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Kronos Space

Wed Jun 10, 2015, 8:19 AM
*This is a modified version of a recent blog post of mine*
How many of you know of Kronos Space? Probably those of you who have seen my more recent drawings and...some of the older ones...does DiCode sound familiar? Same story idea, more filled out more.

Kronos Space is one of the current novels I’m working on, having started the writing of it last November (I failed NaNoWriMo with it! ). It’s over 6 months now and taking so much longer than I had expected with the editing. Most of that is procrastination and running away from the tedious task that it is, and another part is having a day job now.

What if you could change the past?

A time travel novel, that really focuses less on the time travel, and more on the kid who time traveled, and the event he has the possibility to change.

I thought this book would come out this year, but with how much I’m babying this story, it may not be until next year.

Seven realms held together as one world, a Kronos Space, with the Black and White Aura. Space and Time.


Yazu, of the Vahalos race, is one of the protagonists from Kronos Space.

A Fantasy/Sci-Fi story that, instead of other planets with life on them, only one planet has life, but that planet has multiple realms, with a unique race and Earth for each. In this story, you follow two of those Seven realms, meeting four of the seven races. And a cricket. He’s from another Kronos Space.

Realm travel has been possible by the manipulation of the Color Auras for thousands, or hundreds, of years depending on what Realm you live in.
And travel to other Kronos Spaces, other worlds, happens on rare occasions when the Black Aura is mysteriously manipulated.

The Aura, which is explained a bit more in the book, holds the realms together and allows for travel between the realms. The Black Aura, while this greater Aura has not been mastered, has been manipulated in rare occasions allowing Kronos Space to Kronos Space travel. (Another Kronos Space does not exist in the same universe of another, the separate Kronos Spaces are more like alternate dimensions of the universe while the realms are alternate dimentions of the planet with life) That’s how the Cricket man got to the Earth Kronos Space.

And what of Time? Could the White Aura be manipulated in such a way to allow for Time Travel?

Nope. Time travel just doesn’t happen. It’s not something you can control, and as far as anyone knows, it has never happened.

An account of this has never occurred in the history of the seven Realms, except when the story of Earth’s 5th Realm, Vahalos, and its entire people were lost, and a young man was also lost, having been thrown through the rift in the Kronos Space.

Dun, dun, duuunnnn! Our protagonist, Kole, was always told that story as a kid.

It was the story my mentor Aza had told me many times and had became my favorite. The young man’s ship had crash landed in the woods after the appearance of the Rift and as a child Aza had went to explore the crash. He met the young man and was going to take him home but on the way through the woods they were attacked by Cattish soldiers from the 6th Realm. The young man died in the battle, saving Aza’s life.

But what does that young man have to do with Kole? Wait, I thought you said this novel was about the kid who time traveled? Didn’t that just say the time traveling kid died? I’m…I’m so lost…

Two days later, the Rift in the Kronos Space was sealed and the 5th Realm no longer existed in our world. Vahalos, and its pure-blood race — including Aza’s father and uncle — were shifted to another Kronos Space never to be found again.

Okay, wait, no. That’s sad. Our time traveler’s mentor’s family was lost? AND THE ENTIRE REALM?! I’m so lost. What does this Kole kid have to do with this?!

Aza would never forget that day and always mentioned to me the young time traveler that saved his life, but I would have never guessed that the young man…
…was me.’

kolefightdathingWait, so Kole dies? …wait isn’t this spoilers? Wait what’s going on?

No, it’s not spoilers. All the information I gave you, save for the mention of the cricket and a bit more explaining of the Aura/Realms/Kronos Spaces, is all told in the first intro chapter of Kronos Space. That part is also told in the comic which I never really got into making.

The novel however, ah, I love my Kronos Space universe…did I mention that controlling the Aura can allow you to have superhero like powers?! (Dragon Ball Z influence, yes.)
This is my largest novel so far, as Badlands Fantasy is more of novelettes. It’s one story I really want to get attention, though I know that’s hard when you don’t make something a series.
Kronos Space was built to be stand alone, that way, if no one got into it, I wouldn’t have to write any more of the story and/or I could pause the writing of the story for a long time and not be leaving readers hanging.

Anywho, this long post is really just to say that Kronos Space is the novel I’m focusing on, working on the next Badlands Fantasy novel when I can. With how large and important to me Kronos Space is though, it is taking so much longer than I planned to edit and get ready for publication.

I’m half-way through my first round of edits (I’m taking so long! ;_; ) and I do hope to loop through it a second time before giving it to beta readers/proofreaders/etc.

If you’d like to keep up more with Kronos Space and its progress, I tell my newsletter peeps updates once a month. So join that if you’re interested  If not, just keep following the blog!

Gotta get to Kronos Space and stop procrastinating…

Creator bless,
Kima Prince


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June 10, 2015