Guys, anybody knows of a good mp3 player? (please, nothing expensive like Apple stuff, I'm not rich)
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Published: July 23, 2012
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Oh, wait, my bad.
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2Due|Hobbyist General Artist
I use PHILIPS GoGear ones, are small, have nice memory in GB (mine is 4GB but I don't have problems with it :3), last a lot of time and they are pretty hard to break, easy to use and comfy <3 And pretty cheap if you look at the whole, I paid mine not even 35 euros, when iPods and stuff are over 100 euros. I haven't even ever liked Apple stuff...
Here from Amazon USA [link]
I seriously never had problems with them, their batteries last a lot too. Mine is this one [link] I have it since 2009 and never let me down, not even once <w<
Good luck!
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StubbornDodecahedron|Student Digital Artist
ipods really are the best. I looked on ebay and [link] here is one that while cosmetically beat up, is in working condition. $30 with free shipping.
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Check That's where I got mine and it was really cheap, but it's a good player. My husband got a slightly fancier one (his can play videos and such.) that was still inexpensive. (Under $50.) Both have over 4GB space. That's a ton of space. I've tried to fill it with my music and just can't quite do it. lol
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sunnydelight18|Hobbyist Digital Artist
If you can get a hold of it, iPods and iPod nanos are probably quite cheap now.
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B3rryBliss|Student Digital Artist
I wish I could help
I had a Ipop shuffle which is about $50 dollars and holds a decent amount of music but not too much music annnnd I lost it D':
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Hellzweire|Hobbyist General Artist
Well my sister has a really cheap one called an Eclipse at Best Buy. I have an iPod Nano which was about $100 about 2 years ago at Sam's Club.
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NeonKitsune16|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i have a Sansa fuze it cheap and works great bro!
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