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excellent piece, beautifully crisp and sharp. Your lines are very precise and well rounded, and the layering near seamless. The only instances where things seem to be just a bit off is the very back of her hood, and along the front part of her shoulder parts, however I am sure that is more attributed to the style of this rendition than to artist skill.
I really like the color design here as well, Your choice of the background being the same as her helmet does play upon the mystery of her face, hidden behind the mask. I like this, instead of the usual helmet is her face that perpetuates through some of the community. The shading is really good with her hood, I only really see some clunky-ness in how you tried to shade the ruffling of the hood. While I can see that again, due to style, this would be hard, and I do not know how to fix this off the top of my head, I would say that if you were to ever re-approach this piece, I would work on these ruffles, because as is, they feel a little more flat than they maybe should be
excellent work
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She is my next favorite to mordin. She is such a good person, but maybe sometimes too blinded by giving her people a home again. This is utterly amazing!
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I wanna see face=((
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Gorgeous, I absolutely love this series, wonderful job!
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Oh my god, so many times favourite
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This is amazing man! I'm digging the Mass Effect references- great games :3 I, personally, love the background colour. It doesn't detract from the main piece, you know? All in all it's a really aesthetically pleasing and Tali'Zorah is a major boss.
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nice, vector's right?
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Yep, vectors; originally only planned to do Tali and print her up to go with a geth Adam Sidwell made. But everyone liked her, so I just kept going (and stuck with the vector format for practice/possible future prints.)
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ohh wow lol i knew it cause i just got dont learning how to do them and their a bitch at first
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They are tough. I was a taster only (photoshop, etc) for many years, so adding vector (illustrator, fireworks, flash) to my repertoire took a real adjustment to approach. But it's so worth it, just for the flexibility of size and ease of going back and adjusting later!
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yeah i like using illustrator because of the smoothness you get but my teacher shes ok not that great i still need to learn a lot about ai
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Keep practicing, and hit the web. and are great resources for design stuff in general, including illustrator!
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love the song and tali

I always listen to this song when drawing ME stuff

great image
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I try and keep all the soundtracks going (even have the DLC soundtracks! haha) but I constantly switch it to this song too!
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same, friend. saaaammmee. though the first album is always my favorite. *highfive*
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This is very nice! To me I like the background as it kinda draws you into Tali more than it would if the background was a darker or brighter color. I love the saying on the bottom as well it kinda reminds me of my two Quarian OC's in my story. =D This is an amazing job you did here.
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i think the background feels a bit off because it is nearly (exactly?) the same color as the faceplate of the helmet, so it makes the face feel hollow. maybe yellow would work better?
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The backgrounds driving me nuts because of exactly that. problem I think is every other one of the colors makes some other piece go 'hollow' or washes it out. The effect is kinda cool in a couple cases, but I could see some people disliking the effect, too.

Not sure, I've got r/masseffect at reddit looking too, if they concur on the gold/yellow, i've been leaning towards that too.

thanks for the input! might just be the best choice.
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