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Interesting art style. At first I wasn't sure what I was looking at, but when I saw the name it clicked in. That way of blending the background and her outfit was a good technique. The eyepiece does a good job of what I think it is suppose to do: give her a sense of mystery by not truly being able to the eyes, making her a more interesting piece of art work. I am not really sure about the markings on her mouth so I am not going to say anything about them. The quote you chose to put on her was a very good quote that left actual impact on me. Good job.
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Holy smokes this series is absolutely stunning!
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I really like this character. I guess it is a recreation from a videogame? the skin tones are nice. I realize you wanted a somewhat hidden message at the bottom. I think it would be much nicer with some more bolder font at a smaller size. I didnt know you draw so much.
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Kasumi seems to fit the whole "Spectre" getup than even Shepard does.....