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Purple green by Kim-SukLey Purple green by Kim-SukLey

Sometimes I feel I should give up on drawing for good. I lack talent.
Besides, you already have people who do better than me: actual artists.
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IkanaWolf Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2015
I think many of us would be devastated if you quit drawing. I don't believe I've ever admired anyone's skill so much as I have yours. >< Your talent blows me away and there is no one who can draw like you. 
DevilLadLover1 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015
If anyone has talent its you. You are an artist of many styles and creations, don't forget that.
SullenHighStar Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
He's just too cute
Moomuu Featured By Owner May 16, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
es simplemente hermoso, tienes un gran talento shawn no te demerites ^^
stargazer-eyes Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I get that feeling quite often. The feeling like my art is just not good enough. Because it's really not. There are a lot of things I could probably do better on but I don't and that's where the problem lies - in myself. Because I'm not willing to push myself to make my ideas a reality, which really sucks. Instead, I stop drawing for a while and work on some hands on crafting.
MrThesaurus Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Stop it
Your art is incredible
Don't give up
wijacoo Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
Art isn't about being good or bad, but about your vision. Now this is good. If you illustrated Ravio as a purple stick person, there might be concern.
wijacoo Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
By the way, I love his eyes and the crooked smirk. It shows he cares (possibly about Albi) and shows he wants to comfort him as he looks like he's offering a hug.
wijacoo Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
Either that, or you are expressing you want a hug, either way, with your recent thoughts, this could be the case. Sorry about the psychology, as I could be wrong.
Andytamama95 Featured By Owner May 13, 2014
Stop saying that. You know very well that you dont lack talent whatsoever.
Bluedazefanatic Featured By Owner May 12, 2014
ARE YOU CRAZY!!!! Your art work is amazing and has inspired me and helped me become less suicidal. I love your art work and if you even think about stopping drawing I will be so so so so so so so so so so so so so sad. And to think I have only had a DA for less than a week.
Kuroispark Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Talent is meaningless. A person could have all the talent in the world, but if they don't work to improve it, then it's pointless (if you haven't seen it, watch Monsters university, Sully had talent but no direction or work ethic, while Mike had no talent but a lot of direction and work ethic. By the end of the semester, Mike was considered better than Sully).

I don't know how much of your artistic ability is talent and how much of it is practice and work. But, from my perspective you are very artistically gifted. I'm not going to say "don't quit" because it is, in the end, up to you to decide. But as much as you enjoy it, I would advise against it. You don't draw because your competing with someone, you draw what's in your heart, and it relaxes you even when you feel so stressed and depressed.  It gives you a reprieve from your often hectic life, and gives you a moment to just be and create. So, while I won't tell you not to, I still highly advise against it.

Besides "actual artists" are overrated. "Real people," that aren't on a high pedestal and are willing to admit that they aren't the best, now THOSE are cool. :)
ArtOfAyanami Featured By Owner May 12, 2014
He look so cute ! I love it ! x3
Xiana-Tsuya Featured By Owner May 12, 2014
mwah you're talking crazy.
Don't give up. I like your style it's so...wonderful and colorful and has more emotion than some
of these actual artist lack.
Toonlinknavi Featured By Owner May 12, 2014
Ahhhhhh oh my Hylia that is like, amazing don't say you lack talent cause I know I could never do that in my entire lifetime :iconangrylinkplz:
I really think I'm the one who should give up on art, to other people my art is just a small sketch of what they would fully do. So never say that I look up to your art and hope that someday I will be as good as you. Mewtow crying plz 
NeonKitsune16 Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ravio is still my favie silly bunny boy

Don't say that your art is amazing. There is no such thing as talent from what I learned from all my teachers in the art field. Sure some people are just born with art in them but art is a skill as long as you stick with it. Your skill on art has been improving from what I seen. Trust me bro I get those feelings too but I can't give up on the skills I been sharping. The artists you see on here they went through the same thing and kept working till they got where they are today. To be honest I go to art galleries with the actual artist some art that I see I just go "really?....looks like a child painted that. I can bend spoons and hang them on the ceiling and all it art." Everyone has their own style so i wouldn't be saying you lack anything. 

