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Published: May 21, 2015
Over on my blog I've been doing these BlogBattle started by Rachel Ritchey. They're fun, and I've used them to expand my Story of Xyen world and will probably use it to expand other story worlds such as Badlands Fantasy.

Blog battle is a challenge to write a 1,000 word or less story based on a give word. :) It's really fun.

One I did the other week was on the word 'bun' and I'll include it here, if you want to read them on my blog you can go here::  hehasplans.com/blog/category/blogbattle/

As promised, Scott hadn’t harmed the Dustbunny Tahlya had brought home from her time in the Cursed Forest. Though, she questioned some of the wires he’d connected to monitor its body systems.
She sat on the floor next to Scott’s chair as he typed away at his computer. The Dustbunny, dark fur turned white, slept on her lap. Petting the rabbit, she felt the small patches of skin Scott had shaved to apply the wires; she couldn’t wait until the fur grew back.
Craning her neck to see the monitor, she watched three-dimensional images spin. One was of a common Dustbunny. The weak Dark Creature with all black fur had a mist of evil energy float around it like dust; thus, their name: Dustbunnies. The other image was of Tahlya’s special Dustbunny, whose fur had been slowly turning white since she had found it. Her bunny, still a baby, was becoming the opposite of a Dustbunny, white fur, blue eyes and no dust cloud.
Scott stared at the readings scrolling in a small window above the images. “I can’t figure this out. The rabbit is healthy. She’s at an appropriate size for a Dustbunny, and still shares all physical characteristics.” He lifted the bunny off Tahlya’s lap and gently pulled its lips apart, showing Tahlya the small canine teeth starting to poke out of its gums. “She’s even growing fangs at the right age. She’s a Dustbunny for sure, not a common rabbit.”
“What about the dust cloud?”
“That — That I don’t think is a physical characteristic. With your experiences with that Prince of Twilight and black lake, we’re sure that magic exists. Dark energy controls the Dark Creatures…that dust cloud is magic, this bunny doesn’t have magic.”
Tahlya’s grin spanned her entire face. “If you’re admitting magic exists then…?”
“Then, what? Magic is the opposite of the Greater Good’s power. That doesn’t mean…”
“No, no you’re right there. Magic being associated with fantasy doesn’t mean that’s how it works in the real world. Elves don’t have to be villains who use magi — OH! Evil elf magician! That creep! He could be—”
“Tahlya! I have an idea! Instead of daydreaming, why don’t you name your Dustbunney, eh? EH?” Scott shoved his glasses back up his nose.
“Oh, right!” Tahlya hummed. “I used to have a rabbit.”
Scott slowly nodded. “Yes, you almost killed yourself trying to earn it.”
Ten-year-old Tahlya, hair in face, stood on the roof. Rake in hand, she shoved leaves from the two-story home onto the ground.
“I’ll do more than the front yard.” She huffed, raking wet leaves. “When dad gets home, I’ll surprise him with a clear roof, too!”
She had to hurry as Scott would get off the bus any minute. The cautious fifteen-year-old spoiled most of her grandiose plans. Her dad would only be gone for a half-hour. If she got this done, she’d earn more than enough to buy the bunny at the feed store.
Having cleared off the corner near the ladder, she went to the next patch. Leaves slipped under her rubber boots. Arms waved to gain balance. The patch of leaves under her foot slid. Crying out, she fell, sliding on the wet roof. She clawed for a hold, but legs, followed by her body, fell off the roof. Her grasp caught the gutter.
“Daddy!” She cried but knew he wasn’t home to hear. Her knuckles were white grasping the wet gutter. Leaves slipped off the roof slapping her in the face.
“I’m so glad we’re out of that forest!” Cassy shook a pebble out of her boot. Their trip through the Edge of the Badlands had not gone well.
Jafaunz barely listened as he played with his new pet. The Dustbunny had recovered beautifully, though he wondered if its changing fur and lack of dust cloud was the result of its head injury.
“I can’t believe you brought that thing with us.” Of all things Jafaunz had put her through in the past few weeks, he thought she’d be more upset at him dragging her into things or the secrets he had kept; instead, she was upset at the Dustbunny.
“It’s Tahlya’s fault I even cared for it.” The Alliance had always known Tahlya was the secret Jasper Kingdom princess, and believed Jafaunz was her designated caretaker. It troubled him having to keep secrets even from Tahlya.
“Tahlya’s fault?”
“She was ten, wanted this bunny so badly she agreed to rake the yard for it.” He shook his head. “Girl’s danger prone.”
He was only going to be gone a half-hour. He told himself Tahlya would be fine, but when his flip-phone rang a chill in the air told him something was wrong. Yanking the hover’s wheel, he u-turned before he even answered the call.
“Hello?” He had almost answered the tech device upside-down.
“Mr. Jafaunz, it’s Scott. My school bus broke down and I won’t make it to watch Tahlya and—” Jafaunz hung up. Lead-footing the pedal he flew home; the Alliance would have to wait today.
The hover barely in the driveway, he heard Tahlya’s whimper; almost forgetting to put it in park before leaping out, he called out. “Tahlya!”
The front yard was raked.
“Daddy!” Tahlya’s cry came from the backyard. “Help!”
She sounded high up.
He raced to the backyard, his footfalls barely making an imprint in the mud. He adjusted his bandanna to make sure it covered his ears; she wasn’t old enough to know yet.
She dangled from the gutter ten feet from the ladder. Decorative rocks lining the house now seemed menacing. Racing up, he avoided the wet leaves and grabbed his daughter’s arms. “I got you.”
“I earned that bunny,” Tahlya chuckled. “I called him Bun.”
“Thank the Greater Good He let your dad know you were in trouble.” Scott mumbled as he stared at the computer.
“Bun-bun. That’ll be her name!” Tahlya cuddled her Dustbunny.

Journal later and Creator bless,
Kima Prince

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