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The Legend of Link
Scattered Heart Chain


The Calling


    ·         Well, isn’t this a surprise? - Said a young man peeking into his classmate’s bedroom - Wake up already! This is no time to be sleeping, kid!

He did not receive any expected response. The person in bed, just a few years younger than him, turned around and snuggled back to sleep.

    ·         Seriously, Link, do we have to do this every morning? Wake up! - Said the young freckled man as he began to shake his friend awake from his deep slumber- C’mon, Link!

    ·         Leave me alone… I’m tired – Said the blond youth and quickly covered his face with a pillow.

    ·         Tired? Link, you have been a very lazy knight for the past thirty days or so. You know, your duty wasn’t done at the moment you found Zelda and defeated that monster thing… or whatever you said that happened back at the surface world. You’ll remain a knight till you die, yes?

Link took the pillow off his face violently and gazed into his partner’s eyes with a clearly annoyed expression.

    ·         It sounds horrible when you put it that way, Pipit. Now I hate my life – Said Link, but could not help giggling- Hee-hee. Okay, I’ll get up.

    ·         He, he. You don’t know how to be a pessimist, do you, blond head? – Said Pipit as he petted Link’s head.

    ·         I guess not… besides, we already have enough pessimism with you around.

    ·         That’s not funny.

    ·         It is to me! And see, you have one terrible sense of humor – Said the kid and jumped out of bed- I’m naked, don’t look at me.

    ·         You are not naked, you are half dressed, and I can stare at you as much as I want to.

    ·         Really? - Asked Link as he approached Pipit. He covered the brunet’s eyes, leaned down a bit and kissed the young man who was sitting on his bed – And you weren’t staring; I proved you wrong, Pip – He smiled and went back to get ready for the day – Now, could you leave me alone for a while? I have to take a bath and get dressed… and have breakfast! I love breakfast!

    ·         Oh, Link, you love any kind of meal, and I can see you haven’t changed a bit, have you? – Said Pipit and got up from Link’s bed – I’ll wait for you at the bathing room.

    ·         What!?- Shouted Link and blushed greatly – Why?

    ·         Because I want to join you, isn’t it obvious?

    ·         But, but… you didn’t ask me for it!

    ·         I’m not asking for permission, I am warning you. I’ll see you in a few moments, eh? –Said the freckle-faced man and left the room leaving Link alone.

    ·         What’s wrong with him? - Thought Link- “I’m not asking for permission, I am warning you.” Nya, nya, nya, nya! Stupid Pipit… but I love him so much! I must be the stupid one… heh, go figure.

Some time had passed since Link defeated Demise. He decided to head back to Skyloft rather than remaining down at the surface world. “I like this new world, but Skyloft is my home, and the person I love most is there, too. There’s no need for me to stay here any longer. I am done. I’ll come visit you, though!”

    ·         Pipit…

    ·         Yes? Is something wrong? - Asked Pipit intrigued as he rose a bit from the grass he and Link were laying on.

    ·         I know you think I am lazy---

    ·         Aren’t you?

    ·         Stop interrupting me! Let me finish saying what I have to say…

    ·         Okay, okay. Sheesh…

    ·         Look, the thing is I’ve had no motivation since I found Zelda. I feel like I have nothing else to do, no other tasks or missions, no people asking requests from me… I was born for big adventures, Pip! And I don’t have one anymore – Said Link as he rose to sit making himself more comfortable – I need an adventure, freckle-face!

    ·         Hmm, well, that’s something I don’t hear every day. Do you have any idea what are you going to do now?

    ·         Not really.

    ·         This is the moment -said a strange voice.

    ·         What moment, Pip?

    ·         I haven’t said a thing, Link. Are you okay?

    ·         I am sure I heard something.

    ·         Yeah, you’ve gone crazy. I knew it was meant to happen someday.

    ·         You are so mean! I am not crazy!

    ·         Remember when you told me that now that Skyloft is less populated due to the people who left to the surface world, we could “repopulate” it?

    ·         Yes.

    ·         And you are still trying to convince me saying you are not crazy?

    ·         Hey, it was a good idea!

    ·         To whom?!

    ·         To me!

    ·         Link; in case you haven’t noticed, we are both men.

    ·         Well, well… Shut up and let me be happy in my mind!

    ·         You can be happy in a place more than your mind—interrupted the strange voice, again.

    ·         Pipit, stop it!

    ·         I haven’t said a thing! You know what, you are right. You need to take a break. Hearing random voices can’t be a good thing.

    ·         So you really haven’t said or heard anything?

    ·         That’s what I told you.

