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Delorean-dark-unity-3.18 7 01242015

DeLorean-Dark for the Unity Desktop.

This is a completely gray-scale theme.
This theme is still in development.  Changes may happen swiftly.  Please keep your version up to date with the latest DeLorean-Dark.

*Note  This theme is designed for Unity with gtk-3.18 (gnome3 PPA), but has added backward compatibility for Unity with gtk-3.16.  If you are using Ubuntu Gnome, Cinnamon, or Xfce Desktops you should refer to the default theme:

Donations are appreciated, Thank You for your support!

  • Gtk3 theme with matching Gtk2 theme
  • Root-Theme
  • Metacity Theme
  • Ubuntu-Software-Center-Theme
  • Firefox-Theme
  • Chromium-Theme

  • Gtk-3.18 or 3.16
    • gnome-themes-standard-3.18/3.16
    • pixbuf-engine or the gtk(2)-engines package
    • gtk-engine-murrine


  • Method 1
  • Step 1 create symlinks in /root.themes to the global(/usr/share/themes).  Make /root/.themes folder if it doesn't already exist:
    sudo mkdir /root/.themes
    sudo ln -s -t /root/.themes /usr/share/themes/*
  • Step 2 Rename the theme in /root/.themes to exactly the same name as the one from ~/.themes that you're currently using.
  • Method 2
  • Instead of placing the theme in /usr/share/themes, simply place the root theme in /root/.themes, and the themes in ~/.themes.  Then follow Step 2.
  • How to from: by HEXcube at…

Changing Title Bars to Metalic finish
  • Inside the DeLorean-Dark-Unity-3.18 theme folder locate the gtk-3.0 folder and open, next in your favorite text editor open 'gtk-contained.css'.
  • Go to line #8817 and uncomment(remove */, and trailing /*) do the same on line # 8834.  This will overide the glass title bars and replace them with the metalic.
  • Save your changes and reload the theme for the changes to take effect.

  • For Root theme open the DeLorean-Dark-Unity-3.18 theme folder, locate the Root folder(if you have installed the root theme to /root/.themes then start from there) and open, next open the DeLorean-Dark-Unity-3.18 folder and in your favorite text-editor open 'gtk-contained.css'
  • Go to line #8817 and uncomment(remove */, and trailing /*) do the same on line # 8834.  This will overide the glass title bars and replace them with the metalic.
  • Save your changes and reload the theme for the changes to take effect.

Ubuntu Software-Center
  • Backup the original folder and name it 'software-center-backup'
  • sudo cp -a /usr/share/software-center /usr/share/software-center.backup
  • Install This assumes that the delorean-dark-unity-3.18is installed to /usr/share/themes:
  • sudo cp /usr/share/themes/delorean-dark-unity-3.18/ubuntu-software-center/softwarecenter.css /usr/share/software-center/ui/gtk3/css/softwarecenter.css && sudo cp /usr/share/themes/delorean-dark-unity-3.18/ubuntu-software-center/stipple.png /usr/share/software-center/ui/gtk3/art/stipple.png
  • Start/Restart software-center
  • To Revert Changes
  • sudo rm -r /usr/share/software-center && mv /usr/share/software-center.backup /usr/share/software-center

Chromium Theme
  • The Chrome theme is located within the theme folders.
  • Simply drag-n-drop the Delorean-Dark-3.18.crx file onto Chromium to install the theme. (You will find this necessary when using this theme).

Firefox Theme
  • This is a patch to make Firefox blend with DeLorean.
  • Copy(or symlink) the 'chrome' folder located within the theme folders, to '~/mozilla/firefox/xSomeNumbers.default.
  • Restart Firefox for the changes to take effect.  This depends on the DeLorean-Dark-3.18 theme being in use!
  • To Remove:
  • Simply move the 'chrome' folder to the trash.

11-12-2015  First Upload.
11-14-2015  Root theme added to package.
11-14-2015  Metacity theme added.
11-15-2015  Fixed force Quit buttons, and added option to replace glass title bars with metalic title bars.
12-11-2015  Reworked the Unity Launcher thanks to HEXCube!
01-24-2015  Fixes for Chrome and Firefox thanks to aauzi!

© 2015 - 2021 killhellokitty
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HEXcube's avatar
Tested on Ubuntu 15.10 Unity 7.3 with GTK 3.16. Delorean Dark's one of my favourite dark themes since Ubuntu 12.04LTS with GTK 3.4. So, as a longtime user I'd say the theme has improved a lot while still retaining the dark brushed metal look and feel! Love Compared to Candra (Unity version), the launcher icon glows are now fixed! However, the Force Quit Dialog's close buttons still have broken symlinks. And about the window decorations, their transparent glassy look doesn't seem to match the rest of the brushed metal theme.

Since Ubuntu Software Center fixed the dark theme bug in Ubuntu 15.10 and added support for Adwaita Dark, I think it doesn't need to be separately themed. Anyway, since Ubuntu 16.04LTS's dropped Software Center for Gnome Software it doesn't really matter!:happy:
killhellokitty's avatar
I'll fix the broken syblinks to Force Quit Dialog.  I was retaining the glassy look from the regular themes header-bars.  I can offer both glass and metal as an option, that will not be a problem.  Software Center I am not concerned about either.  I know its days are over in the next version.  But for the time being the one I have looks better than if you didn't install it.  I'm still new to the launcher thing it will take a few tries to get the feel for it.
Thank you for your compliments on the theme.  You are absolutely correct, it has come a long way.
HEXcube's avatar
Thanx 4 the update! Love I tested the new version 5 and found it to work quite well. The Force Quit Window button is now fixed and the option for metal window decorations works fine.

But, I have a doubt: How are u able to support both GTK3.18 and GTK3.16 at the same time? :o (Eek) Doesn't GTK break the theming API on every new version? Does this mean this theme'll work on GTK3.18 powered Ubuntu 16.04LTS "Xenial Xerus" too when it's released in 2016?
killhellokitty's avatar
I'm glad to hear the fixes worked. Whew!
I am supporting both 3.16 and 3.18 by adding into the 3.18 theme some specific 3.16 theming that is no longer used in 3.18.  In other words 3.16 sees  the css specific to it and uses the 3.18 theming for the rest.  3.18 does not use or even see the 3.16 specific css and ignores it completely.  I hope I am making myself clear its confusing me just writing it. ;-)
HEXcube's avatar
K.. I get it now! 😊 So, are you gonna update this theme for 16.04LTS when it's out next year? It's supposed to have some GTK3.20 apps too! So, will it be possible to support 3.16, 3.18 and 3.20 all in one theme? 😮
killhellokitty's avatar
That I doubt.   3.20 will probably need its own css, it really depends on how much change they make to gtk.  We will see.
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