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My Little Fillies

Talk about a challenge! 12 hours it took to make this, but well worth it :D
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Aww, they're so adorable!
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Chris Hansen - Why don't you take a seat 
Hey buddy, go take a seat over.....

Wait I'm not exactly sure whether whoever drew this is sexually attracted to 

Hold on.. this picture was drawn in the year 2013, so this is not really relevant anymore, I apologize.
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This is adorable I love it. Well worth the 12 hours you put into it :D
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i wish this was a base would be great for adopts <3
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ITS....OVER......9000......CUTENESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O
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lol derpy everyone do the flop
Good lord, look at all that devourable flesh!:Pizza:  Not to mention the sheer amount of entrails here that could be burned for the Gods :speardance: .
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A hungarian television channel (it's the one who airs MLP) used your drawing:…
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SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! Face 
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Vinyl: Do you feel it now, Ocatvia?
Ocatvia: :| (Blank Stare) 
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The cuteness's over 9000!
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They all look sooo Cute!Can I have one!
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that is all
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I'm dead, that's good, amen.
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i wub vinal so frikn cute
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:icontwilight-rapefaceplz: Gonna press all the fave buttons! Oh, it only had one :icontwilightsad2plz:
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*heart explodes from cuteness*
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