Crystal Waters

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Here we are,
slowly descending into this ethereal space.
Into this aquatic plane,
where time seems to slow down
and the only constant is the sun above us.

Rays of light shift constantly in size and intensity
as the waves above bend them as they please.
They strike every living thing with color,
causing a chain reaction of Gaussian distribution.
Corals illuminate with magnificent ambiance,
and every fish shines with distinction,
no two being born alike.

In the near distance, beyond the playful waves, we hear the cries of dolphins.
Yet they are not of despair, but of joy and adventure and excitement and freedom.
As if to share the secrets of harmony to anyone who can interpret their tongue.

Created by God, governed by Mother Nature,
Everything is at peace here.
No war, no violence, only oceanic harmony.
And time is not of the essence.
Everything is so untouched,
made impossible for man to leave his mark.
For these crystal waters do not fear.

But we cannot help but wonder,
A place as amazing as this,
as pure as this,
yet so few know that it exists.

                                                                                          - Jerez Giovanni Bain -
A Poem I wrote in my Eng-W 131 class....
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