is pretty nice. Pretty sure I'll be buying more volumes in the future.

I also bought a print from Finni Chang which I was super stoked about. I adore finni's art and the Skull Kid illustration is one of my favorite's. 
I also bought a DBZ scouter toy thing that needs some batteries to make whatever noises it makes. I can see myself using it in the future for cosplay or something (oh yeah btw, one day I'm totally either making a final-form Frieza or Perfect Cell cosplay it's gonna happen....when I actually get a full-time job that is...maybe.......)
And I got a free copy of the book Kingmaker by Christian Cantrell. That one was a lucky find. My friends and I were aimlessly wandering the show floor and someone said that they were giving away free copies of a book, and we aren't the sort to pass up free stuff. Made it just in time too because there were only a few copies left. Haven't begun reading it yet but I think I'll enjoy it immensely (also the author was signing the books and I got to get it personalized so I feel extra special haha).

Okay, now


I just got access to victory road and have sort-of-finally made a perma-team:
  • Piccolo the Chesnaught
    • Lvl 75
    • Lax
    • Ability: Miracle Seed
    • Miracle Seed
    • Moves: Spiky Shield, Seed Bomb, Rock Smash, Mud Shot
    • this guy is a tank like holy hell i don't think anything in-game has killed him yet
  • Uub the Talonflame
    • Lvl 76
    • Jolly
    • Ability: Flame Body
    • Sharp Beak
    • Moves: Flame Charge, Roost, Steel Wing, Fly
    • i'm not even sure why i'm keeping Uub around, i think I just don't want to kick him off the team
  • Stark the Aegislash
    • Lvl 78
    • Bashful
    • Ability: Stance Change (duh)
    • Expert Belt
    • Moves: Night Slash, Sacred Sword, Iron Head, King's Shield
    • named after the mighty House Stark
  • Cooler the Dragalge
    • Lvl 76
    • Calm
    • Ability: Poison Point
    • Quick Claw
    • Moves: Double Team, Dragon Pulse, Sludge Bomb, Surf
    • tied for 3rd fave pokemon w/ rhydon
  • Cell the Noivern
    • Lvl 73
    • Sassy
    • Ability: Infiltrator
    • Spell Tag
    • Moves: Shadow Claw, Supersonic, Hurricane, Dragon Pulse
    • my first attempt at EV training something. couldn't get the exact nature i want w/ the gender i wanted so i settled for this. hurricane OKOs almost anything
  • Grimes the Sylveon
    • Lvl 26
    • Modest
    • Ability: Cute Charm
    • Lucky Egg (temp)
    • Moves: Dazzling Gleam, Hidden Power (I think it's Dragon oops), Shadow Ball, Calm Mind
    • second attempt EV training and this one i did mostly right. boosted spdef and def a bit more just to cover some bases. also i don't know how hidden power works and ended up w/ a dragon hidden power which i need to get rid of haha
Now, onto important PKMN things:


  • Noibat (I still have at least 25 of them that I've been sending into wonder trade when i can)
  • Eevee (also have a ton of them sitting around. going to evolve some of them and through them into wonder trade)
  • Bulbasaur (breed)
  • Charmander (breed)
  • Fennekin (breed)
  • Froakie (breed)
      • i currently have: Polar (my region), Modern, Continental, River, Archipelago, High Plains, Marine, Garden, and Modern
      • i am looking for any others. i can trade a polar scatterbug or one of my 500 noibats or whatever
      • here's the chart w/ the regions
yeah that's pretty much it.
oh and please don't challenge me to battle my pokemon are weak as hell for the most part and i'm not really a battling irl people sort of person. unless like we're really good buddies then feel free to whoop my ass in a battle.
Hey everyone!
First off, hello to all my new watchers! I don't post things as often as I'd like (I'm busy with my part-time job and looking for art-related jobs among other things) and I plan on posting more linearts and what I consider 'doodles' just to get my gallery moving again.

