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Saki - Three Color/Shading Methods

Murasaki is one character of mine that, while his story floats between different story consepts, his initial design has pretty much stayed the same since he was a Pokemon fan charrie many many many moons ago. The purple hair and clothes....yep. Really, the only thing he's done is age, and perhaps I've desided on some finer details (instead of picturing him as a pure anime charrie I picture him more realistic these days)

Eitherway, I have three versions of how I'd shade/color. The first one only adds color to the eyes as identity. The second holds color in the eyes, but shades the clothes and the third is color.

While I like the concepts I have for Murasaki I never seem to like how his story comes out in my head so it's been hard to deside on a canon story for him.

Anywho, I looked back to see if I had any previous drawings of Murasaki up and this is what I found:
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This is neat, seeing the evolution of your character.  :D
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I love his face and hair! And his hoodie! X3
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Thanks :) The hair turned out great IMO but I hope it's understood that the one side is slicked back, not short.
I know it's a bit crazy for a guy like Saki to wear pratically all purple, but he has his reasons :P
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Hey, purple on guys look good to me! Though I would like to know why he wears all purple. XD

Oooh, I see! His hair did look kind of short on that side, but now that you mention it, It does look more slicked back now~
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He's a light bender, and violet light is the easiest for him to manipulate because he gets his powers from the manipulation of Violet Aura (Aura is like little nano-organisms able to manipulate certain things, such as light, fire, energy, etc. Like nano things that can cause chemical reactions or manipulate their pigment) so he wears purple because it makes it easier for him to bend the light around him (now that I think of it, it could be just changing his aura's pigment like a cuttlefish) to disguise himself. You normally will NEVER see him in public as his normal self. He hides his identity all the time. Honestly tho, with his skill now, he really doesn't need to wear purple to make it easy.
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OOOOH That's so cool! 8D I love this concept!
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