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Been meaning to write this for a while...

As many of you know I work on a lot of different projects, much to my doom...and I guess I just want to give you a clue in on where I am and/or where I am going with the different projects I have, and I'll touch on them in order of...importance? Basicly which one's I'm actually working on.

Creator's Armor
No doubt that this one is on the top of the list. Currently it's struggling to make progress in my real life, just like everything else. But is is not, and never will be dead, actually it got a good dose of energy the other day. ....dose of energy? That sounds like a different story....anywho.
There is no set return day for regular updates tho. I had hoped to be back by the end of October but uh...oh look! October 31st and no CA x_x not even 1 finished page either ah...such is life no?
I may just start working on pages, and give them to you guys whenever I can, until I can get on a regular page creating habit.
As well, the side story, Letter Journey, still needs finished! I started that how long ago? And it should only be 30-40 pages long....I'm thinking I may make that story a priority over the main one and get it done, being well, it would be nice to get something done! And I'd put out a print version~ Hopefully. So, hopefully that side story [which is kinda a prequel to the first main series volume] can get done and published and be other there and yeah~
As well, I got a boost of energy and encouragement [there we go with energy again....where have I heard of energy?~ heh] for the idea of write the CA series as novels~ This gives me a nice way to let the story out when I can't do it in drawing, and if ever published could reach a greater audience being the novels wouldn't be geared for the manga culture [sadness. No manga style cover lol~]
Also got some great plotting ideas from a friend this past weekend, so excited about that 8D
So anywho, that's where CA is at. Which is mostly just sitting around doing nothing, with some writing on the side.

The Bunny Suit
Yes. This one has second priority and I hope [that is if I can stop sleeping all the time after work] that it will swap priority level with CA every once and a while so both stories get going regularly and that.
Sadly, I doubt I'll make it for the January issue of Twelve Gates Magazine [look that up~] but nevah fear. TBS will be in TGs~ In God's timing....

Oh so THATS where all those energy blibs were coming from! Sad to say this story is still on hold. And my be for a LONG time. I just don't think I'm ready for it. It still needs some development and I got so many other things that need done that this one just needs to be on hold. Who never actually be a real project, it may just stay in the idea bin forever, but don't be surprised if I upload Energies themed doodles from time to time. The charries and the story still have some them in my head [for lack of better termonology XD sorry for my puns and such] But yeah, Energies will be on hold for a good time for sure.

PN-....I forgot his number 57343? Stephen
Okay, not sure how many on my DA know of Stephen. Anywho the cyborg guy I drew before [actually I don' even know if my one big fan of Stephen follows me on DA....] okay, anywho. This story is at like the BOTTOM [or almost] of the idea bin. It most likely will not happen. At least not for a long time. Tho if I do become an author writing the CA novels...who knows? PN-57343 may just be a novel, not a manga.

I don't really think there are any other stories ya'll know about/stalk me about. [okay, maybe I'm just wishful thinking that I actually have stalkers [fan stalkers not creepy stalkers]] If you've ever heard of my shojo manga idea Learning to Lean, that one is basically where Energies is. On Hold because I'm not ready for this story, but I very much want to do it, and hope to see it done. So maybe that puts it a little higher then Energies?

OH PFFFFF X_X utterly forgot to mention my video game projects and I need to get this typed and get off cause of dinner then guitar then bible study and ahhhh!

Basicly know that any video game project has lower priority then manga projects and I mostly work on them when I get in the mood for coding which I do from time to time.

Anywho blog later and Creator bless~
KittyMarie Prince
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3:45 am : Wake up, take shower

5:20 am : head off to work

5:40ish am : arrive at work

6:00 am : work starts

2:30 pm : work ends

3:00 pm : get home most days, some days get home at 5:00 pm

afternoon : sleep

8:00 pm : go to bed

Learning how to actually do something besides sleep after work....manga projects not forgotten. Last I remember tho either the USB ports or my tablet was going wanky....neh. Also wasting time on new Nintendo 3DS =w= .... anywho.