Anyway, I'll be attending NYCC again this year. I'm still unsure of my cosplay schedule for that weekend but the costumes I have prepared (or are at least still preparing *coughstillsewingeverythingallthetimecough* are:
  • Zoe Hange (Attack on Titan)
  • human!Snowman (Homestuck)
I'm going to bring along my Draconian Dignitary costume again though I'm not sure if I'll wear it at all. And I'm not sure if I will have time to fix up my Tentacruel gijinka, so that's tentative at this point. I'm leaning towards wearing Zoe on Friday, possibly part of Saturday (still debating), and Sunday. Yeah, three days wearing the same costume, I know, it's gross (and not something I'd normally ever even consider), but by the time Sunday rolls around I'm only thinking of how I'll be transporting my 3DMG home, and wearing it might be easiest for me. However, I'm still debating if I'm going to bring my Zoe cosplay with me on Saturday and Sunday at all  UnU  ....actually, maybe I'll just do what I did last year and wear some nice, non-cosplay clothes on Sunday. eh, we'll see.

So, who else is going?

If anyone happens to run into me at NYCC this year and recognizes me from here or tumblr I'll doodle them something  :)  Nothing too fancy, just a quick line doodle of whatever  UvU
Wanted to shove that kitten journal off my page mainly.
Here's a quick rundown on what's up over in my neck of the woods:

  • I'll be attending New York ComicCon this year (going Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). I plan on cosplaying Zoe Hange from Attack on Titan at least one of those days and will be bringing back Snowman (Homestuck), Draconian Dignitary (Homestuck), and hope to revamp my Tentacruel gijinka and bring that along.
  • I'm currently following up on some potential job/internship/apprenticeship leads in various areas of the art industry. Hoping that sometime in the future I'll be able to snag some sort of job. And depending on what happens I may/may not go to grad school for an MBA degree in hospitality management. So I'll be pretty busy for the next few months.
  • Also, I got a 3DS and Animal Crossing: New Leaf so that's been something to waste my nights before I go to sleep on.
  • I also got Colors3D so I'll be able to pump out at least a bit more art than usual since I bring my 3DS everywhere now-a-days. Working on a dragon drawing right now just to get used to the program.
  • Expect more traditional art from me for a while. I've been out of practice with the materials for a while and am much more relaxed using them than digital mediums for now (also I just haven't had much time to drag my giant tablet out and work on stuff with it). But a lot of the stuff will be creatures, ones that I've already created and some new ones, in a more semi-realistic way (like that Spritzee drawing). Working on a scorpion hound drawing right now as I type.
  • Obligatory mention that Kung Fu Panda 2 is the best movie ever.
  • I'm closing my commissions for a little while so I can rework prices and examples and the such.
  • Anime recommendations for the summer:
    • Attack on Titan [x]
    • Free! Iwatobi Swim Club [x]
    • Blood Lad [x]
    • Gin no Saji [x]
    • Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist [x]
    • Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi [x]

  • Reading: Timeline - Michael Crichton
  • Playing: Pokemon White 2
As of yesterday afternoon we got power back at home thank goodness.
Now I can finish commissions and actually work on things  OTL

How 'bout that Hurricane Sandy.
And how my house still has no power. And won't for probably another week (if I'm lucky).
And how we migrated to our grandparents house after they got power back. Only for it to go out less than 48 hours later due to a nor'easter so now everything is covered in snow and colder.
And now I'm at my cousins' place sucking up their internet.


The next time I see a LIPA truck I'm flipping it over.

(the basis of my anger is how I live in one of the areas declared 'hardest hit' by the storm (at least on the north shore) yet it's getting probably the least attention by the power authority. which is why the next time I see one of their trucks I am either going to (a) stalk it, (b) yell at it to give me power, and/or (c) flip it over while 2001 Space Odyssey's Dawn of Man theme everyone know plays in the background)
  • Reading: The Time Machine - H.G. Wells
  • Playing: Skyrim
So since I live on Long Island pretty much right in the way of Hurricane Sandy's path there's a likely chance I'll be without power for a few days. Commissions are being worked on but depending when/if the power goes out will be suspended until I am able to find a steady source of power for my laptop (hopefully the power will be on further into our town where we have family that we can crash with).

