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So I pretty much never use this journal thing, and I've been terrible about putting photos and stuff on here as it's a lot easier to add multiple photos on facebook... that being said I'm hoping to get some more stuff on here post Colossalcon.
I'll be debuting essentially 3 new costumes, one of them is a costume I did a while ago but don't have any photos of (kind of like Yuan... I should fix that at some point), Guy from Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword. The other two are actually brand-spanking new: Shadar and Oliver from Ni No Kuni. I'm super excited about these, mostly because Oliver will actually be cosplayed by my partner, Jordan. This is the first time he's cosplaying and I think he's looking forward to it, it's kind of hard to tell. Regardless, I'm supped-duper excited about and I've been wanting to do a Ni No Kuni cosplay since I started playing it about a year and a half ago.
So you can expect to see (hopefully) lots of new awesome photos of these three outfits. Zelos is also going with me, so there should be some new ones with him too, likely with some new party characters since I don't believe there's a Sheena in our group since droguza isn't finished with her yet.

I've also been busy making lots of props for people as my etsy shop has actually been getting pretty steady business. Lord knows I'm not making any real money off of it (especially when I have to ship things to Canada D: but it's still a lot of fun and very good practice for doing all sorts of things that may become relevant in my future cosplays. Not to mention, it's keeping me busy, which is definitely a blessing and a curse.
On a similar note, my 3D life counter sales have trailed off a bit (though I did just get a new request this week), but that's ok because I only have so much time to make things.

Last fun news, the Cleveland Zeppelin Union is doing Parade the Circle in Cleveland the Saturday after next which should be lots of fun, and I should have some more nice pictures from that.

So I guess the moral of the story is, expect some new photos up some time next week!
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Submitted on
June 2, 2014