Will probably keep all DA watch notices in my inbox till I can get to the library one day. Maybe this Saturday. Hopefully will get to drawing sometime this weekend today...could have today but um. *points at shiny new purple 3DS*  *cough* yeah.
So yeah, haven't been online much in a while, a few reasons.

Main reason is that my dad has been basicly taking my puter away until I get some things done but he lets me have it on weekends x_x

And I got an actual job~~ Which I have been comming home from and instantly falling asleep cause I'm not used to it's time sheduale

And yeah.

One of these days I'll get responsible and get home chores done, be able to work, and get manga pages and drawings done and such.


Emotions were wacky today too, I littlerally laughed, cried, and been depressed all in same day. Meh.

Anywho yeah, so one of these days I'll get back in here more often

So sorry that I couldn't look through more of the zillions of watch messages I much epic art I missed cause this dialup would have never gotten through them all....
The Bunny Suit is a one volume manga [6 planned chapters] I hope to put out through Twelve Gates Manga Magazine of course I just put the application in today heh....and so yeah there's that.

Eitherway, the goal will be to do one chapter [for me that's about 20-30+ pages] in 2 months. what? I can barely get out 8 pages of CA in 2 months! Thus, the challenge. I shall be taking a different approach to it then I do with CA, sketch out a good sum of pages first, then go back and ink and tone. Maybe this method will help. I already have a chapter cover and 1.75 pages sketched.

Also helps that I scripted the story out rather easily for the first chapter.

Eitherway, my plan is, should I be accepted to the TG Magazine, I will develop and put out the first chapter of TBS in, hopefully, the January 2013 issue of TG....and then I will start uploading a few pages a week to different comic hosts, ComicFury, SmackJeeves, etc. TG first, then webcomic hosts.

Also, I made it a very simple website, that serves very little purpose:

But yeah~~~
Just about every artist knows the feeling of 'my art stinks' you look at your art, then you compair to others, and you see how flawed your own art is. You think your art stinks, and you wish you were better.

I, of course, struggle with this as well. As a web-manga/comic artist, and rather still a newbie to the 'profession', I have seen different web comics of various art and story abilities, and I compair mine to others. And then I think my art stinks, I also wish I could be more popular like other mangas, etc.

Of course, popularity shouldn't be my goal, ecpesially as a Christian manga-ka who's given her work over to her Creator. My goal is to please Him, not seek popularity and attention from others.

So normally I try and cast aside any jeolousy of other manga-ka, because, deep down, that's not my main goal, it's only surface level and doesn't matter.

Yesterday I was struggling with some jealously tho, thankfully some friends advised me to pray, and after doing so felt better.

Later that night, as I was laying in bed waiting for sleep to come, I was praying, and this thought struck me: 'Thank you God, that my art isn't that great yet.' I found reason to praise God that my art stank [now yes, I know my art doesn't stink, but you know what I mean I hope~]. You see, having still intermediate skill level art was something that helped keep me humble. If my art was pro quality and I was happy with it....pride would come up, I'd start thinking that 'of course my comic should be popular, I'm good at this!'. Yet with my intermediate skill level art, that I knew could be improved, it helped me remember that I'm not that great, or amazing, and that well, popularity isn't my goal. Serving my LORD with my art is, and seeing people enjoy my comic, despite it's art flukes, is a blessing from the LORD. So that night, I thanked God that my art wasn't great, because it helps me stay humble. If my art was great and epic and pro quality, then the lessons of being humble would be harder to grasp. I want to learn to be humble about my art, and not be jealous, before my art is great, that way, when one day I do have more pro level skills, I will know how to be humble, and still praise God.

Not sure how much I made sence there but, yeah. Praise God that I'm no pro at art~ Because these lessons of humility are more important then being a pro artist.