I'm also going to be entering :icongwangigoldrushoct:, it's cowboys and dinosaurs and I love it  OuO  Just have to finalize my character's design, flesh out her backstory a little bit more, and make an NPC character for her to deal with.

I also now have my online portfolio site up and running!
It's still a bit of a work in progress since when making it I was only able to use Firefox, Safari, and Opera to test it in. The layout is a bit skewed for Internet Explorer users (the menu bar is off center and there are some other very minor aesthetic details that got messed up, nothing that impedes on how the site functions though) and I hope to fix that as soon as I can. But it should be working fine for the most recent versions of Safari, Firefox, and Opera as far as I know. If anyone sees/experiences any bugs or issues aside from what I listed for IE users please tell me!
(I also really need to get to work on making more original pieces, I have such a backlog of works in progress eheheh...)
  • Reading: The Time Machine - H.G. Wells
  • Playing: Skyrim (doing a Mage runthrough)
Brought my laptop in again yesterday because the wifi issue had popped up again and was worse than before. So now they're going to install a new OS and possibly a new wifi card to see what the problem is exactly (could be a number of things).
In the meantime I'll be on our super old desktop. Which also means I am unable to work on commissions as I do not have the programs I normally use for them (all I have is MSPaint and Photoshop Elements 3 or something on here and the computer itself does not like to cooperate too much with transferring files to my laptop).
  • Reading: The Time Machine - H.G. Wells
  • Playing: Skyrim (doing a Mage runthrough)
I brought my laptop to the Apple store and long story short it's probably a problem with the WIFI card but it's too early to really tell. So once the problem becomes more persistent I'll take it in again to get checked out. (All the diagnostics were in the green so there wasn't any way of really telling what the problem was).)
So I'll be continuing working on commissions again (btw I have commissions open right now for those interested: )

dA Thumbnails

***Note: I am not doing a second read through of what I wrote since I am busy today and do not have the time to properly edit for things. A few of my points may end up either conflicting or need clarification and if they are/do please tell me so later I can properly write out what I had meant to say!

Okay, so, I remember dA staff testing the new thumbnail thing out a few months back (you could click on a link and it would show you a sample of what you gallery and the front page would look like (with functionality) with the new layout). And there was such backlash against it, I don't remember seeing any positive feedback (I also voiced my opinions in the comments as it is something I felt very strongly about).

Last night when they rolled the new thumbnails out I just couldn't believe they actually stuck with it. After such resounding negative feedback did they really think it would be accepted with open arms?

I'll get used to the terrible large 'previews' (they are too large to be thumbnails now) but I don't think I'll ever stop complaining about why they are a terrible change:

Why would you crop an image? It does not help it in the slightest. Horizontal images are barely cropped on the edges, you can still see the majority of the image. HOWEVER, ESPECIALLY LARGE VERTICAL IMAGES ARE PRACTICALLY HALVED. Why would you chop off half an image? It does not display the image better and though you can see details slightly better YOU CAN'T SEE THE OTHER HALF OF THE IMAGE.
One of my suggestions (as well as a few others) back when this change was first brought up was to have the images scroll, like with Literature deviations, so that you can preview the rest of the image. Either that or reformat how vertical images are cropped to showcase the majority of the image (like with horizontal pieces).

While, yes, it is nice to see a larger image and see more details, it defeats the purpose of a thumbnail in the first place, to have a small image that showcases the entire image before you decide to look at the entire thing.

One complaint that has been brought up is that the larger previews now seem to shove things in your face more. This is a bad thing for the following reasons:

(a) It is more difficult to take in larger images all at once. Smaller images make it easy to peruse what is there but also invite curiosity. Small thumbnails you are not sure what the details are and that is something that people end up clicking on, because they want to know what the full story behind this tiny image is. With larger thumbnails you see most of the story and while some pieces will still either catch your eye more or not depending on your tastes, you are now less curious about pieces you weren't sure of, pieces that were small enough that you weren't quite sure what it was or how much detail was actually there, so you clicked the image and see if you expectations were really fulfilled. At least, this is where I am seeing this from. I am now less inclined to click an image on the front page because I now know what the image is and am already feeling a sense of fulfillment (and it's not the good sort of fulfillment) seeing this larger preview of it.

