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A near seamless Eclipse Theme for DeLorean-Dark-Themes-3.8.


  • Download and unzip. You will find DeLorean-Dark-3.8*.jar and and 'images' folder.

  • Copy DeLorean-Dark-3.8*.jar into '/usr/share/eclipse/dropins/'

  • Copy the 4 png's inside the 'images' folder to '/usr/share/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.platform_4.*.*vsome-numbers/images' (For Example: org.eclipse.platform_4.2.1.v201209141800/images)

  • The numbering of the 'org.eclipse.platform_4*' file may be different than the above example and will likely change with an update. In which case you will need to paste the png images again into the LATEST 'org.eclipes.platform_4*/images' folder.

This theme plugin is my first built with Eclipse. hurray :-)
I wish to thank Jeeeyul for his amazing Chrome Themes, Guari for his MoonRise UI Theme, and Rogerdudler/Fsteeg for their Dark Juno theme without all of whom this theme would not have been possible.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have

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This no longer works on latest version of Eclipse (4.3 Kepler SR1 64bit) on Ubuntu 13.10 64bit. When trying to select the theme in "Appearance" it just freezes eclipse completely.
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Sorry to here it.  I'm sure its due to version.  I built this on 4.2.  Thanks for letting others know about the incompatibility with 4.3.
Just in case you are wondering, I have no intention of updating this or creating another Eclipse theme.  I simply don't have the time.
Thanks again.
Errors out when I try to use the Chrome Theme by Jeeeyul. :-( ADT seems to have updated, and indirectly broke this app's ability inside Eclipse.
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I read your message on the other delorean eclipse package. 
Unfortunately I am unable to be of assistance.  I would wait for Jeeeyul's theme to be fixed in regards to the android update that may be the cause of the problem.  Or if possible downgrade the android plug-in until it is fixed.  It would be good to know when this issue is resolved, please keep us in the loop if you can.
Hello, I have followed the directions, however I see no effect on eclipse. I have tried default theme the chrome theme and changing chromes settings, but it has no effect.
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Im not well versed in using eclipse.  Therefore I am unable to troubleshoot for you.  My advice is to google to chrome-themes and how to install them.  After getting them installed return to delorean.  If you can get the chrome themes installed and working; you can get delorean installed and working.
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The latest version of the DeLorean-Dark-themes-3.8 improves the appearance of this theme.  It won't be available untill sometime within the next 48hrs.  (today is 8-1-2013).
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