Hopefully you can get something from this....don' give up on your art cause you think it stinks, just contenue forward and learn the lessons you can, and to God be the glory~
Go read the DA group's journal entry about the first place winners of the contest and how you can vote for the second place winners!:…

owo I could never afford Premium

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 12:27 PM
My Website :: Creator's Armor Webcomic :: Energies: VGC

But of course I would like it. And if I did get it I would like, actually make a nicer looking custom skin. :D

But hey. This is fun how it is :D

ewe I may use this post over and over we'll see. IDK think the skin will stay after premium is over?

In other news don' forget the Belize Trip I'm saving for keep that in yer prayers please.

And the CA contest.

Too lazy to look for links to the posts that those are about, just look back in my other journal entries please XD

Journal Skin by KittyMariePrince
Link to Contest rule/thing here:…

So there seems to have been some utter confusion with what eye colors are 'natural' in CA, being Howey's blue eyes are 'unnatural' and the 'shade like no other'.

Somehow, I assumed peeps would use natural like eye colors being there was possibility for an unnatural color.

e_eU But apparently there is the logic of 'this is manga, unnatural eye colors are normal' *headdesk*

I try and use natural eye colors in CA. Greens, Browns, Greys [tho I'm not sure how natural grey is] but basicly, I stay away from wild colors like Purple, Yellow/Gold, Pink, Orange etc.

And I might as well mention hair. Hair is really the only thing that would be considered unnatural to us [minus the semi-physical armor of God stuff]. Any color goes really. Black, Blonde, Brown, Purple, Pink, Blue, Green, Silvery, Red, etc....all normal. Hair that is naturally more then one color tho is not native to the kingdom of Zatera, and really isn't seen until sequel series when the Oracle Islands are involved, because multi-colored hair is natural and native to Oracle Islands, not Zatera. Tho I'm not sure, maybe there are some multi colored hair in the north part of the kingdom, but even then it'd be rare cause of yeah. Anywho.

'Natural' Colored hair is more common then 'Unnatural'. Probably 60% of the people are natural hair color, and the other 40% 'unnatural'....tho technically it's all natural.

So yeah, this all came up because of the CA contest and how blue can't be an eye color.
EDIT: OKAY imoportant detail when you a re designing your charries...don't give them blue eyes! XDU if you accidentally do I'll ask you to choose another eye color, but yeah, Howey's eyes are blue, and a shade like no other :) so no blue eyes~ Thankies~

In celebration of CA being online for a year [Aug 6th was official first Saturday release] I'm going to start a contest!

You see, I'm a lazy artist and need YOU to come up with some charrie designs for me. I need 7 designs. These designs are for who I call 'Mal's Men'. They are the 10 men who came with Mal to attack Howey's village of Davidson, and I only have designs for 3 of those 10. [Tibolt, Rixford, and UnNamed Strong guy.]

If you're wondering who those men are, they are ALL seen on this page :D…

Lovely round headed chibiehs eh?

But yeah, Tibolt, his dad, and that bald guy are the only ones with charrie designs right now. I have 7 more that need designed....and I'd like your peeps help!

It's simple: Just design a charrie! Try and keep the design interesting, but not too hard to draw over and over. I've got to be able to draw it eventually remember.

They got to be male charries as well, sorry no women....and between the ages of 18-35 preferably.

Okay, anywho! There will be 3 first place winners! The 3 first place winners will be chosen by me, and the winning charrie designs will become characters in CA as 3 main-[ish] speaking roles I have um yeah. I'd tell you but it's spoilers. But these 3 have decent sized speaking lines [not all equal due to story line but yeah!] Also, the first place winners get a free toned commission [like a drawing of a charrie that's toned].

Then there will be 4 second place winners, chosen by YOU. Yeah, after the first three winners are chosen for the more special roles, I'll let you guys vote on all the other entries and the top 4 will become the lesser, not so talkative 'Mal's Men'. They will be seen in manga, and most won't have any speaking lines.

