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Death Is a Lady
Death is a lady,
Beautiful but cold.
A gorgeous woman,
Walking down the street,
Entrancing to look at,
Gliding on her feet,
She gives you a smile,
It takes your breath away,
You realize you're having a heart attack,
And this is your final day.
Curt when she needs to be,
Other times lingering and slow.
A mysterious woman,
You see her every day,
She never looks back at you,
She lives across the way,
But today she meets your gaze,
Still you can't help but stare,
You get in the car to head to work now,
Your brakes fail on the way there.
But if you have her favor,
She may let you grow old.
A beautiful nurse,
She lights up the room,
You recognize her instantly,
But there is no feeling of doom,
Closing your eyes now,
You simply fade away,
Nobody else who was there,
Saw her that day.
Death is a lady,
Beautiful but cold,
Curt when she needs to be,
Other times lingering and slow,
But if you have her favor,
She may let you grow old.
:iconkillmepleasegod:KillMePleaseGod 2 0
You Lie to Me
How can I say you lie to me,
When you believe every word?
How can I explain to you,
That you sound absurd?
It'll never be alright,
It'll never be okay,
No matter how hard I try,
No matter how hard I pray.
Why do you shush me,
Whenever I start to cry?
Why do you hold me close,
And wipe the tears from my eyes?
Can't you see right now,
That my world is falling apart?
Why do you insist on saying,
That it'll get better soon?
It'll never get any better,
It'll never stop being so bad,
No matter what I do,
No matter how much I want it to.
Why do you comfort me,
Whenever I lose my mind?
Why do you hug me tightly,
And press kisses into my hair?
Can't you see how,
The walls are all falling in?
Why do you lie to me,
And say that it will all work out?
How can I say you lie to me,
When you believe every word?
How can I explain to you,
That you sound absurd?
Why won't you let me go,
To wallow in my sadness?
Why do you love me this much,
To try to save me from myself?
How can I say you lie to me,
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This Is the Part
This is the part where I pretend to be okay,
This is the part where I smile and wipe the tears away,
This is the part where I agree that it will get better,
Even though I don't believe it in the least,
Because there's no point in dragging you down with me.
Yeah, sure, it only gets better from here,
Right, of course, god works in mysterious ways,
Yes, I know, it will work itself out in time,
All it takes is for me to stay optimistic,
Then there's no way it'll keep going down,
Surely it's can't get any worse than it is now.
Don't you know I thought it through, though?
Don't you know I know exactly how this goes?
Don't you know I've seen it time and again?
Don't you know that the bad can get worse?
Don't you know my happiness is cursed?
I'm not stressed because I enjoy it,
I'm not depressed because it's fun,
I'm not crying just to get attention,
I've been broken so many times,
That it's hard not to break down again,
Every time something like this happens.
It doesn't do me any good to hope
:iconkillmepleasegod:KillMePleaseGod 8 1
You are so crazy,
You're insanity,
And I don't know why,
But I love you.
It makes no sense,
And neither do you,
Everything that you do,
Is completely out of order.
You couldn't possibly have been,
This completely insane,
From the very beginning,
From the day you were born.
Yet you blame nobody,
Yet you show no shame,
Yet you even dare to claim,
It's all by choice.
I must be insane too,
For choosing to be with you,
Despite all that you do,
That should drive me away.
I get dragged along,
For the ride of my life,
It happens every time,
Yet somehow I remain.
You are driving me crazy,
You're making me insane,
It's the only way to explain,
Why I love you so much.
:iconkillmepleasegod:KillMePleaseGod 5 1
Broken Windows
You only broke my heart once,
But that's all that was needed,
If you hit the glass hard enough,
One shot is all it takes to break.
I thought you were the one,
Who could protect me from the storm,
But the shutters flew open,
And the glass shattered so easily.
I'm not bulletproof,
I'm not reinforced,
One little crack,
Is all that it takes.
You only abandoned me once,
But that was one time too many,
If you let the glass fall far enough,
One drop is all it takes to break.
I thought I could trust you,
To keep me from harm,
But you didn't even try to intervene,
When the pressure was on.
I'm not bulletproof,
I'm not reinforced,
One little crack,
Is all that it takes.
It only happened once,
And I won't let it happen again,
If you let me go so easily,
Why should I bother to hold on?
I thought it would be okay,
To fall in love with you,
But you covered me in cracks,
You shattered me like glass,
You left me with broken windows.
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B-17 : One Shot
After dropping my quarter into the jukebox, I moved my hand to select my song of choice, only to have it slapped away by my companion when I was about to make my selection. "What the heck, man?" I asked, shooting him a dirty look.
"You can't play that one," he stated simply, offering neither an apology nor an explanation.
"Why not? Is it broken?" I demanded. Before I could add that he could’ve just said it was broken, rather than slap my hand, he replied.
"No, but the bartender's heart is. Has been for over a year. If you play it, you get thrown out," he replied, jerking his thumb in the direction of the bar.
I slid my gaze over to the bar, zeroing in on the bartender as I frowned thoughtfully. She was busying up and down the bar, filling or collecting empty glasses and handing out fresh drinks. I could see, though, that she was tossing my friend and I a glance now and again, as though waiting to see what song would be selected. "Yeah, well so is mine, and that's why I pla
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Love is Sorrow
Words of encouragement,
"Someone will love you,
But it is not me."
Worth about as much,
As a fruitless tree.
Fields of flowers are fields of sorrow,
One and the same,
Each flower picked is unrequited love,
Each petal dropped brings new pain,
But what is there to gain?
I know you love me in a different way,
But if the love of the sort,
I am looking for from you,
Cannot be found in your heart,
Please just turn me away.
It's a hollow embrace,
It's a heartbreaking kiss,
When you take me close to you,
Only to push me away with words,
Wishing me luck in finding love.
It's the same old words,
From a new pair of lips,
The usual apology,
"It's not you, it's me."
Sounding so bittersweet.
Songs of romance are songs of sorrow,
One and the same,
Always there is heartache,
Also there is always another day,
But what if tomorrow is too late?
My heart ends here now,
Though the ache shall not,
But it is broken into pieces,
Too small to reconstruct,
And so now it is stuck.
I vow again to give it up,
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