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By KilLRafael
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The fangirls are just imagined bitches and nobody loves them.. :/ ( I HATE THEM!!! >< )
This is another quick pic, it could be better but I'm too lazy. XD I haven't got enough time to color, because my pc is at my parent's shop.. our shop. :D But I hope you like it. :)
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hee hee this makes me giggle ^^
yah but the worst thing about fangirls is that they get SO offended if you dissagree with them -.- first off, their character is NOT REAL and not a part of HTF. also they are usually just carbon copies of Flippy.
sigh....its kinda sad though, they love a cartoon so much that they miss out on REAL people.
anywhoooossss, why is good flippy dead? lol
btw, you are definately one of my favorite HTF artists!
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Really? I'M THE MOST HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :woohoo:
No.. she is Flippyna or Sam.. Flippy ius still alive and prepare to throw a grenade for those bitches! ><
I talk with a lot of fanngirls, they are soo annoying! >< But I made them cry or change their mind sometimes! :p
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lol oh god so she made a character who looks EXACTLY like flippy???? oh gawd and they lack originality too! The name even! Flippyna?
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Yep, or whatever XD
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Hm, i have to agree. Most Flippy fangirls go nuts over the fact of Flippy. I just hate the ones who are like; "OMG MEZ AND FLIPPEH HAD BAYBEYS!!1 I LUV U FLIPPEH!!1!eleven"
I mean, i like Flippy a little bit. But in a healthy way, not in a rabid fangirl way.
Some fangirls should get a life.

On other tabs, this is a nice picture, nice in a gruesome way. Heh Cx
But that Happy Tree friend with blue hair looks really close to my fursonas' desighn.
Ah well. Good job.
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But how anyone can fell in love with a fuckin' caroon character?! Everyone likes him, but aww man!!!
Sorry ^^"
And thaks for the agree, but... please tell me some answers: - Why Flippy? How could they meet? And are ya happy enough with your life?
I don't want to hurt you, just help..
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I dunno.
At one point i was a rabid fangirl for the warden of superjail. (Not anymore though.) Its like...I dunno, its hard to explain. It could be a fettish or just to get attention from other fans. I guesse we'll never understand...

No prob, and don't worry i don't hurt easyly.
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okay..but anyway, I think so sick thing... O.o" And I really dislike fangirls...
1. They can't met in the duty, cauze no girls got in..only males
2. If they did, she can't got so long hair..
3. It's soo impossible to it can be happened...
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sorry, why I wasted your time.. ˇˇ
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You didn't wastge my time at all,It was just nice talking to someone who knows what their on about.
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well, first, I'm not offended I think like you, those fangirls must get a life, I dont say a boyfriend but at least a LIFE!!

I mean, Flippy is cool, I like him a lot but in a normal and healty way!! is not like shouting "OMG!! FLIPPY IS SO F*CKING AWESOME!! I WISH HE COULD BE REAL FOR GET MARRIED WITH HIM AND HAVE KIDZ..." WTF with those girls??

and about the image, I like it a lot :D is really cool!! :#1:
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Thank you very much. :3 :hug:
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hehe, your welcome :D
KilLRafael's avatar said..please, forgive me, but.. Are you OK?.. O.o"
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huh??? what are you talking about?
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I'm started to afraid from ya...
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I argree those bitches need a life
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why u kill him WHY :crying: what he do to you? fan girls arnt so bad im not CRAZY about him its to fill the empty voide of a boyfriend it helps me untill i get a boyfriend then i will dump him or just stop liking him
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I know how you feel :tears: All fan girls are NOT so like this :tears:
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