I will credit you in manga for the charrie designs :)

Anywho, here's a short list of what the contest entries should be:

- full body drawing, preferably colored. Doesn't have to be color tho, but at least an idea of hair color and eyes.
- Male between the ages of 18-35
- Put them in decent armor perhaps. Nothing too heavy tho...IDK XD I don't have examples much of CA style armor inspire meh!
- your goal is to make them an interesting design, but easy enough to be drawn over and over.
- Please join the CA Deviant Group as a member and submit to the FanArt section!
- If you don't/can't have a DA, please send it to
EDIT: Forgot to mention you are allowed TWO ENTRIES per person.

3 first place winners get:
-Their charrie design in the manga, as a bigger speaking role
- a toned commission [drawing of 1charactor, toned]
- you credited for the charrie design

4 second place winners get:
-Their charrie design in the manga, smaller role, may not speak
- you credited for the charrie design

And once the contest is over I'll draw the winning designs in my style so you can see the whole group of 'Mal's Men' :)

Contest! Contest ends August 20. First place winners will be announced on the 22nd, voting for second place winners will start the 22nd and end on the 29th.

EDIT: Forgot to mention you are allowed TWO ENTRIES per person.
So God, I believe, is leading me to go on a missions trip to Belize. And I'm just asking for like prayer and help to get there and all [I know most my watchers are fellow Christians so that's why I'm posting here] &…;<-- I'm making dog toys to sell to try and raise money for the missions trip.

Donations by PayPal would be great too, just contact me.

Prayer and any kind of support is greatly appreciated ^_^

Um. That's all now :)

Thanks and Creator bless,
1. Tell you something I learned about by looking at your DA page for 13 seconds.

2. Tell you a color you remind me of.

3. Tell you my first memory of you.

4. Tell you what movie, TV, or video game character you remind me of.

5. Ask you a question.

6. Tell you something I like about you.

7. Give you a nickname.

8. Tell you the object that is to the left of me.

9. Dare you to post this in your journal.
With an imagination that can come up with a character's personality like that *snaps fingers* I find myself able to get ideas for stories rather easily [fleshing them out on the other hand is the harder part]. But I'm only one person, and can only handle so much. How do I decide which stories are keepers that I should commit to, which ones I should keep for a later time, and which should just plain go in the trash? Realisticlly I'm sure most would tell me to not commit to any other stories being I already have 2 manga series.....a third wouldn't hurt would it? What about a one shot/short manga here or there? *sighs* Too many ideas.

Basicly, I'm back at this thought because my mind decided to play with/revive a little thought I had....IDK how long ago, probably when I first watched the Astro Boy movie XD [cause it was Astro Boy that revived it again after seeing the movie these past two days] then again....  .-. I'm not positive that Astro Boy had any influence on the original might have I'm not sure....

Eitherway, I have another idea I'm playing around with now but....

I NEED TO GET BACK TO ENERIGES! .-. I was lazy this week and didn't upload the update to any of the other sites this week. I HAVE TO DO THAT! XD And I need to upload CA's update today, being it's friday and I work Saterday....bah!

I started Energies /way too early/ it still needs a lot more work .-. you think I would have learned my lesson by now .-.

So yeah, my new story, PN-57343, I'm going to let cook in my mind for a while to see if I really do have any passion for it, and I will consept sketch and all that, DA might start filling up with consept sketches of a story I may never put out .-.

And I need to get to uploading that Energies page for the week....*cough*

So I should get off DA and go do that.
Ooookay I'm currently addicted to the .-. emoticon....I think the last one I was addicted to was =w= or =3= eitherway....

Yeeeahhh I decided to make a group. .-. maybe get it built up with a few members and art before launching the FIRST EVER CA contest .-. yes I have plans for that....I have an idea....

