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I find this extremely hard to pull off you did this amazingly ^_^
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This is great! I love the detail ^_^
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Lots of detail. Love it!
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I like it. It captured the "coldness" of EDI's synthetic side without removing the... humanity?.. that is also part of her. And with the quote it's just perfect. :clap:
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I like this serie :) Keep on the good work !

(is the quote from the game btw ? I dont remember it)
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The quote is something Commander Shepard will say to EDI during one of the many bar scenes on the Citadel. Talk to her frequently (every time you go to the Citadel) and eventually it comes through.
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awesome work as per mate
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Very nicely done. :)
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very cool. i think this one is much more successful than Tali'Zorah, there is no "hollow" issue with this one. the only thing that looks off to me is the chin, somehow the double oval just doesn't flow with the other highlights.
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