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Just in case any of you were wondering, I am alive.

Apparently, my last deviation was almost a year ago?!

Life tends to do that to me. Last May we had moved into our house we had bought earlier that year, and then late last year I was preggo with baby #2! I'll probably never have a birthday quite like my last as I gave birth this year to our Jubilee on my birthday!

We had moved to my hometown, and my home church had found a new pastor at the beginning of the year. He and his family are great, but it's so different coming back to your home church you grew up in, as an adult with a family, and the pastor who you grew up with was led into a different season of life and was no longer there.

Creative wise, the move, the pregnancy/new baby and some family drama (pray for my Dad. I can't go into details) has kept me away. I keep planning to come back though. I still plan to take this first draft of Kronos Space I wrote the other year and turn it back into a comic project.

I've also been working, perhaps a year or so now, on an RPG Maker game, but being game dev is the lowest of my hobbies I have held off on sharing anything about it until...well I don't know when I'll share it really. I don't have much concept art for it, it's all been numbers and prototyping/programming and such so I don't have much I could show here anyway. Thankfully I've been keeping a dev journal/document thing telling me all my plans and what systems I've built and why and what plugins I've used and why, and keeping track of credits to all the resources I've used (Yanfly Engine plugins are amazing), so I don't get too lost on what I've done when I haven't gotten to the game in a while.

Anyway, I'm babbling. Hopefully one day I'll be here consistently, but until then, know that I stalk my peeps here and go through my notifications when I can. You are all doing amazing and I love seeing ya'll's improvement.
Crystallink Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2018  Student General Artist
Glad to see an update from you Kima! Congratz on your second child! And on your birthday too! :D I imagine it must take up a lot of your time among everything else!

I'll definitely praying for whatever your dad is going through! And I definitely hope to see the Kronos Space comic, and the RPG you're working on!
KarToon12 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Glad to see you back!
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