Anywho I'm a total NOOB at DA groups so I'm still putting it together and that buuuuttttt… the link to it! I totally didn't realize it's a subdomian .-. then again our personal galleries are also sub domains XD

.-. so um join the group! :D I know who I'm expecting to join the group as well, and if you don't, I'ma hunt you down! lol.
This mostly relates to Creator's Armor more then it does Energies, but I was thinking maybe making a DA group or something for my comics? I donno if I have that many people who'd follow a DA group for CA or Energies but IDK, I think it would be a nice way to easily dump my CA related art in an easy to access place. I'm thinking of doing fun contests and that too and it would be nice to orginze that with a DA group...IDK

I've never ran a DA group tho .-.  I barely interact with the few I'm part of [I'm SOOOO gonna try and be active at the TG group!! Don' worry T_T] so yeah....ummmm yeah.

What do ya'll think?
Oh hi 69 or whatever it was messages! X_X

So sorry, but with my dailup I did not have the patience to look through all your guyzes wonderful art and that, so I kinda picked and choosed XD

I did of course read all my feedback messages. Thank you~

And yeah, computer was basicly dead for almost a week and had to buy Win XP to revive it so I was gone for all most a week and as I guessed I was over flooded with DA messages. When I can get on every day-ish it's not a problem, but miss almost a week and then I get bombarded.

Anywho, computer's back and running, has some scars tho that hopefully I can fix...tho I have a feeling it will never be the same. Ah well.
Alright, well, guess wut?

...Creator's Armor goes back to the public this Saturday [all you CMers out already know what's comming cause I spoil ya'll]. And yeah, it's been about three months of no CA due to me finishing up schoolwork so I'm just a slight bit out of the loop of having the habit of updating something once a week. I have been drawing and got some pages piled up but....I donno.

Personally I want to get some time in to writing the story more and going back and tweeking some things. :/ Really, I'm so gonna need God's help with this story if it's going to make any sense!

There are so many other things I should go back and finish, or should pick up again to work on. *sighs* No more new stories for me until I start finishing other things up!

Speaking of new stories, you might have noticed that a lot of my recent artwork is of soething called Energies. That's my new manga story that I'm doing mostly for fun, and it IS nice to draw pages of something that ISN'T CA related [and I do love CA to death, you just need a break every once and a while] so drawing a page or two of EN then drawing a page or two of CA is a nice little thing to do.

Anywho....Energies.....heh, it has a lot of insperation from FireWire, and there are many parrelells [I'm trying not to but :/ ] speaking of that 'but' I just noticed something that is similar to FireWire and I didn't plan that! I didn't even /realize/ FireWire had a focus on this until a few days ago. And what is that? eyes! XD It's so funny, I just figured out this big fun theory and plot stuff conserning FireWire and Haru's eyes...and then today it dawns on me.....Energies deals with eyes....ya see, Energies tend to create slight outward differences in their hosts, most commonly in the eyes. Wills' eyes normally have little flame shapes, and Hylie's will sparkle.... X_X but still....FireWire has an eye thing....Energies has an eye thing...and I so didn't plan that simmilarity XD Oi! But yes Energies has enough parellels to FireWire that I'm afraid it's too simmilar, but then another part of me is bonking myself on the head with a fryingpan and telling me they are not that simmilar, just some parrellels inspired by constant FireWire reading, and that I can probably weed out the ideas that too closely parrallel Firewire. Plus, my main charries aren't even that simmilar to the FireWire ones. Totally different personalities XD I mean.....Jyson is nothing like Jonathan....and Wills is nothing like Haru XD Parallels? Simmilar roles? Yeah. Virtually the same thing basicly? No.

Anywho, I could contenue with my rant/venting of how I think Energies is a rip off of FireWire but XD I'll stop now, and contenue to make Energies as unique as possible, despite FireWire influnce. I mean....Energies [the nanobots] were my original idea before I had even read FireWire....I guess for all you who know about Energies and tell me if I'm doing things too close to FireWire....[I'm purposfully avoiding any turnament type stuff for Energies cause  1.  FireWire is currently having that story arc  and 2. It wouldn't quite fit Energies ] Okay, now I really am stopping my rant/venting....

