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My Bio

just another artist trying to make my place in the world.


what programs to you use your digital artwork in?


Do you still do traditional work?

yes, I do even though it is not very often, I mostly use colored pencil or watercolor.

Do you do requests?

no, simply no. I do have the free time to do those anymore.

Do you do trades?

Depends on the artist and if I have time to do them. I usually only do art trades with artists I'm good friends with.

Are you open of commissions?

yes, I generally announce when I am open for commissions, but you are free to ask for commission whenever you want. how busy i am at the time will depend on whether I will turn down your commission or not. my commission info is on the front page as well.

Do you do tutorials?

no, because there are plenty of other artists out there that have tutorials on basically the same thing, but you what to learned something specific from me, I might consider it.

Can I use your art or characters?

no. period. not without my permission

Please do not repost my artwork without my permission first. Always give me credit and a link back to my site or my deviantART page if I allow you to use it.

Do not edit my artwork for your own images. There is plenty of free for use art and images around the net you can use for this purpose. My art is NOT free

Favourite Visual Artist
shim shimmel, bob eggleton, matt frank ,curelo carbal ,C. riese lassen
Favourite Movies
godzilla movies, the secret of nimh, watership down, the last unicorn, rango, spirited away
Favourite TV Shows
Avatar: the last airbender, bojack horseman, beastars, invader zim, samurai jack, ducktales
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
tool, nirvana, seether, disturbed, rob zombie, black label society, alice in chains, bush
Favourite Books
harry potter, eragon, the dragonriders of pern.
Favourite Writers
robert frost, j.k. rowling,christopher paolini, C.S. lewis, anne mccaffrey, phillpe pullman
Favourite Games
crash bandicoot, spyro, ratchet and clank
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
good old penicil, wacom tablet, photoshop
**still open for commissions** yes, it's that time again where I am open for commissions, I changed my prices a little bit because I don't want to feel I'm offering my art too cheap. I pretty much draw furry art, but I am open to just about anything fantasy or science fiction related. things I will not draw: anything too graphic or gory. any art that is hateful, racist or discriminatory. vore babyfur scat inflation muscle growth things I'm okay with drawing: art with some blood in it NSFW art I'm open to TF comic commissions as well, but same rules still apply. nothing too complex and limited to 5 to 6 pages. If you have any questions or interest in a commission DM me or send me an email at
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yes, I have finally created a patreon. at first I was hesitant about this for a while because I didn't know what to offer people or what would be popular enough to create one. but I have noticed my transformation comics seem to be my most popular art, so I decided to create a patreon for that. I know I used to do my TF comics on a regular bases, but I was not happy in doing commissions because I never got the chance to do the TF comics that I wanted to do, I always felt rushed with them and thus kind of killed by creativity. but now I think I'm ready to get back into making comics again, only this time do the ideas I want to do at my own pace, but I still want to make money off them some how. plus not only will you get early access to see my TF comics, but you get to see tons of sketches that I have never posted to the public before, some of it is NSFW artwork. plus I might do some highly detailed single image TFs as well. so to any my watchers out there, if you like my
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This journal is just of thoughts that have been on my mind lately. I haven’t been very motivated to do art lately, mostly because I’m tired of the way things are going with my art and myself lately. I’m tired of spending hours upon hours on a pic and getting very little feedback from it or not being able to make any money from it. I used to enjoy creating art to post on websites because I used to get decent feedback, but now not so much anymore. Now I’m just tired of hearing this art website being problematic because of X reason. I’m tired of these social media websites consistently working against artists in order to be noticed or that you have to be constantly posting something in order to get noticed. I’m tired of every art website being a popularity contest. It feels like there is no decent place to share my art anymore. I’m tired of feeling like everything I do art wise is pointless. That is why I’m taking a step back from creating art and on how active I will be on this art
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Thanks for the fav! ^^

you're welcome :)

Thanks for the fav

you're welcome :)

Thanks for the fav!

you're welcome :)

thank you BlueRavenfire😊