    ·         Hmm…- Said Link and stared at the ground for a couple of seconds- I’ll go back to my room.

    ·         Hey, don’t get blue all of a sudden. You’ll be fine, blondie.

    ·         Don’t worry- Said Link as he got up and headed to the Academy.

    ·         Wait! – Said Pipit and got up to follow Link- I know you are a very optimistic person- He said while stopping by Link’s side- But I also know that when something bad happens, you become greatly troubled. I don’t want you to feel sad. Besides, you were quite joyful just a few seconds ago. Cheer up, kid!

Link gazed into the eyes of his freckle-face man, and suddenly he felt an enormous urge to hug him.

    ·         Don’t be sad, Link – Pipit said and hugged his blond boy tightly- I love you.

    ·         I love you, too – Link replied and responded hugging Pipit, as well.

    ·         Link… Master Link.

    ·         Wait!

    ·         What happened?

    ·         That voice… Pipit, I know who that voice belongs to! –Shouted Link eager as he let go of his partner.

    ·         Who is it?

    ·         Ah… there’s no time, she’s calling me. I have to go to the surface world, now!

    ·         She? Who is she? Link, are you sure about this?

    ·         Yes, yes I am! - Said Link and ran off to the edge of Skyloft- I have to get to the Statue of the Goddess.

    ·         Link! – Shouted Pipit as he followed him.

    ·         It was too late for Pipit to reach him. That whistle he heard far off meant only one thing: Link had already called his Loftwing and had headed to the Statue of the Goddess.

    ·         Sigh… Well, why should I bother? He’s always like that –Said Pipit and went back into Skyloft- Take care, blondie.




    ·         Seems the day’s almost over, Link. Another good day of work, just like in ol’ days, ain’t it, lad?

He said nothing back.

    ·         Ah, I always forget yer not much of a talker, eh, kid?

    ·         Hm – Affirmed Link as he nodded.

    ·         Well, go home, kid. You deserve some rest after taking care of these goats. Oh, and if you wanna, take some good ol’ food for yer horse. She gonna love it, lad!

    ·         Yes. Thanks. I will.

    ·         And kid, when will you pay a visit again? Had been some time since ye last appeared around here.

    ·         I don’t know. Someday, perhaps I will.

    ·         Ah, that nice talk ye have now, kid. The proof you’ve been away fer too long.

    ·         Yeah… I’ll see you later- Said Link and went back to his house after taking some carrots for his horse, Epona.

After defeating Ganondorf, Link decided to leave Ordon and make of all Hyrule his new home. He visits his old friends anytime he feels somewhat homesick. “ Where are you going?” asked Ilia worried as she saw Link head off Ordon riding Epona. “ I’m leavin’. I need to find the place I belong in, and that place is not here. I’ll come and visit any time I can, though…” Since then, Link is rarely seen in Ordon… or in any other place. The only reason he returns to his homeland is to visit a special little person to whom he is more than a true hero: Colin. “Link” a voice from afar was heard “ I hope you come back…”  

    ·         Talkin’ about bad luck… I came here just to see the kid and he left with his father. Sigh. Maybe he’ll be back a bit more late –Said Link to himself as he kept walking until he arrived to his old house- Hey, girl, how are you doing? –Said the dark blond boy to his horse- Did you miss me? He, he. Here, I brought you these –He said and placed some carrots near Epona – Good girl, I hope you like them.

It was getting dark. In a few moments, the twilight that covered the skies would become no more than a starry night. “I wonder if I made a good decision when I left…” Link kept thinking while he brushed along his horse’s hair. “Epona, you don’t think I am a bad person for doing what I did, do you?” Link’s horse stared at him, and quickly she licked Link’s face. “Ha, ha, ha! Stop it, girl!” Said Link and tried to clean himself up. “I’ll believe that meant ‘You are fine, I love you’”.

Everything was quiet, and Link felt it was time to get some sleep…

    ·         Link, you came back! - Said an eager childish voice away at a distance.

Link knew who that voice belonged to. Suddenly his heart became full with joy.

    ·         Hey, Colin! I came back to see you- Said Link as he greeted the approaching child with a big hug.

    ·         I missed you, big bro! You gonna stay here?

    ·         Not for long, but I’ll still be here with you for a while.

    ·         Oi, Link!- An old male voice said- You are here! I can see why Colin got all crazy and ran like an angry goat to this place. How you’ve been, kid?

    ·         Hey, Rusl. I’m fine. Nice to see you.

    ·         I can see you are still a quiet kid, huh?

    ·         Mm-hm – Link asserted.