(b) You now have images that you generally do not want shoved in your faced, well, shoved in your face. Another concern I have seen floating around was now images that people have taken of themselves (those 5-second MySpace photo shots of peoples' faces or body parts you may not want to see at a larger resolution) are now staring you in the face. They aren't small enough to bypass easily when browsing, they are large enough for you to know what is there in full.
I'm going to stop you right there for two reasons. One, not everyone tags things with the mature filter and not everything that hasn't been tagged with that filter gets taken down. And that isn't just nudity I'm talking about. This also includes guro/gore, vore, things of that nature that people may either forget or deliberately not tag as mature.
Also, some people (such as myself) do not actively go looking for nudes and the such (things generally under the mature tag) but we keep the filter off anyway, maybe in case we do see something we like under that filter. However, this does not mean we want these things in our face 'previewed' at a larger size.
It really just comes down to not wanting things to be shoved at us, forcing us to look at it more so than in it were a smaller image, easily ignored.


It looks terrible and unprofessional.
Probably the number one complaint I've been seeing about this change.

In this day and age, I believe the general consensus is a more professional-looking image (image meaning overall look) is that of a compact, easy to look at, non-intrusive layout is what is liked.

With the changes we now have larger preview images. Larger previews means less images per row. The spacing between images also causes a problem with overall look, makes it look very uneven in places. Mind you, I am looking at it with the Grid view on. With the Wall View is looks like a train wreck. While Wall View condenses the page (making it so you do not have to scroll as much), everything is so compacted that it looks like someone forgot to add some paragraph and break tags in the coding. If I were new to this site I would be very turned off by the general look of the front page. The same can be said for galleries.

Also, the lighter border around some images is kind of ridiculous and useless. To an outsider of the site, it would look like I purposefully put a light background behind an image. This affects images with transparency and images that have been re-sized to fit in with the obscure proportion limits put in place. I understand that they want the images within a bound area to fit in better with the rows but it just doesn't look intuitive.

One last note on that, I would like to add that there is a pixelization that happens with these new preview images. And not just any sort of pixels, .JPEG pixels. It isn't all that noticeable on a few pieces for whatever reason, but other pieces it is really obvious if you look close enough...though I don't think you'll need to lean in that close to your screen anymore. The pixelization gives a false impression of how the image actually looks, imo.

These are the reasons I have seen, as well as my own reasons, to why this change is not a good or happy one filled with sunshine and rainbows. This isn't like an overall site layout change (v6, v7, etc situations). Those were things that were inevitable. This new update with the thumbnails though was something dA brought up with the public and asked what they thought and despite a large portion of feedback to not instate this change and/or to work on it more so it was different and worked with it's userbase better they went ahead and slapped it up without a warning (from what I have read they posted the main journal entry about the changes about 30 minutes or so after the change happened). Personally, I would like it if dA did not pull Facebooks and put forth changes without ample warning as well as listen to its userbase better in the future.

Over time people will grudgingly stop complaining as they always do but I do not believe it will really take away any bad feelings towards dA they have due to unnecessary changes like this.
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I've run into a bit of a problem with my laptop. I have a Macbook Pro that has, as of yesterday, been dropping my internet connection. And I do not it is the router or wireless as the other laptop in our house (a PC) has had no issues. Like, the wifi symbol goes completely blank and I have to restart my computer to fix it (though it's now becoming a bit more frequent).

I've backed just about everything up just in case and am going to see if I can't get a a straight answer from the Apple Store concerning the problem (there were so many different troubleshooting FAQs and solutions online and most that I've tried haven't help, so it's either my hard drive or that I may need a system upgrade it seems).

This means that commissions are being delayed a bit. Until I get this issue solved I am going to refrain from working anymore on them in case I do have a hard drive crash in the middle of working on them. If my laptop ends up crashing I will be trying to work on commissions on our super old desktop that is really finicky and I'd prefer not to work on.