Anywho yeah, kinda surprised with how popular Energies is right now actually....a lot of my friends at CM seem to like it, as well as a few others XD oi, now if only CA would get this popularity, I mean...that /is/ my main manga project....[and it does get it's attention XD I should start drawing some CA related stuff and posting it in here. My DA has been filled with Energies related stuff.]

Also, some fun news :3 I was blessed with a major check gift for graduating [it was a shock to me] and that allowed me to have enough money to buy Manga Studio EX [funny, before I got the check I was browsing the night before looking at MS EX] I figured I should upgrade from Debut to EX because of some features and exta tones and other materials :) hopefully it was worth the cash. [and does Smith Micro sell the program for like 300 when you can get it on amazon for about 85?] Hopefully it will come in the mail this weekend or monday.

Anywho, I think this entry is long enough, and I didn't really talk about what I was going to mention, which was about paneling and stuff that I have been learning. Oh wellz.

Post later and Creator bless,
Kitty Prince
1. Kitty
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1. April of 1998 []
2. Fall, last year. [man I need to learn dates!]
3. May 21, 1993 [birthday! Gotta remember /that/ one!]

1. Ate dinner
2.  Started drawing more of Energies
3. Read weekly FireWire update :3

[I'm just going to use Sai's reasons =3= they're too good to replace with any others]
1. Love God
2. Love people
3. Do what you were made to do.

1. A Kindle
2. Manga Studio EX 4
3. ...Uhhh.... :D Electronic pocket bible!

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2. Water jug [=3= wut? I need it for work, and that's normally when I'm using my messanger bag]
3. Laptop [if it's not work, and I feel like it, I'll travel with my laptop]

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1. :iconkazeharuhime:
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3.  IDK a third person XD XD

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1. ALMOST done with school
2. Almost my birthday :D [not that I ever do anything special]
3. ...IDK. Why am I happy?

1. I was bored
2. I was bored
3. Sai did it.

1. Dump Transfer sit worker
2. Preschool Sunday School Teacher [not paid, but it's a job]
3. Sound tech person [not paid again, but I've only had ONE paid job so far]

1. Michigan
2. ...Dude...I've been in the same county/area my whole life....moved twice tho....but been in this house for over 10 years
3. My imagination [heh. XD that was a good answer, so I kept it. Basicly, the Kingdom of Zatera is whree I'm at normally]

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....and anyone else I guess....
Okay, writing this announcement here cause all my peeps who know about the story Energies that Ive been working on hang out on DA XD

I started Energies mostly as an idea to play around with, didn't really know what I was going to do with it. Yeah I had plans to make it a webmanga but I was uncertain....then I started to talk about the story and it's concepts to friends, and started writing it and....oh look....people like this idea?! And well, I like it too. So I continued working on it.

As a Christian writer tho, I was wondering what impact this story could actually have. And really, it's such a casual story, it's not meant to be a Christian manga. Yes my beliefs will be reflected in my work, but everyones beliefs get reflected in their works. So I had fretted if I should do this manga cause it wasn't going to directly serve God [tho I totally could do small things with it, but nothing obvious really]. And of course I've been praying about it.

And I've received nothing negative. Everything I've been getting is positive for this manga. After praying about it I have commonly revived some sort of good word or encouragement on the story from someone.

And I'm totally allowing God to shut doors on this story if He wants to, but I haven't seen any shut doors yet, so, I'm just going to keep going.

I'm slowly writing Chapter 4 [I had a huge writing spree on the first three chapters, then I hit 4 and I slow down. Lol, typical me.] and I have some things plotted. This story is rather casual tho so I'm not too worried about finding an absolute ending, or making sure every plot hole is filled, [tho I am careful to fill any major ones I do find]. It's really just a story for fun.

So now that I know where my first volume is going, and the writing and ideas are comming good, I'm now wondering when I could start drawing and releasing the manga. I know with more serious projects it's good to get a volume fully written down and reviewed before really going after the drawing part, but as I said, this story is casual. I do plan to have more then 4 chapters written/plotted before releasing tho!

