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This is a very interesting piece of art. When you first see it, the thing that caught my attention, is the that stare he is giving you. It's just like he's looking into your soul. This actually captures Javik's kinda nobility. He is a very impressive person, both in the game and this artwork. That background works well with the the rest of the artwork, the detail's are amazing, and overall, is just pure inspiring. The quote is works very well with the art, and is one of the better known quotes of mass effect three, at least in my opion. This artwork is purely amazing, and I look forward to this artist next piece of work.
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Javik, he happens to be part of one of my favourite races on Mass Effect...I like it alot, the simplicity and smoothness is awesome.
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Finally, somebody got him rich! :iconglompplz:
m-angel05's avatar was suppose to say *right* not rich.
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Looks like Adobe Illustrator was used! Same program I work with most of the time. Nice work!
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Close! I actually prefer Adobe Fireworks.

If you know your way around it; it's pretty much Illustrator and Photoshop smashed in to one (and production time can be really fast in Fireworks; which I love for my day job)
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Oh I wouldn't have guessed that. I don't care too much for Fireworks. I guess Im not use to the interface.
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Lol I thought it's going to say "Throw it out the airlock".

Anyways, this looks great.
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