    ·         Well , that’s just fine. I’m glad nothin’ bad happened to you back there.

    ·         Dad, can I stay with Link, please?

    ·         Hum… I’m not sure Link’s up for some babysittin’, Colin.

    ·         I’m fine with it – said Link- I actually came here to see the boy.

    ·         Is that so? Then I’ll leave ‘em  with you. Have fun. Nice to have you around, Link.

    ·         Just don’t get so used to it- Said Link and turned back to Colin- So, what do you want to do? Aren’t you tired?

    ·         I was, but the moment I saw you, I felt happy, and, and excited, and very full of energy!

    ·         Yes, I can see that – said Link as he gazed into the sky- Sadly, it’s almost dark, Colin. There isn’t much we can do for now.

    ·         Could I at least sleep with you tonight? I really missed you, bro.

    ·         Hm…- He thought and looked back at the blond blue-eyed boy- Why not?

    ·         Yay! This will be awesome!

    ·         Don’t get too roused, boy. Now, let’s get into that old big tree I call home, shall we?

    ·         Yes! – Said Colin and began to climb the ladder into Link’s tree house.

To Link’s surprise, the house was fairly clean and organized. The shelves were undusted, his flowers kept blooming, and everything was well-placed. “I wonder who did this” he though. He changed back into his light Ordonian clothing, and set the table with help of his little friend. He took some fresh vegetables out from a pouch along with some other good spices and began to fix some dinner for he and his guest.

    ·         Wow, Link! When did you learn how to cook? – Asked Colin amazed by Link’s ability.

    ·         Some time ago. I don’t know if you recall a woman called Telma, but she taught me most of it.

    ·         You are so cool!

    ·         Just don’t judge until you taste it. Anyway, do you know who kept my house clean all this time?

    ·         I did! - shouted Colin with enthusiasm.

    ·         Really? Only you?

    ·         Well… maybe Beth and Talo helped me a bit.

    ·         Oh, so you and your friends keep this place in good shape, heh, heh. Thanks, Colin.

    ·         Sure! I’d do anything to keep you happy.

    ·         That’s what I’m afraid of - said Link in a tone for only him to hear. He was finally done making dinner, so he approached the table and filled up two bowls with hot soup – Be careful, this is very hot. My friend Yetto taught me how to make very good soup. Hope you like it.

    ·         I though you said Telma taught you!

    ·         She taught me most of it, not all – he replied and sat near the boy.

Link and Colin began to eat their soup.  As time lapsed, the dark blond young man became more and more lost within his thoughts. “I am not satisfied” he whispered. “ And I am not happy, either” he said to himself. Although he was talking in a low voice, his little companion began to worry, for the words pronounced by his lifelong hero were frankly worrying.

    ·         Link, are you okay? - Asked Colin as his big blue eyes turned a bit watery.

    ·         Uh? - he snapped out of his trance- Yes, yes. I am okay, Colin! Don’t worry, boy.

    ·         The soup came out really yummy, bro!

    ·         You think so? Thanks, Colin – said Link picking up his bowl and Colin’s- I guess it’s time to rest.

    ·         Yes - Said Colin and yawned- I’m sleepy.

While in bed, Link could not help to keep thinking about his life. “What’s wrong with me?” He kept turning back and forth among his blankets. “I need an adventure. I need somethin’ new that helps me come back from this” The silence made its way into the moonlit room. Everything was still. The blue in Link’s eyes shimmered with the light that pierced in his sight. He finally began to feel like fading into his dreams, but all of a sudden, he heard a strange noise.

    ·         It is time, Link- Whispered a mysterious voice.

    ·         What, who said that? - Said Link alarmed and got up trying not to wake up Colin.

    ·         Please, do follow my lead, Master.

    ·         Master? - asked Link in and intrigued tone- Where are you? Who are you? – he continued as he looked all around the room, with his eyes orbiting to find the person who he kept hearing.

    ·         Your questions will be answered at their respective time. For now, follow me. Meet me at the Sacred Grove within the forest.

    ·         The Sacred Grove? I wonder if this has anything to do with the Temple of Time - Link stared at the ground with an empty look- sorry, Colin. I guess we won’t see each other tomorrow – Said the long-eared young man. He caressed the sleeping boy’s head, and finally, he took off – To the Sacred Grove.


Both men were guided by the voice to a place they well-knew from before. In their own lands, the Hero of the Skies conducted himself to the Statue of the Goddess. In turn, the Hero of Twilight was taken to the Sacred Grove.

    ·         Finally, I am here! –said the one of the sky as he approached the Statue of the Goddess- I feel… it’s a strange feeling.