But yeah, I'm now thinking about when I could start releasing this story. It will probably be sometime in June or July, after my schoolwork is done and I've started working on my other manga, Creator's Armor, again.

So yep! Expect even more random Energies drawings flooding into DA and look out for more messages about it's progress and eventual release!

I plan to host Energies on ComicFury and Smackjeeves, and maybe put pages up on DA? Not sure about putting them on any of you know of some other spots I could put the manga?
Okay, Energies doesn't have an abbreviation but the others are all abbreviation of manga projects that are currently active that I'm doing.

CA is Creator's Armor, my main manga project. A Christian fantasy story set in my kingdom of Zatera and starring my Howey and his friends Kyle and Shamgar, as well as my villians, Malfance and King Zorru.

LJ is Letter Journey, a short, CA sidestory. :3

ST is Storm Trilogy, my colab manga project that my buddy Lake is writing right now. Can't wait to draw it.

Energies is the for fun manga story I've been writing over this past weekish, and am really enjoying, as is my buddy :iconkazeharuhime: that I keep showing it to. As well as I got a few others hyped up about it just by telling them the concept and showing some concept drawings.

Currently all drawing development of my active mangas are paused as I finish school. [ :D almost done!] But CA and LJ are the two I am drawing now.

And basicly I'm thinking....will I be able to handle keeping up with all these mangas? CA is promiced about a page a week udate. LJ I have no promices for and update whenever I get to drawing it [and being the written story is finished, that gives me more courage to actually draw it].

ST on the other hand, when it is ready for drawing, I think will be released by chapter, being I'll be working with a friend of mine to color it, and we both have lives [she tends to have more of a real life then I do XD but she's older and has more responsibilities]. And being I'm only doing the sketching/inking for this manga, and not the writing/coloring, I think I should be able to handle this when the time comes.

Energies is another story I'm doing all myself again tho. I think I can handle it tho :) I'm getting better at laying out pages  and sketching and inking, and I'm starting to tone manga pages instead of full color, so I think all this will go well.

Also tho, and this one isn't mentioned in the title, I have a shojo manga I hope to do for the Twelve Gates Manga Magazine, that I still need to finish writing [I have it plotted out tho....but where did I put that plot writings...] and this manga again I would tone. That one is called Learning to Lean.

So overall I have wut? 5 stories I hope to finish? How long are these stories?

Well, Creator's Armor is about 7 volumes long for the main series, and I have one prequel I hope to do.

Letter Journey only ended up being a 5 page typed story, so hopefully it will be less then 50 pages [cause that's how many pages are in my sketchbook being I'm doing the line art for this one traditionally]

Storm Trilogy, is, as the name implies, a trilogy. I do tho have one spin off/prequel/sidestory I hope to get out as well. That would only be one volume hopefully.

Energies......I bet I could make that story go on forever XD being it's a story just for fun, I don't mind if it has no real ending.

And Learning to Lean could span 2 volumes, and if I did the sequel, another 2 volumes.

So yeah, seems I have a busy life ahead as a web-manga-ka. Hopefully God will allow me to see all these projects through :)

Anywho, donno why you had to read all that but, I felt like writing about all the crazy stories I have in my head that I hope to get out. [and then there is all the other story ideas that I don't actually think will get out....]

TTYL and Creator bless,
Kima Prince

Edit: For a slight clarification that confused one of my friends, Storm Trilogy is worked on by 3 people, and the 'she' I mention with the busy life is my colorist, not Lake XD so sorry for the confusion
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I know I never really used DA before, I didn't have much of a reason to and with the dialup provider I had before this site would constantly lag and that, but, I have found's not that bad. I am using a different dialup provider too tho.

So yeah, being I'm starting to [sorta] establish myself as an artist online [my web-mangas] I figured that actually using my DA would be helpful, and thankfully this DA isn't old enough to not use KittyMariePrince as my I didn't need to create a new account or anything.

Hopefully I'll slowly work on getting new art up on here for all to see :3
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