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Someone gave Kilroy crayons

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A color of Anacita's [link] work.

Here's the original: [link]

Not done with crayons, done in GIMP.
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Natani is like, "Really, Zen? Really?"
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Positively precious. ;D
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Puuurdy color work ^w^ I fav'd.
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Glad you approve!

It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.
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...not on the outside, too? I was going for all-around warm-and-fuzziness...:(
Kilroywuzheere's avatar
I'm always warm and fuzzy on the outside... I think...

--rubs unshaven face--

Yup. Warm and fuzzy. :P
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Omg, its finished! oo


Good job~.

Must favorite it!
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You seemed shocked that I could ever finish anything...

Should I be insulted. I think I will be.

Good day madam! HMPH!
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that is awesome!!!!!!!! hey crayon doodles are fun!!!!!! -_- -_- -_-
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But the don't go onto the computer well... All that wax on the screen... BLEH!

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damn you crayons and your wax!!!!!!!!!! -_-
i have been baby-sitting my cousin and we colored with crayons one day!!!!!

it was like reliving my childhood all over again!!!!
~thouhgt my childhood died or it is locked up in a dark room in my head~ TT_TT
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