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For Gtk-3.14.  Available in Green, Blue, NC(grey), Purple, Yellow, and Red; as well as all colors without patterned background(NP). Ten themes in all.
This is my first attempt at creating a flat theme, with patterned background of course. ;-)

Donations are appreciated, Thank You for your support!

  • Green, Blue, NC(gray), Red, Yellow, Purple; and NP(non patterned background) versions in all colors.
  • Gtk2 & Gtk3 themes
  • Metacity Theme
  • Gnome-Shell Theme
  • Cinnamon-Shell Theme 2.4
  • Xfwm4 Theme
  • Google Chrome Theme
  • Openbox-3 Theme
  • Qt4 Theme
  • Firefox Theme Download Firefox theme
  • Icons(sable-ultra-flat-icons, and sable-woken)Sable-icon-pack_1
  • MATE compatibility(no gtk-3.14 requirement)

  • gtk-3.14
  • gnome-themes-standard-3.14
  • pixbuf-engine or the gtk(2)-engines package
  • gtk-engine-murrine

  • Download the Sable-3.14 Theme package from the top of the page.
    unzip the archive, and copy the Sable-3.14 folder to '/usr/share/themes' for system-wide installation, or to '~/.themes' for individual use installation.
  • Arch Linux & Manjaro
    install from the AUR.
    if using yaourt, type in terminal: yaourt -S sable

Sable theme is now available via PPA
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/themes
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sable-gtk

Ubuntu Vivid 15.04
  • To use with Ubuntu you must open 'Sable-*-3.14/gtk-3.0/gtk-contained.css
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the document and uncomment 'ubuntu_styles.css and unity.css'
  • Log out and back in.
  • built from the daily build Feb 18 2015

Ubuntu Software Center
  • Backup the original folder and name it 'software-center-backup':
  • sudo cp -a /usr/share/software-center /usr/share/software-center.backup
  • Install This assumes the Sable-(SomeColor)-3.14 theme is installed to 'usr/share/themes':
  • sudo cp /usr/share/themes/Sable-(SomeColor)-3.14/ubuntu-softwarecenter.css /usr/share/software-center/ui/gtk3/css/softwarecenter.css && sudo cp /usr/share/themes/Sable(SomeColor)-3.14/ubuntu-software-center/stipple.png /usr/share/software-center/ui/gtk3/art/stipple.png
  • Start/Restart Software-Center.
  • To revert changes
  • sudo rm -r /usr/share/software-center && mv /usr/share/software-center.backup /usr/share/software-center

Google Chrome Theme
  • The Chrome theme is located within the theme file.
  • Simply drag and droop onto Google Chrome(Chromium) and choose apply theme.

Firefox Theme
Download Firefox theme

Qt4 Theme (Skype, Clementine, Virtualbox, etc)
  • Install 'kdebase-workspace' (I know it installs lots of KDE stuff, but is necessary.), 'systemsettings'(KDE settings manager), QTCurve(for  Qt4), and Qt4.
  • The Qt4 folders are located within the individual theme folders.
  • Open 'KDE system settings' click on 'application-appearance' then click on 'Style'.
  • For 'widget-style' select "QTCurve" and then click on 'Configure'.
  • In the new window select 'Import' and choose the 'sable-3.14-*-Qtcurve' theme located within the theme folder.
  • select 'OK'.
  • Next, go back and select 'Colors' and 'Import Scheme' choose the 'sable314*.colors file and select it and click 'Apply'.
  • Now you may close 'KDE system settings'.
  • Lastly, open 'qtconfig-qt4'(type in terminal).  In the Appearance tab under 'select GUI style' choose 'QtCurve' and in the menubar choose 'Save'.
  • You may then adjust fonts, etc.  When you are finished save and close 'qtconfig-qt4'.