    ·         The Sacred Grove. What could be so important here?—said in his own alternate world the one of twilight.

    ·         Well, the statue is a pretty as always! –said Link gazing up at the Goddess- Zelda is not here, though.

    ·         Hmm, Temple of Time, Master Sword. Something interestin’ is going to happen around here- said Link with inner enthusiasm as he approached the Master Sword. He stared down at it for a couple of seconds, and his expression changed from an empty emotionless shell to a loving and warm one- Were you the one calling me?


    ·         Fi, Fi, is that you?!- asked Link heading into the chamber beneath the great statue, pretending to fly like a loftwing- Did you call me Fi, did you call me? – he said very eager.

    ·         I did call you, Master; however, I do not know who this Fi you refer to is.

    ·         Oh? - said Link a bit disappointed- I understand. But you still need me, right?

    ·         Yes. Please, proceed and touch the Master Sword, Link.

    ·         Touch it, you say?—reclaimed the one of twilight— Well, that’s certainly new. I’m usually asked to pull it off the pedestal.

    ·         Please, just do as I tell, Master.

    ·         I am the Master and you are the one giving orders?

The blade remained silenced.

    ·         Okay, whatever you say, talkin’ Master Sword – and finally, Link touched the Master Sword’s handle.

On each side of the world, Link’s hand was placed upon the Master Sword.

    ·         I welcome you, young wielders of the Master Sword – said the voice.

    ·         Where am I?

    ·         You said wielders, as in more than one?

    ·         Yes. I welcome you both.

    ·         Both? – said Link and looked around him.

    ·         Ah! By the Goddess, Fi, thou hast copied me? - shouted the blond kid as he stared deeply into his reminiscing’s eyes.

    ·         I am not your copy, you lunatic! – said the dark blond young man, and knocked the kid to the ground- And stay there- He said as he shook some dust off his olive green tunic.

    ·         Thou art most mean! - said Link as he got up. He cleaned himself, and stared at his self-looking mate again.

    ·         What? - said the dark blond Link annoyed.

    ·         Link, with a lighter shade of blond, extended his arm and hand at his new friend to shake hands. Link, with the olive green tunic, backed off exalted because he thought he was going to get a response for pushing his companion before. Both Links stared at each other; one was a bit confused, the other seemed surprisingly happy.

    ·         Greetings. My name is Link –he said as he smiled- Most pleased to meet thee – he finished expecting his friend to shake hands.

    ·         Uh - stared Link at the hand for a brief moment- Nice to meet you, too – he replied  still a bit confused as he shook the blond boy’s hand – My name… is also Link.

    ·         Well, isn’t it lovely? Perhaps we happen to be related.

    ·         I hope not…

    ·         Oh, I am sorry if I startled thee… I must say thy attitude reminds me of someone else I know.

    ·         Okay, first… why do you speak like that?  What kind of Hylian is it?

    ·         Pardon?

    ·         I know you speak Hylian, but some words are just… weird! And also, if I remind you of someone, it must be yourself in the mirror.

    ·         Umm… let me try – said Link thinking- I recon I am from Skyloft, so I most certainly speak Skyloftian Hylian.

    ·         Sky what Hylian?

    ·         Do not interrupt me when I speak, please.

The one of twilight was taken aback.

    ·         I thank thee. And I am afraid thou art in error. Thou remind me of another person besides my reflection.

    ·         Okay, fine.

    ·         Master, now that you are friends—

    ·         We are not friends!

    ·         Yes, we are!

    ·         Stop sayin’ that! We just met!

    ·         So? I find thou attractive already.

    ·         You… you are sick! What kind of creature are you?!

    ·         For thy information, my health is most accurate. And I already told thee, I am Skyloftian.

    ·         Why me?

    ·         Master, I recommend you make your differences aside. Now that you know each other, there is a request I must ask.

    ·         Request!? – said both Links overexcited.

    ·         Please, do ask me. I would be most happy to assist you!

    ·         Just tell me what you want me to do.

    ·         There is two more of your kind that you must look for- said the Master Sword.

    ·         Of our kind? You mean “Links”? - asked the dark blond Link worried.

    ·         Yes. You are correct.

    ·         Yay! – shouted Skyloft Link in bluish-green tunic- More friends!- he began to jump joyfully.

    ·         Sword… do I really have to go with him?

    ·         Absolutely.  Find the young man with the blue ocarina, and the boy that can control the wind. They will help you in this task.

    ·         Fine… I assume they look at least a bit like us?

    ·         Yes. You will know who they are once you see them, and when you do, please, come back here with them, too.

