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Chapter 1
  William gasped.  His emerald eyes snapped open, revealing the dark interior of his room.  The thin sheets and his fire red hair clung to his half naked body from cold sweat.
  It was the dream again.
  He glanced at the chronometer near his bed.  The glowing blue display shone three a.m. from its silver dome.  He got up anyway, the remnants of his nightmare still playing on his nerves.  The shag carpet tickled his bare feet as he threw back the thick curtains that hid the sliding crystalline door to the balcony beyond.  The large moon of Exodus flooded his room with eerie green light.  William gazed at the cityscape below him, glistening with the roving lights of traffic and the stationary lights of homes and businesses that never slept.
  Towering metal behemoths as far as the eye could see reached for the night sky like finger pointing toward a creator, the same as they have been for the five years he had called this planet hom
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Unsettled Waters Chapter1 by KillianSeraphim
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Yin von Wildenstien
Yin’s story starts on the streets of a well off fishing town. When a group of adventurers came to town and recruited her in a rather elaborate jail break, she saw an opportunity to expand her horizons. For the next few months, her and the adventurers ventured throughout the land, on sea and on foot. It was fun, exciting, and everything an orphan Dragonborn child could hope for.

Then one day, that changed. Yin woke up at the tavern they had stayed in for the night, only to find that her friends had vanished. Not left, but vanished; leaving their armor, weapons and supplies behind. Even the clothes they were wearing were left behind.

Taking the biggest weapon she could carry, a Warden’s hammer, Yin travelled back home, using the skills she picked up from her friends. It took some time, but eventually she found her way back to the fishing town. A retired town guard captain remembered the young Dragonborn, and her odd assortment of friends, and adopted her as his own. Over time he grew impressed with her capacity to handle herself, suggested a way she may be able to find her friends.

The Order of Gamgee was a long illustrious order of knights who traveled through worlds in peril to protect and serve as needed. They never focused on saving those worlds, but on galvanizing and supporting the inhabitants into save themselves; or in extreme situations, evacuate the inhabitants to other worlds if doom is inevitable.

Yin, now Yin von Wildenstien, recently inducted as a paladin, begins her journey to find her friends, and help all she can along the way.

Not dead, not entirely gone, but looking to focus more on what arts I can. Hoping to get back into some D&D, I drew this up. Feels good to get back into a rhythm again.
I mean, anyone can answer, but I知 not sure it would have the same effect. Question: how important is your God to you? I知 not talking about how important He is to your doctrine or your church. I知 talking you, personally. How important is what He says to you? How much influence does He have on your life and decision making?

A curiosity, more than anything.
So I just finished Star Trek Enterprise on Netflix. I personally don稚 think it was terrible. Not great, but enjoyable.

After watching though, a theory has been floating around in my head: You池e all familiar with the Kelvin timeline that JJ Abrams created inthe recent movies. I would propose that there is another timeline subtly placed in Enterprise, that would change future events, possibly leading to the timeline that Discovery is currently flopping about in.

I知 talking about the episode Regeneration, where the Borg sphere from the movie First Contact is discovered in the Arctic. Early mankind came into contact with a hostile alien race 200 years or so before the battle of Wolf 359. Yes, it was a small case that, for the most part, was well contained. But reports had to be filed, and evidence had to be removed. This isn稚 counting the fact that two people from pre-warp mankind was exposed to people from the future, and the Enterprise-E before even getting off the ground. Even if it was minimal exposure, the fact that they had knowledge of what would come about in the future would be enough exposure to jumpstart their research and development processes, since they now know what to look for.

I tried finding this theory online, but came up with nothing. Maybe I知 late to the party on this, but I doubt I知 the only one who came to this conclusion. Do you think Enterprise is a sequel-prequel similar to the JJ Abrams universe? Do you think Discovery ( though I知 loathed to say it) is canon to the Star Trek universe based on this divergent timeline?
Cera Mageslayer...with a Stand?
Another D&D character idea: to use a character I'd already established in another campaign, and put them in a different class.  In this case, Cera, a character who is established as a hunter/rogue with a great disdain for magic, finds herself in a new camgain...I mean "world"... as a sorcerer.  Her pet in the last campaign has taken the form of an ethereal companion, and a physical manafestation of her powers.
DnD character art
It's been a while since I've played D&D, and even longer still with everything going on.  Still, this character art is nice.  I typically play one of the Elf ranger/rogue variants, so this Goliath paladin was a bit of a switch up.  It's been a while since I've thought about this character, so her backstory is a bit foggy.  She serves one of the more primal gods, and she was cast out of her clan.


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Chris Craver
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I've been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. I'm a Christian devoted to my faith, and view my art as part of what God made me to be. I love science fiction and fantasy, have a bit of an obsession with the Japanese culture, through extension love anime and martial arts.



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