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name Stephen
code 5283 8280 1181
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I have Pokemon Pearl.
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Mine it's 1246 5626 7141

Name: Jubei
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can you do some tickle art of these new pokemon?
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ooh ooh! I have both...look at my recent journal entry
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nou nou, ik kan toch niet achterblijven :p

M'n ingame name: Seinyta
Friend code: 4725 4549 8773

I'll ad you now
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David G
2964 5148 7983
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0731 1434 6167
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Heyy I'd love ta help ya out(or just battle with ya)

Heres my diamond:
Code: 4467 7485 8368
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Oooh, interesting.

I -cannot- be defeated and I likely have any pokemon you heart desires. u.u
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I already got from friends the Pokemon i cared for. I only care for owning my favorite ones, not all of them :p
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I help you with your collection too, Killy.

Here's my code:

Name: Diamond
Code: 4553 6517 2332
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Okay, added you back.
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umm...my code won't show up. any idea why?
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Then you might need to connect to Nintendo Wifi first. Take the escalator down in any Pokecenter.
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how do I get my code?
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If you scroll up you'll see my answer to :iconlukebp: regarding this.
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I'll add ya and give you mine when I have the wifi widget or router.

I love how pokemon hatch at level 1....*Holds up a level 2 Lucario*
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If you ever need help with your collection, I have quite a few rares I can breed for you ^_^

my code is: 5197 8891 1357
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We'll see ^^

K, added ya back.
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