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First things first!  Durontus: The Lost Serpent (formally Durontus Rising) is done!  Over a year's worth of blood, sweat, tears, long nights and frustration, but it's done.  Featuring the talent of Scott R. Schmidt (writer), Sara Sowles (colorist), Ryan Lee (cover colors) and eh, myself (pencils and inks).  The book is 24 pages full color and is currently entirely self published. 

I will be unveiling the book at G-Fest XX this weekend!  I also just posted the book to my Etsy store for those of you who aren't going to make it.…  Fans of Godzilla, Pacific Rim, and the classic monster stories of old will enjoy this book, which was specifically created with pulp, horror and giant monster films in mind. More information can be found at which has a breakdown of the monster and concept art. More information to come.  If you're interested pick one up for $5 and support the crazy effort we put into this thing.

The story centers on a mysterious serpent who surfaced just off the coast of Noway.  Observed by the GWG (Gargantua Watch Group) Falk Hansen, Emma Perry, and Dan Krieger wish to learn more and avert possible disaster by studying the monster.   Things come to a head when a swarm of moth-like insects with a voracious appetite plague the island of Svalbard and subsequently awaken Durontus.  What happens next?  You'll have to snag a book to find out.

Also, check out my gallery for some new updated Godzilla and G-Fest prints.   All of those will be available this weekend at the show and through my aforementioned Etsy store.  

 Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces this weekend so make sure you stop by and say hello.  It's that time of year again where Godzilla and giant monster fans unite.  

See you in Chicago!
It's been a while since my last update… man, I need to be a little more diligent.

Since my last post I've been very hard at work with both of my graphic novel projects, Arcana Comic's The Numbered  and actor Barry Duffield's Deadman's Land.  Both are a little over 100 pages and and I'm on pencils and inks.  Trying to churn out all of the pages on a regular basis has certainly detracted from my online posts and so on.

Convention season is starting for Sara and I, and after our successful adventure on Free Comic Book Day at a local shop, Rookies, we are getting ready for the slew of upcoming conventions and shows.

First on the list is Motor City Comic Con, held just outside of Detroit, in the nice, family friendly town of Novi.  We'll have several new prints at this Motor City show, including brand new prints of Harley Quin and Thanos.  I will be adding the prints to my etsy soon, as well as my gallery here.  If you haven't visited please take a look at and see if there's anything you like.

Hopefully I will remember to update again after the show and give it a proper review.
Finally.  I've completed the pencils and inks for my first full, cover to cover book, written by Scott R. Schmidt.  My wife, Sara Sowles will more than likely handle color and I know she's on board for letters.  Once we get everything squared away, Scott and I plan on pitching the book to various small publishers to see if we can get someone interested in publishing and distributing it.  If that fails, we're still gonna self publish everything.  

Honestly, the book reads great from beginning to end, and there is potential for a great multi-arc story.  We've come up with a lot of really interesting ideas that take the sea monster down a very mythical and almost folklorish path.  

There is little competition for IDW's Godzilla books out there, and I started writing this in 2008, before their current comics.  I think that Durontus Rising has something to offer giant monster fans, classic movie lovers and anyone looking for a non 'super-hero' book.  

I will be posting updates as we get the book further to completion.  Cross your fingers for me, and if you have a second make sure to check out the art for the book.  I will be totally overhauling to reflect the massive changes, too.
I finally bit the bullet and made an Etsy.  My hope is that it makes ordering our prints Easier and more convenient.  We sell quite a few prints at conventions and shows and I'm hoping that having an online store where they are all available will help.  If there is an interest after some time, I will also be posting original pencils and inks for sale, too.  Please take a minute to check it out:…

Feel free to message me or send me an email if you have any questions.  I hope to be posting more soon, so if you don't see a print that you KNOW I have, don't worry.
So, yeah, commissions are open!  I can draw/paint pretty much whatever you want.  I'm gonna take a break from comics for a bit and spend a little time drawing some fun stuff.

I oil paint, watercolor, pencil and ink just about anything.  Dinosaurs, Grandmas, Spider-Man, whatever.  Check out my DA gallery for what I do - there's even a section devoted to past commissions.  You can also check out my website at

Typical sizes for a commission are 8.5 x 11 and 11x17.  I usually start at around $25 for a single character pencil and move up depending on size and complexity, usually reaching a ceiling of less than $100.  So, pretty cheap, really.  All you have to do is send me a pm or an email at to get started.  I won't bite.  Promise.

I will probably be opening an etsy/ebay or something store to start selling originals that are just taking up space in my house.  Be on the lookout for that.

Follow me on twitter: Killustration, tumblr:… on here for updates.  

Also, thanks for all the kindly birthday wishes!
Lord, I can't believe it's already November 5th.  Time flies I guess.

First order of business:  COMMISSION ARE OPEN!   I will draw you stuff.  Want a superhero, werewolf or grandkid?  I can do that. Want a superhero werewolf grandkid?  Even better. Send me a message or email:  I've got time right up until a couple weeks before Christmas, so start sending me commission ideas now!

