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spectr.es: Mordin

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Update thanks to neurotype and Lyricanna for the daily deviation.

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This is fantastic. Mordin was a great character in the game, one of my favourites in fact.

My only comment would be his left shoulder. The grey shapes form the shoulder, but are neither vague enough nor defined enough I feel. So the shoulder looks a bit cluttered with shapes. Currently, it looks like it could use just a bit more contrast where the shoulder connects to the body or way less definition overall if you want it to fade away, so that is looks just a bit less muddled in the bottom right corner. Awesome series that you're working on, cheers.
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I like the idea behind this series - Mass Effect has some very powerful characters, specifically ME3 - I experinced genuine loss when Mordin's scene ended. Of all those linked, your portraits of Mordin and EDI have the most powerful pairing of text and image, although in Mordin's case you may have said too much.

The image is sound technically and only suffers from the high-contrast tattoo drawing attention from the rest of the composition. Chiefly, however, sometimes less is more with text. "It had to be me" sucks the focus away from the core message it precedes, as well as breaks up the caption awkwardly into two separate thoughts as opposed to one direct assertion in the way your EDI portrait does, giving it an elegant impact. I'm fairly confident that every person who counted Mordin as a freind would agree that his entire character can be summed up in that one sentence: Someone else might have gotten it wrong.
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I love it. My only personal critique would be the text is a little hard to read, on something like that clearer text may be good. The drawing of Mordin is great, I love the simple design on it. Despite the critique I would still absolutely love to hang this on a wall.

Also it is rather irritating that I need a hundred words to say what I can effectively say in less that that.. So I am just going to ramble for a moment so I can say how I feel about this piece.. almost there.. alright and done.
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The best quote indeed. Mordin is my favorite, his personality is just perfect to me. Good job!
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Man, I love this guy. Made me so sad.
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Interesting idea ... where have I seen this before? Oh yea! [link]
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Yep! Totally where I got the idea from, I talk about it on the blog I dedicated to this series; [link] and I have a copy of that litho hanging up in my office, amongst another 6 or so of Adam's work; absolutely love what he does!
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Yea, sorry I did notice you mentioned it on your Tali pic. Sowwy - my bad.
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It's all good; glad someone else knows about his work; it's awesome!
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Yea, I have Legion number 3 or 4 - can't remember which. He's pretty good.

Anyway, congrats on the DD. Love it when some ME art gets noticed :)
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Its ok I'll forgive you - I see you did ref Adam on your Tali pic.
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MORDINNN!!! love it
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No Mordin! Don't go into that elevator! Mordin noooouuuuuu....

I cried. :(
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lol love you Mordin <3
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dsfsdfsdfslkjklfsjdfklsl; Mordinnnn </3 y u have to diiie . . .
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Hey, something cool got featured.
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Mordin was one of the most badass characters in the game.
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yeah! Love mordin! Mass Effect is one of my favorite game trilogies
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Well done. Best Mass Effect Party Member ever. *Sharp Inhale*. Favorited.
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