I hope I helped a lil bit bro.
theLaughingArcher Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my! Ravio looks stunning! Those eyes really pop, and give him this innocent look that I think fits his character very well! And I absolutely love his hair! :la: It's simply fantastic. You have a knack for capturing the essence of a character in one simple image, and I quite admire you for it. :)

If you'll pardon me, I'd like to address what you said in your description. I myself have had similar feelings about my art, and about myself as an artist. Feeling like you're not up to the standard that others hold will only bring you down. In my eyes, you are one of the greatest artists I've met. Your style is unique, creative, and it most certainly qualifies you as a "real artist." And I can't pretend to see into your mind and understand why you feel this way, but I do know that when I was feeling down, the support of others is what kept me going, and I hope that I can help you feel at least a little better in the long run. Stay positive my friend. :)
ObsessivelyBlonde Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I read your description. If you want to see lack of talent, look right over there <- at that profile picture I drew. You are NOT lacking talent. And who says you're not an actual artist? Society? Well, society should shut its f*cking mouth, because you don't have to have an art career to be an artist. And besides, we both know how screwed up society is. So, don't go around saying you "lack talent" and that "actual artists" are better. No other artist creates like you do. Your style is absolutely unique and beautiful. I see "actual artists" using stereotypical molds-anime, chibi, etc. They're everywhere. They're a bit stale. I've never gotten tired of your art, though. Every time I open dA, I have a secret hope of finding another Ravio, more Twime, Ravioli, anything, because your characters are undeniably fabulous. Your Time is your own. All the Links are yours. You look beyond the screen, into the heart of the Link that so many assume is heartless. You put emotion and love into every piece, and I see it. You create-Lieb, Lin, K, Pipodi, Peap, the Ravios, the Darks, YOU made them. Your fantabulous art, your amazing writing, you were the one that brought them to life with love. "Actual artists" often don't see love as an essential part of creation. It's simply make, sign, sell for them. Please, never give up on your art. YugiFanatic69, Darkblazefanatic, and I, we've all seen it. Looking at your art, together or alone, we laugh, we cry, we grin like idiots and it's okay, because it's art, it's your art. You give us a gift that nobody else can.
I'm sincerely sorry for the length of that rant, but everything that is there needed to be said.

Ravio, by the way, is beautiful as always. (:
Zeliga Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
So floatyyy ;u; Those eyeeeees...
After all this staring one of your works stares me back...! *o*
Thunderboltmanor Featured By Owner May 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Screw these so-called actual artists.  You're my favorite artist, period.  And you have talent, but you also have a good heart and that is more important. I haven't seen anyone make these characters look so deep and alive.  You portray Dark Link as an actual person, as his own person.  So many don't do that.  And you even made Pudding.  No one else made Pudding.  Same with Lieb and Lin and so on.  And I'm not just saying all this.  If I didn't like something you painted or drew, then I wouldn't pretend to like it just to try to make you feel better.  You'd just see through it and it would backfire.  Of course, I wouldn't be a jerk about it either.  But so far you haven't made anything I don't like and I don't see it happening anytime soon.  Your art makes me laugh and cry and sometimes it even makes my drink come out my nose.

Also, doesn't Ravio make green eyes look good?  And I'm jealous of his scarf.
Abstract-Mindser Featured By Owner May 11, 2014
I look forward to seeing new works of yours in my inbox, its a bright bit of sunshine when they show up, even if the pieces are dark.
Astralstonekeeper Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
talent or not your art is fantastic and Ravio's adorable
Dwyre-Sylvermoon Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Whoa, there.
You're like my favorite artist on this site. 
Don't say that.
Ravenide Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
You lack talent? Your art style is fantastic! Never doubt yourself, because that's when bad things start to happen.

I love the expression, and those eyes are just wonderful! I don't see why you'd wanna give up.

Keep making art. :)
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