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Dorian-theme-slate-3.18 6 03102016

Dorian-Theme-Slate-3.18 for the Gnome-3.18 desktop. It is also working in Ubuntu Xenial Xerus 16.04.
Icons are Paper.
Donations are appreciated, Thank You for your support!

  • Gtk3 theme with matching Gtk2 theme
  • Metacity-theme
  • Gnome-Shell-Theme
  • Cinnamon-Shell
  • Openbox3-Theme
  • Firefox-Theme
  • Chromium-Theme

  • Gtk-3.18
    • gnome-themes-standard-3.18
    • pixbuf-engine or the gtk(2)-engines package
    • gtk-engine-murrine

    You must go to the Dorian-theme-Slate folder open it and open the gtk-3.0 folder, inside open the 'gtk-contained.css' file with your favorite text editor.  At the bottom of the page locate:  '/*
    import url("unity.css");
    import url("ubuntu_styles.css");
    And replace it with:
    'import url("unity.css");
    import url("ubuntu_styles.css");'
    This will make the necessary chages to the theme for Ubuntu.

Chromium Theme
  • The Chrome theme is located within the theme folders.
  • Simply drag-n-drop the Dorian-Theme-Slate--3.18.crx file onto Chromium to install the theme.

Firefox Theme
  • This is a patch to make Firefox blend with Dorian-Slate.
  • Copy(or symlink) the 'chrome' folder located within the theme folders, to '~/mozilla/firefox/xSomeNumbers.default.
  • Restart Firefox for the changes to take effect.  This depends on the Dorian-Theme-Slate-3.18 theme being in use!
  • To Remove:
  • Simply move the 'chrome' folder to the trash.

02-03-2016  First Upload.
02-06-2016  Fixed Evolution color issue.  Reworked Ubuntu's titlebars.  Not certain if Ubuntu is going to use header-bars or place titlebars on top of them.  For the time being I will leave things as is.
02-23-2016  A few fixes to Gtk3 and Gtk2 as well as fixes to Gnome-Shell.
03-07-2016  Fixed the Ubuntu header/unity bars and a couple other Ubuntu fixes.
03-10-2016  More fixes for Ubuntu.
© 2016 - 2021 killhellokitty
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Hey Josh! I finally installed Ubuntu 16.04LTS ;)
Using this them now and loving it.Well, as much as I can like a flat one :D
Thank you! 
I like this dark blue theme and plan to keep it. My eyes are a little weak so is there a way to make the text lighter (white instead of gray), like on this image? Thanx!…
Hey, beautiful theme! Been using it for a while now.

Just a heads up - I updated the theme recently, and found out that the message list in Evolution email client text color was black, instead of white that it used to be. That made it a bit difficult for me to read, so I changed line 6346 in gtk-contained.css to '@define-color theme_text_color #93a1a1;'

Thanks for sharing a really amazing theme!
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Thanks!  Smart fix.
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Great theme, the only problem I had was with QT apps, background was white.
Tracked down the problem and the problem was in gtk-2.0/gtkrc file.

base[NORMAL]     = "#ededed

should be :

base[NORMAL]     = bg_color

QT apps looked perfect after that change.

Keep up the good work !
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Thank you for finding that little gem for us.  I will add it to the theme for the next update.
Thank you very much my friend!
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I'm not much on the popular flat look, but you've done a great job with this one. Excellent! If I may ask, what conky is that in the screenshot?
killhellokitty's avatar
Thank you, I don't like them to flat either.  The conky is 'Conky-eOS'.  I've made a few adjustments to it and you can download it here:…; Be aware the contents are 'dot' folders.
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Oh Oh! I get a 400 Error with that Dropbox link.
bmac6446's avatar
Forget it. I got it to work by editing off the last two characters. Thanks again!
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Sorry about those last 2 characters.  Glad to hear you got it.  My pleasure.
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this is a nice sleek theme, works well on GNOME 3:18 - it's hard to find good dark themes. You've gone a bit flatter without going too far :)
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Thank you!  I like hearing that I achieved my goal.
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