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Journal Entry: Wed Apr 28, 2010, 8:56 AM
Ok, guys... Maybe tou can help me here.
I'm very happy having a premium membership, so i really want to keep it as much as possible.
Now, my sub is for only 4 months, wich is actually pretty good^^

Now, I'm planing on doing comissions for premium memberships, this is how it will work:

1- I do fan art
2- Any kind of yaoi, except disturbing...
3- I don't do yuri(sorry guys D:
4- I do Original Characters (YOUR original characters)
5- I do Anthro (human /animal)
6- I don't do hentai...
7- No ZeldaxLink (ok, I don't like that couple)

The work:
Sketches like this, 1 moth sub.
DoriJoshi: I'm back... by Kim-SukLey :thumb150214078:

Chibis *normally with no background, it depends on my mood and free time*: I month sub

Colored or pencil bust up character ,no background: 2 month sub
:thumb156649744: :thumb150682995: :thumb152216808:

Full body colored or pencil character *easy background of your liking or non background*:3 month sub
:thumb158764746: :thumb150393010: I'm Luz by Kim-SukLey

Two characters*with an easy background of your liking*: 4 month sub

Mature Content

Nandre: Forbidden love by Kim-SukLey

Complete work: 1 YEAR sub
:thumb157289898: You're not alone... by Kim-SukLey The Gods by Kim-SukLey

Details: The two character comission is always for a 4 month sub. A 1 month sub is added for each extra character.
Example: Three characters;two= 4months, extra=1 month; Which means a 5 month sub
This aplies to any other category.

The complete work encludes starts from 1 character, it includes excelent quallity, detailing, background and plenty effort.If I feel my work is not good enough, I'll make the sub lower. From the works above I would say that Link and The gods are worth A 1 year sub, but maybe the pokemon  is more like 6 or 7 months only.

This are only base prices, It may vary acording to wat you ask.

My work is 100%traditional. Your commission will be submited as a deviation nad, if you want, will be sent to yur e-mail with a better resolution.

If you have a question or are interested, note me.

Thank you :aww:

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Submitted on
April 28, 2010