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Daily Deviation
March 24, 2013
Featured by neiio
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Dorian-theme ~ A Darkly Elegant Theme

Dorian has many of its own unique characteristics. To name a couple, hovered buttons grow in size, and insensitive buttons/widgets have a diagonal pattern distinguishing them from normal or active states.
Dorian's appearance is consistent between Gtk2 and Gtk3. Gtk2 uses the pixmap-engine** to resemble Gtk3 as closely as possible.

Icons - Clarity-canus, Wallpaper(Inset) - Black(20) by no-credit, Wallpaper(Outset) - DeLoreanWall by killhellokitty

  • Gtk2 Theme
  • Gtk3 Theme
  • Metacity Themes - Basic and Retro: Left and Right
  • Openbox Themes - Default(retro-box) and Dorian-Neon *NEW*
  • Ubuntu Software-Center Theme
  • Chromium Browser Themes - Dorian and Dorian-Simple
  • Firefox Browser Theme
  • More to come...

  • Gtk3.6* works with Gtk3.8(with a few very minor image irregularities to be fixed soon)
  • gtk-engine-murrine- newer)
  • pixbuf-engine or the gtk(2)-engines package***
  • gnome-themes-standard-3.6 *(provides the 'adwaita' engine)
  • !important! Gtk-2.24.14 or lower must be installed! A bug in Gtk-2.24.15 & Gtk-2.24.16 breaks the entry widgets.(Bugzilla-Bug 695003) Arch Linux users should downgrade from the current version.

  • Ubuntu, Linux Mint, & Ubuntu derivatives:
  • 12.10 Quantal, 13.04 Raring, and 13.10 Saucy
    Add this PPA,
    copy and paste the following in a terminal:
      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:killhellokitty/themes.ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install dorian-theme
  • Arch Linux
    Install from AUR
    yaourt -S dorian-theme
  • ALL other distributions
  • should download Dorian-Theme from the top of this page. Unzip the archive, and copy the following three folders; dorian-theme, dorian-retro-left-metacity and dorian-retro-right-metacity to /usr/share/themes/ *This theme can not be installed in ~/.themes. It will not work properly when installed within this directory!

Ubuntu Software-Center Theme Installation:
  • Backup the original folder and name it "software-center.backup":
      sudo cp /usr/share/software-center /usr/share/software-center.backup
  • Install the Dorian software-center theme (This assumes the Dorian-Theme is installed to the recomended location 'usr/share/themes/'):
      sudo cp /usr/share/themes/dorian-theme/ubuntu-software-center/softwarecenter.css /usr/share/software-center/ui/gtk3/css/softwarecenter.css && sudo cp /usr/share/themes/dorian-theme/ubuntu-software-center/stipple.png /usr/share/software-center/ui/gtk3/art/stipple.png
  • Start/Restart the Ubuntu Software-Center.
  • To revert the changes:
      sudo rm -r /usr/share/software-center && mv /usr/share/software-center.backup /usr/share/software-center

Xfce & LXDE Panel Installation:
  • The panel image file is located at:

Chromium Browser Theme Installation:
  • The theme file(.crx) is located at:
  • Open Chromium browser, go the the menu and scroll down to Tools. In the sub-menu select Extensions.
  • Drag and Drop the Dorian.crx file onto the Extensions Page.

Firefox Browser Theme Installation:
  • This entire theme is build using the UserChrome.css and UserContent.css.
    It is located in the 'chrome' folder within:
  • *If you previously made changes to either your userChrome.css or userContent.css, back theme up now.
  • Copy the 'chrome' folder (containing the userChrome, userContent, and images folder) into your Firefox User Profile: '~/.mozilla/firefox/userprofile/chrome/'
    *** Where 'userprofile' is XsomeNumbers.default folder.

  • <li>Alternately Create a new User-Profile specifically for the Dorian-Theme.
    To open the Profile-Manager for Firefox:
    *Important: Before you can start the Profile Manager, Firefox must be completely closed.
    In Terminal or using Alt/F2 (run-dialog) type: firefox -P
    More information on creating and utilizing User-Profiles in Firefox may be found Here

02-15-2013 The first publishing of the completed(not finished) theme (gtk2 & gtk3).
02-16-2013 Ubuntu Software-Center theme added. Text shadow in gtk2 fixed.
02-19-2013 Metacity 2 & 3 themes added.
02-26-2013 Metacity added a second theme: Retro(left and right).
02-27-2013 Metacity, fixed bugs in Retro theme.
03-08-2013 Xfce/LXDE Panel themed.
03-24-2013 Selected Entry Text changed to white. Chromium Theme added.
04-06-2013 Firefox-Theme added to package.
04-24-2013 Scrollbar and Scroll-Sliders reworked to be clearly visible. Chromium, second theme added.
07-12-2013 Openbox Themes added, a default(retro-box) and neon.
09-03-2013 Firefox Theme fixed issue with gray bar displaying across web-pages, ie: youtube
04-23-2014 Firefox Theme fixed issue with only tab bar, and changed the app-menu button to match the new-tab button.

Share your thoughts, ideas, and bugs/bug-fixes.
Your feedback is important!

*gtk3.6 is required for gtk3 applications(Gnome3 apps). If using Gnome, the corresponding version is necessary (Gnome3.6).
**gtk2 is entirely drawn with pixmaps-engine using image files, in this case predominately vector. Pixmap-engine is know to draw windows slower than other(murrine,clearlooks,etc...) engines; therefore the gtk2 portion of this theme renders in roughly twice the time as other non-pixmap-engine themes. This is not a problem or concern, Dorian's gtk2 draws its windows very fast, just not as fast as other theme engines.
***gtk2 is drawn with vector graphics(svg). Most distributions include libsvg(or equivalent) by default.

license GPLv3
© 2013 - 2021 killhellokitty
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vnON's avatar
Hello again, what about a step forward - get rid of PPA - to have this great theme in official Ubuntu/Debian repository?
vnON's avatar
Man, this theme is GREAT - one of the best dark themes, I use it on every PC. And I want this theme was included in the Ubuntu/Xubuntu by default because now this distribs not have out of the box ANY dark theme. Are you agree? I can write to the bug-trackers of this distribs, but if you agree you must set the correct license for your work - and please publish it to the

I am waiting for your response, please email me to

P.S.: Sorry I am again about Dorian 3.10 :)
killhellokitty's avatar
I truly appreciate your enthusiasm for 'Dorian'.  I don't believe that Ubuntu wants any theme included out of the box, other than their own.  I'm fine with that.  I have noticed that there are fewer and fewer people downloading Dark themes in general, I believe it is the current style to use flat light themes.  Not so much my thing.  In the future all new themes I will upload to GitHub.  And my license is GPL.  Thank you for your enthusiasm and It makes me feel great to know you enjoy my themes so much.  I wish you all the best.
vnON's avatar
How can I change the color of active/inactive tab?
killhellokitty's avatar
open the 'gtk-widgets.css' and go to line # 2647 this is your inactive tab.  Change the 'background-color: the whatever you like.
Next go to line # 2668 this is the active tab.  Change the 'background-color:' to your liking. also do this for line # 2696.  Then tab left, tab right , and tab bottom will follow suit.

Also it will ask for the 'adwaita-border-gradient' you may need to change this border color to match your new tabs.

Good Luck,
Hi, I really like this theme.
I am having an annoying issue with NetBeans (the program I work with most of the time): I cannot easily see the active tab. Is there any way I can change the font color to be black and the background to be very light just in the active tab?
killhellokitty's avatar
try setting qtconfigqt4 to qtcurve theme and go into kdesettings appearance and choose qtcurve. lyou should be able to style the qt theme from there.  Qt apps are kinda difficult.  You must set them through kdesettings.  I hope this helps.
Jaysee009's avatar
using this theme
t0m5k1's avatar
still loving this theme, all others fail to compare.
Thanks for continued updates & work :)
vnON's avatar
Why you not add Chrome-theme to Chrome Web Store?
killhellokitty's avatar
I don't use it because it still requires the Dorian theme to look right.
vnON's avatar
Ubuntu 14.04: At Dorian 3.10 I see difference between selected and unselected tab, but in 3.12 they are the same. And please - can you write current version at this page? And of course again and again thank you for this themes - it is not just 'theme' for me - dark color help my eyes :)
killhellokitty's avatar
This is for Gtk3.6, you should be using either the Gtk3.10 or 3.12 versions found here: or
And me too, dark color helps my eyes alot.
First off great theme.
I came across a insignificant error in Firefox/chrome/userContent.css, line 134 reads 'background: 3a3a3a!important;' change to 'background: #3a3a3a!important;' to fix unintended white text box on about:home.

Thanks for your work.
killhellokitty's avatar
This theme version is to old for me to do anything about it now.  But thank you for listing the fix here for others who might be having the same problem.
vnON's avatar
This theme must be preinstalled at *ubuntu. Maybe you can open ticket for this at Launchpad? Please :)

You are the best.
killhellokitty's avatar
Your are awesome!  Thanks!  I wouldn't even know how to do that. 
Inoki-Sakaeru's avatar
Seriously the best dark theme.
Y-N-1-F's avatar
Awesome Meter:

Sucks.Not Awesome._________________________________________OMG! Frakking Awesome!
Y-N-1-F's avatar
<font><font>This didn't print right----It's awesome!</font></font>
vazzar's avatar
some issues in xfce with skype, in settings, the checkboxes and bullets are missing can't see what is checked and what is not.
also notification text should be white, not black... very hard to read

Can you check? May be something wrong on my end...

using Arch
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