01-18-2015  First upload
01-19-2015  Fixed entry text, and added Gnome-Shell theme.
01-21-2015  Fixed GDM theme.  Added Xfwm4 Theme and Google Chrome(Chromium) theme.
01-21-2015  Fixed error with Metacity in version 5
01-21-2015  Added Openbox Theme in version 6
01-22-2015  Added Blue version.
01-23-2015  Added Red version.
01-23-2015  Fixed some issues with gnome shell in version 9.
01-24-2015  Added NC(gray) version to package 11. Minor fixes in Gtk2 and Gtk3 for all versions.
01-25-2015  Fixed icons on desktop, so that it shows wallpaper not carbon fiber background.  Metacity theme fixes.
01-26-2015  Added NP(no pattern) versions to all colors, these versions are also dark base colored.
01-26-2015  Changed Chromium themes to match NP(no pattern) themes.
01-29-2015  Added Qt4 style for all themes.
01-30-2015  Added Purple theme version.
01-31-2015  Added Yellow theme version.  Fixed a few errors in Purple version.  Replaced all Qt.color profiles. 
01-31-2015  Version 18 fixes notebooks in sable-yellow.  Minor coloring in gnome-shell fixed for all versions.
01-31-2015 Version 19 fixes qt.colors files, and gtk2 active buttons text color. A few other minor fixes.
02-02-2015 Version 20 fixes unreadable tabs in gtk2.  Fixed gimp scale color now its readable.  Fixed the floating-bar in gtk3.
02-04-2015 Added sable-ultra-flat-icons and sable-woken icon packs.
02-11-2015  Fixed some mixed-up coloring in the Firefox themes.
02-17-2015  Added Ubuntu fixes and Unity to all themes.
02-19-2015  Fixed minor issues with Ubuntu fixes.
02-24-2015  Added Ubuntu dash buttons.
03-04-2015  MATE compatibility added.
03-22-2015  Fixed many errors in Gnome-Shell Theme.
© 2015 - 2021 killhellokitty
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almasebosa's avatar
PPA is not working.
Customs-n-Randomness's avatar
aaawwww.. it uses the adwalt style... i was hoping it wouldnt require the adwalta window manager.... i wanted to use it with the redmond style alongside my Emerald theme. Oh well, at least Emerald works on the MATE version of Ubuntu 16.04 lol.
Customs-n-Randomness's avatar
sooooo... to comment out lines do i just delete the lines or type something into there?
ilnanny's avatar
Awesome! Thanks :D
killhellokitty's avatar
Glad you like it!
ilnanny's avatar
My Pleasure :D
Hi, I am having a problem in libreoffice, the font type and size and other text boxes in the formatting toolbar are not visible, i.e. the text is the same color as the background, the same thing appears in the options window, also I just noticed the same problem in firefox's remember password window. (English is not my native language)
killhellokitty's avatar
I am sorry to hear about your problems with the theme.  I am using Gnome3.18, and cant test a 3.14 theme appropriately.  It will render different for me than it will for you.   You can always read the gtk2 gtkrc and find libreOffice at the very bottom it will tell you what style its using.  Search for the style and see if you can make changes to the .svg files for its entrys.  That should fix the problem.  There is nothing I can do about the firefox issue.  Sorry and good luck.
Long time no see my friend. Any plans to update to gnome 3.8
killhellokitty's avatar
I dont know if i will have the time...Sable is a big project.  Good to hear from you!
zr0gee's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous theme! Thanks for sharing.
Luyomi333's avatar
Very cool theme, but it crashes FreeFileSync, see here:…
because of this line:
style "menu-text"
    engine "murrine"
        text_shade = 0.9
        textstyle = 1
# Text using Murrine-Engine to make it cleaner and clearer(the Mist-Engine also has great text rendering) ##
widget_class "*<GtkMenuItem>*<GtkLabel>"            style "menu-text"

Edit: I am using Debian jessie with some packages from stretch and with xfce.
killhellokitty's avatar
Sorry to hear about your problem.  Comment out those lines to fix it.
mo1000's avatar
So, this skin makes the background of some things gray... Is there any easy way of making that stop?

I want dark backgrounds with white text on skype, for example.
killhellokitty's avatar
Skype is an evil app that refuses to work well in gtk apps, especially dark gtk.  There is no easy way to make it stop, you can try qtconfqt4 to select a qt theme and then set it in KDE appearance settings, It no longer works for me but I'm on gtk-3.16 It should still work with gtk-3.14.  Did you try installing the qt theme that comes with the package?  It worked pretty well in 3.14 for me.
mo1000's avatar
Sorry, let me make myself clear, the theme functions on skype, however,,OoKrCSp

It is the second image in that set... that gray ruins everything and persists through everything.

That is what i wish to repair... everything else with the theme is fine.
killhellokitty's avatar
You will need to open KDE settings manager and choose Qtcurve and select configure.  You will be left with a large aount of color possibilities.   You will just need to look for the offending color or test some of the basics till you get it the way you would like.  I cna't offer more support as this function is no longer available in gtk-3.16.  Good Luck
WegDamit's avatar
works on vivid with gnome 3.16 from ppa.
But still... will there be a update for 3.16?
Soon? Sweating a little... 
killhellokitty's avatar
I don't know yet if I am going to update it to 3.16. 
Thank you so much - fantastic theme!

Any chance you could point me in the direction of the lines I'd need to change to make the text entry boxes light-on-dark? I'm finding the dark-on-light hard to read with my eyes adjusted to a dark theme.
killhellokitty's avatar
Fore warning, the choice to use white entries has been to keep clean compat with Gtk2 and Qt apps.

In Gtk3 in gtk-contained.css change lines 162,and 181.  For Gtk2 all the entries are vector graphics so you will have to change all of them in inkscape. Located in the /entry and /spinnbuttons folders.

I would suggest using Dorian-Theme or Dorian-Theme-Slate instead.

AUR only has Sable & copper. Is this not supported any more?
killhellokitty's avatar
Thanks for pointing that out. It should be fixed now.
Excellent theme, love it! However, I'm having an issue. It shows a kind of 1px white border at the top of maximized windows on Unity/Gnome/Cinnamon and it's really annoying. Anyway I can get rid of that? Thanks!
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