This also means for the next 3 - 4 days my internet presence is going to be significantly decreased (I'll be primarily on tumblr but only briefly as I do have a part-time job now).

oh man like too many bad things are happening this month, my cat died last weekend and now my computer's freaking out. only really good thing is my new job.
For the past two months I've pretty much wasted most of my time slacking off which has been an absolutely terrible decision on my part. I haven't researched web designers and resume writers like I should've two months ago and am now only really getting around to sending out e-mails and requesting quotes. Ugghhhh dumb dumb stupid dumb.

But I'm happy that I actually have had people show interest in commissioning me (thanks those of you have have!) and that's lifted my spirits a bit. Since I'm still jobless (currently in that lovely little job purgatory where I have applied almost everywhere (excluded restaurants and the such because I absolutely cannot work near food, I don't think I'd be able to handle that sort of job well at all, especially if I have to be touching plates with food on them since I can barely stand looking at certain foods, and don't get me started on condiments I start visibly cringing when even a bottle of ketchup is a bit too close to me) where I actually am unable to resend applications because they are still on file and trying to go in to the stores and ask if they got my application gets me a 'we can't look that up just go home and wait') commissions are going to be a minor source on income, along with the game I'm helping with (which may or may not still be going on? it's on hold now or something but at least I got paid for the work I've currently done~).
It's just very depressing that I can't even get a simple cashier job. I can work literally any time of day since I am not doing anything else. And it doesn't help that the only real regular job experience I have are working a a very large toy store during the Christmas rush (for 2 years in a row) and then a very large retail store during the same time of year (last year). I've handle almost every single type of malfunction and payment problem you can get working at a register just from those super busy weeks (don't even get me started on when customers could only pay for things from the toy store using cash or check because all the electronic payment systems crashed because they were so busy, that was terrible).
I'm hoping that once August rolls around and students head back to school that positions will open up like everyone says they will.

In the meantime, I'm working on a side project to help me better my skills in After Effects. Quick animated logos for various characters, fandoms, whatever I can think of and be inspired by. None of them are more than 10 seconds or so which also makes it a challenge to fit in as much information as possible but not clutter things too much.
So far I only have one done (just started this project on Sunday):…

I have a few ideas for Homestuck-related characters/things at the moment as well as some MLP, Pokemon, and a few anime and video game related ideas. Totally doing one for Banjo-Kazooie though. I don't have an idea of what to do for it at the moment but I need to make one for that amazingamazing game  *u*
So I finally graduated yesterday. Four years of my life kind of just flew by and I'm really happy to have attended where I did. Gonna' miss all my friends but hey Skype was invented for a reason  xP
And a week prior I had my senior show. I concentrated in video art but I'm not really big into video art and more into things that seem closer to short films/short stories, things that have a narrative.
My overall theme was video game inspiration (and a bit of appropriation). I used instrumental tracks from four games as the basis for the stories, creating narratives that generally had nothing to do with the games they were from but included gaming elements (some more obvious than others) into the videos.
I pretty much want to just edit videos for the most part so I tried to really dig in this past semester and learn the basics of After Effects since that's the only program that wasn't all that intuitive for me (FCP and Premiere are pretty similar *cough*exceptPremiereissomuchbetteromg*cough*
I had 4 videos and need to work on getting the last two up on youtube. For now though have a look at my two shortest vids:……

One of my projects over the summer will be to compose original sound/music tracks to these videos so I'll have two variants of each video (I also need to practice using a few sound programs and mixing and all that jazz).

So my next step in life is going to be getting a part-time job and then work towards an internship somewhere. Hopefully I can get a job at like the fabric store or somewhere that's not a department or toy store (as much as I love working at those places I'm not sure I'd be able to deal with those environments for long periods of time, and I'd like to work somewhere where I actually know about what I'm selling).

I am also going to start sewing again. My next cosplay to work on will be a Moltres gijinka of my own design and I'm going to fix up my Beatrice dress and Sn0wman coat, too. Otherwise, I really want to start making more plushies and getting good at making them. So far all I've made is a saurpod for a friend and it could've been so much better if I had more time but that's what the summer's for. Practicing my skill set and getting better. On the same note, I am also going to be drawing a lot more. There's plenty of things I need practice with and I want to continue getting better.

Last note: