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I find your lack of plot relevance disturbing

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Sketched this up as a possible new Jar Jar Must Die t-shirt design.
I think it's a bit complicated to hand paint on to a t-shirt, but if anyone is keen (and willing to pay about $100) then let me know!
And May the Fourth be with you! (Come on, it's only a few days away.)

I'm currently taking limited orders for this Jar Jar Must Die t-shirt:

And here are my other Jar Jar Must Die t-shirt designs:

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What is it about him that fans don't like him?!
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Jar Jar was a necessary character for a lot of reasons, and probably contributed way more to the plot than I wanna admit - but it's mainly that, to me, he's reeeeeeally annoying. Any character that says 'oh-oh' and 'oopsy-daisies' and isn't in a crappy American early 90s kids movie - is not OK in my books. 

I also cringed every time he spoke because it was so jarringly different from the rest of the movie. You know - the way you cringe when a character is put there by the execs purely to appeal to small children and provide (really bad) comic relief and merchandise opportunities - and then the script/plot is worked around him. And it's so obvious it hurts. There is also the possibility that the character portrayal is quite racist:…

Anyway, I do know that a bunch of people (albeit a very small bunch) like him. My question to you: What is it that you DO like about him?
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I think he was there purely for comedy relief given the tense political drama of the movie, and yes for the children, because they have to sell toys even if the movie doesn't do any good at the box office!
Personally I think he's the biggest idiot in that galaxy far far away from long ago, but with a good heart, as said comedy relief. Lucas or the writers had to introduce new aliens and other cultures into the the Star Wars universe. I did enjoy it was a sweet water civilization, and that they were amphibians.
I think they had to put him there to ease the younger audience, otherwise you have this intense drama of the little slave boy and the political tension. Little ones don't understand any of that! Have you gone to a theater with children before?