Secondly,  I'm about halfway through the Durontus Rising pencils!  I'm thinking about changing the name simply because people are having a hard time with 'Durontus'.  Still feedback has been really positive thus far.  I will be adding more pages on DA soon, too.  When all is said and done, I hope to have published, physical copies available for next summer's G-Fest.   If a publisher is not interested, I plan on self publishing.  I may also be posting finished pages online as a webcomic...

Finally, Detroit Fanfare was last weekend.  Overall, we didn't do as well as we could have, but it seemed like that was the case for many of the artists there.  I was getting complimented about the Durontus pages left and right, and honestly that was probably what got me the most attention over the weekend.  Still, if you're in the Detroit area, Gary Reed is a good guy and puts on a good show.  Got to hang out with too many friends to mention, too.  

You can read more about the convention and my review of it here:…

Remember, get those commissions in!  I've got the time, so send me your craziest, most clever ideas!  Looking forward to it!
We're back from the Cincinnati Comic Expo. Overall, a good show thanks to the special events that went with it.  Got to experience a cool after party, a 'geek prom' and the 2nd largest Oktoberfest celebration in the world while we were there.  I'll post my commissions shortly.  For a full write up and review of our misadventures in Cincinnati, (along with extra pictures...) read my blog here:….
Going to be at the Cincinnati Comics Expo this weekend if any of you are in the area.  I'll be selling prints and doing commissions all weekend long.  

After the show, I plan on recapping the event on my blog, as well as posting all the commission pics.  Be sure to follow me at…

Wish us luck!
I've been urged to start a blog.  I went to sign up for Tumblr to find that I made an account years ago - I'm going to start it over again.  I plan on just blogging about the art process, the trials and triumphs, that sort of thing.  Here's the address:…

Also, if you aren't following me on facebook, you should.  Go here:…

Finally, I'm on twitter, too, though I suck at posting on there.  Follow me anyhow @ Killustration.
I got my script for the my new giant monster comic: Durontus Rising.  Scott Schmidt, my writer, did an excellent job.  22 pages of great characters, dialogue and yes, monster fights.  I'm really happy with it, and now I'm super nervous to uphold my part of the deal.  Hopefully I will be able to post pages for it soon.  Wish me luck!
I can barely believe it - G-Fest is over for another year, and this one was honestly our best convention to date.

I got to hang out with fellow artists Matt Frank, Jeff Zornow, Frank Parr, Ray Fromme, Jared Faust and Jae Hoffmann, draw pictures, sell prints and all sorts of fun stuff.  Special thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth (especially you guys from DA - it was great to meet all of you!) and picked up a print.    

We had a great time.  If you haven't gone to G-Fest and you even remotely like Godzilla, giant monsters or dinosaurs, you absolutely need to check it out.  I think my favorite part (aside from the selling stuff part) was the slides and panel from the lost Godzilla project where Godzilla fights a giant wolfman.  True story.  That's the stuff you miss if you don't come!

As a side note, people seemed receptive to the new Durontus project, and I'd love to be able to have it done for next years show.  Crossing my fingers.
So, my buddy, fellow comic fiend and excellent writer Scott Schmidt and I decided to revive an old project: Durontus.  Scott has long time fascination with pulp fiction, horror and was quite interested when he picked up the Durontus Attacks teaser from a few years ago.  

Together, we're dreaming up a new story for Durontus, and it will be told in a full color 22 page self published comic.  Scott is taking liberties of expanding upon the back story laid down in the teaser and plans to introduce a full caste of characters as well as a deadly new foe for Durontus to face.

The story will take place off the coast of Norway, in the frigid, glacier ridden waters that surround.  When a new horror surfaces, Durontus is quick to head the call.  The intrepid group charged with locating and gathering information on Durontus is suddenly caught off guard as the titan appears to confront a swarm of strange, moth-like insects that begin to mutate and take on a strange human form.  

It's shaping up to be a fun project.   I know a lot of you are big Godzilla fans, so I plan on posting the details on here as soon as I get them.  Be sure to check my gallery for the teaser image soon!
Pulling together some stuff for this years G-Fest.  Honestly, if you like giant monsters, even a little,  you NEED to go to this convention.  I know a lot of you are big monster fans - no excuses this year.  

Sara and I will have an artist's table again this year - it seems like artist alley is still growing with even more attendees this year.  

I'm not certain, but I can almost bet that fellow artists :iconkaijusamurai: and :iconkaijuverse: will be there this year as well with great art as well.

I will be posting some of the new stuff as it's completed.  If you don't get a chance to make it out to the Chicago area and are still interested in a print, I ship all over the world.  Just send me a message or shoot me and email.  

If you ARE going to make it to G-Fest, feel free to stop by the Killustration Studios booth so that my wife, Sara and I can harass you.  We'll be taking commissions all weekend, and custom giant monster art is HUGE at the show.

Here's all the details if you are interested:…

More to come soon.
Started to work on fixing up my Deviantart some.  You'll see that almost all of the old stuff has been moved to a separate folder, labelled: Old Stuff.  I will be categorizing things similarly to how I have them organized on my website portfolio:  Paintings/Covers, Sequential, and Pinups.  I've also created a folder to showcase some of my commissions that I do at conventions as well as in the studio.