    ·         Sounds good to me- said Link excited- Hey, where’s the other guy?

    ·         He already left. My calculus indicates he is waiting for you outside of this chamber.

    ·         You don’t say…

    ·         Any questions?

    ·         No, no. I’m fine. Done this before. Can do.

    ·         Very well, then. I’ll be waiting for your return.

Once both Links were outside, they began to wonder about each other’s lives.

    ·         So, where do you come from, kid?

    ·         I came from the Sky. I live in Skyloft.

    ·         Yeah… and what is Skyloft like?

    ·         It is a beautiful and peaceful place. It has plenty trees, waterfalls, bugs, nice people, a Knight Academy, a gym, a cave behind a waterfall, it is big, but not so big, and it floats in the middle of the sky.

    ·         O…kay?

    ·         And where dost thou come from?

    ·         I come from a place called Ordon. It’s a village in the middle of a forest. I live inside a big tree house --Link paused and got lost inside his mind.

    ·         What is wrong?

    ·         Oh, nothin’. Nothins’ wrong. I was sayin’ I live in a small village with few people- Link paused again- To be honest, Sky boy, I left my home some time ago.

    ·         But thou did live in Ordon, true?

    ·         Yes, that’s true.

    ·         Why did thou decide to leave?

    ·         I don’t want to talk about that, Sky!- said Link as he raised his fist to punch Sky leaving him in shock. Fortunately, he restrained himself before hitting anyone- I’m sorry. I wasn’t this way before.

    ·         Do not worry- said Sky and hugged Link from behind.

    ·         What are you doin’?

    ·         I am hugging thee!

    ·         Well, stop it… no public demonstrations of affection, please.

    ·         But there is no one else here…

    ·         Just stop.

    ·         Yes –said sky and let go of Link.

    ·         Also, I want to give thou my thanks for such a lovely nickname.

    ·         Oh, that… I do it all the time, but usually people throw things at me afterwards.

    ·         Heh, heh, heh… thou art most amusing.

    ·         I’ll pretend I understood what that meant.

    ·         Can I ask permission to give thee a nickname, as well?

    ·         If you can come up with something- said Link as they both kept walking among trees.

    ·         Well… I do not believe you would like to be named after thy village.

    ·         You got that right.

    ·         Hm - sky kept thinking- What did thou fight against?

    ·         I don’t want to be named after my enemy, genius.

    ·         Very well…- Sky kept thinking even harder- I know! - he said and walked right in front of Link.

    ·         You are in my way.

    ·         I know! - said Sky smiling- what is the time of the day thou like most? Dawn? Morning? Noon? Afternoon?

    ·         Why are you asking me this?

    ·         Answer, please!

    ·         Twilight. I like twilight. I actually fought twilight in a way, but I love it. Once the sun begins to fade into the horizon’s line, I know it’s my time to rest after a hard day of work.

    ·         Then, can I ask permission to call thee Twi?

    ·         Twi? Well, sure. Do as you must. Now, could you please step aside?

    ·         Yes – said Sky as he left the path clear for Twi.

    ·         Are you comin’, or what? - said Twi looking back at Sky.

    ·         Yes! – said Sky and hugged Twi from his back, again- I like thee a lot!

    ·         What did I tell you about the huggin’?

    ·         Oh, yes… heh, heh. Sorry –said Sky and let go- Twi?

    ·         What?

    ·         Dost thou know how to cook?

    ·         Yes, why? - said Twi as he found Sky looking at him with shimmering eyes - Okay, this is definitely the weirdest thing you’ve done so far.

    ·         Verily? We will be most great friends!

    ·         How come?

    ·         Thou can cook, and I can eat!

    ·         Are you serious?

    ·         Most certainly!

    ·         In the name of Eldin, why did I end up stuck with him? - Said Twi as he rapidly walked away from Sky.

    ·         Twi, please, wait for me! … Twi!

    ·         What!?—he shouted exasperated.

    ·         I’m hungry.

    ·         Oh, shut up and keep walking.

Written by Kim-SukLey
Original 2013
Second Edition 2018

Chapter 1 of SHC revisited.

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Redrosablack Featured By Owner May 25, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
 Please do a second part and re-create the series .
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Currently you can find all chapters up to 17. Only chapter 1 has a second edition; the rest are in its original state. The format is the same as this one in the most recent uploads of this story :)
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I was wondering if you’d ever do a second version of this! It’s a great read as before. Your grammar and formatting have definitely improved in the last few years. I love how sunshiny Sky is :D He’s my favorite boy.
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