Again, please be patient as I upload new files and try to get everyone up to speed.  I've got a lot to add since last year, including many of the color pinup posters that I sell at shows.  Most, if not all of the 11x17 images compiled in the pinup folder will be available for purchase for $15 for color and $10 for black and white.  Each comes signed and individually packaged with a plastic sleeve and backing board.  I will also throw in a quick sketch for all my DA peeps.  Just don't tell anyone.

In the mean time feel free to visit my website, and check out my portfolio there.

As always, my commissions are open.  I will be posting a pricing list soon, after I get more things updated.  If you are interested, just shoot me an email at

Thanks, and wish me luck.
A lot has changed since I started my deviantart page several years ago.  I appologize for my lack of diligence in posting and responding - a lot of things have lead me down different avenues in my artistic career.

That being said, I want to go back and reevaluate my entire DA page.  I had thought about creating and entirely new page, but didn't want to lose the friends I have made over the time I've spent here.  So, I plan on going back and cleaning up the art in my folders, deleting older/outdated material, sketches and the like.  I want my new portfolio to better represent the more professional mindset I've taken in all of my other endeavors.

Also, I'll be uploading a ton of new art, stuff that hasn't been seen on DA since last fall.  I feel like I've made some pretty good personal achievements, and I hope my art relfects that.

You also might notice more of an emphasis on comic book and graphic novel art.  Since I start my DA, I've moved in this direction, and have been working with many different writers and creators in the field, ranging from well known artists, to those just breaking into the field.  I've also been illustrating for a MI based media company, doing newspaper illustrations as well as articles.  I plan on including those, too.

As always, I accept commissions from DA and look forward to working with anyone interested in my art.  If you have any questions, please feel free to message me or email me at

Please be patient with me as I go through and try to update my profile.  Feel free to check out my revamped website at and by clicking on my profile.  You can also access my portfolio by going to

Thanks, and I look forward to bringing you all up to speed.

I'm starting to pull stuff together for Mid-Ohio Comic Con, Oct. 22-23.  There are gonna be some awesome guests, including Billy Dee Williams, Walter Koenig, Adam West abd Burt Ward.  Some major comic book guests, too.  I'm excited to see :iconryanottley: again, say hello to :iconjasonhoward: and see my buddy Jay Jacot.  

Hopefully I'll be selling prints - it looks to be a big show, so we'll see.  I'll be taking commissions per usual all weekend long, so come get something drawn by me.

Not having cash is no excuse anymore - we take credit cards, too.  Also, free candy.  FREE CANDY. Find me on facebook at and follow me on twitter killustration for all sorts of nonsense and funny stuff.

Hope to see you there.
I've got some down time between conventions, and so I'm going to open commissions. Got a logo, comic, or characters you need figured out? I can do that. Want a portrait of your grandma? I can do that too - its just not as fun. I you don't have cash that's cool, too. I just got a nifty thingy that allows me to swipe credit cards.

Anyhow, my next show is Mid Ohio Con a Wizard World event in Colombus. I'm looking forward to it - Both Ryan Ottley and Jason Howard are gonna be there, so that's cool. I'll have tons of prints and will be doing on-the-spot artwork for people at the show. If you live in the area, you should swing by. Hell, I'm making the drive from Michigan.

You can find more of my art simply by googling Killustration Studios or thekillustrator, and my website is though it sucks pretty bad at the moment. Yeah, I should totally update it. If you're on facebook find the Killustration Studios Fanpage… a decent porfolio and other stuff.  You can also find me on Newgrounds… me on twitter killustration for all sorts of swearing, nonsense and sarcasm.

Commission pricing ranged from $5 to $150 depending on size, complexity and medium.  Just ask, and we'll figure something out.

If you have any questions regarding commissions or any conventions or events that I'll be at, send me a message on NG or email me at
Gearing up for Detroit Fanfare this weekend.  Gonna have some new prints (Robocop, Evil Dead, Firefly) along with out typical assortment of giant monster and comic book stuff.  We'll also be taking commissions all weekend - I'm hoping to stay pretty busy.  Plus, good news to those who don't have cash -  I will now be able to accept credit cards!

Also, I get to meet up with a bunch of friends, so I think it will be a good time.   Also, I get to meet Phil Hester.  Bonus!

Stay tuned, and wish me luck!
Should I do another one for next year's Gfest?  If so, should I elaborate on the story of the first (More about Miguju), or should I go a new avenue and use a different monster?
I do believe this was the best show yet.  It was great to meet up with old friends and even meet some new ones.  Thanks to the dudes/dudettes in artist alley -

:iconkaijusamurai:, :iconalmightyrayzilla:, :iconscreamdreams101:, :iconkaijuverse:, Jared Foust, John and Kay and everyone else.  Big thanks to JD Lees and family who put on another great show this year and special thanks to everyone who commissioned something, bought a print, or just stopped by to say hey.  It was great getting to see all of you either again, or for the first time.  Soon, I will be uploading images of the new stuff for this year.