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Metalic and carbon-fiber styled theme for Gtk2 & Gtk3 for Gnome 3.2

I am in the process of revamping this theme for Gnome 3.4(as of july 13 2012). It should be posted in a couple weeks.

The theme still requires some polishing. Gtk2 matches as closely as possible. Gtk3 is more refined.

Theme Includes:
  • Gtk2 & Gtk3 Themes

  • Metacity 1, 2, & 3 Themes (Mutter)

  • Gnome-Shell & MGSE Theme

  • Cinnamon Theme for 1.2 or newer

  • GDM Theme

  • Unity Theme (Ubuntu)

  • Xfwm4 Theme

  • Emerald Themes

  • Openbox Theme

I have included 2 options for the Xfce-Panel/LxPanel/Gnome-2-Panel. I recommend manually selecting the panel image from within the Panel Preferences Window (They look much better when you manually select them). The images are located within the DeLorean_Noir folder as either panel-bg.png or panel-carbon.png.

This theme is written with the intent that the user change the "selected_bg_color" of both gtk2 and gtk3 to a color of their choosing.

A burnt-Orange or warning-sign-yellow look great with this theme. Of course blues and greens...most any color. Pastels aren't recommended nor are black or white. The theme currently has an "Blue-Zodiac" hex#0E2B4C as the default "selected_bg_color".

For Install information and requirements, please read: Installation Info Link
* I strongly recommend removing the old DeLorean_Noir folder from your system before installing an updated version.
**After selecting this theme you should log out and back in for it to render properly.

* Do not install on Xfce4 Desktop. The Gtkrc produces an issue with Xfce. As a result Xfce hangs on login.

  • Entry in Gtk2&3
  • ComboEntry/Button in Gtk2&3
  • SpinnButton/Entry in Gtk2 Gtk3
  • ProgressBar in Gtk2&3
  • Radio/Check Text normal hover selected active in Gtk2 and Gtk3 to match.
  • Frame (currently black frame-exp. GDM after Grub uses Gtk3 and has ugly black Frames around windows). in Gtk3.
  • Tabs on Notebook in Gtk2.
  • Menus color in Gtk2 & Gtk3
  • Buttons in Gtk3 need to match Gtk2 more closely
  • need to be imporved. It should only ask for monitor screen width once,and then build the .png files.
  • MGSE Menu should match the Cinnamon Menu
  • Buttons Pressed in Gtk3 need highlight changed from left side to RIGHT.
  • Icons for ToolBars need to be created and added to Gtk2&3 for consistency in appearance.
  • Folder Icons to match theme need to be found or created
  • Slider/Range and Trough in Gtk3 need to be changed to match Gtk2,
  • Emerald themes, I am not happy with the carbon buttons on the active window. Id like to change them all to the steel buttons.
  • Xfwm4 theme needs close/max/min button images.
  • Gnome-Shell music-player-extension stop/pause/play/ff/rw buttons need to match the music-player-extension buttons in Cinnamon theme.
  • ToolBar image needs to added to the it needs to be screen width Divided by 2.

This theme will have 3 different backgrounds in the near future. The first is the current Steel background, the second will be Chrome, and the third will be Gun-Metal. Currently only the Steel is in this theme.

This theme was inspired by my first stereo system back in the 1980's. With added styling ideas from the Bvlgari octo bi-retro.steelceramic watch.

  1. Check/Radio text 'normal' is the same color as 'Viewport' leaving it unreadable unless hovered over. exp: vlc-preferences ...not sure if its due to the vlc and smplayer...not bieng written in gtk.

  2. Gimp 'Spin-Buttons' are drawn strangely in child windows. ie... black buttons are drawn and both buttons have DOWN arrows. (I have no idea how that can even be possible...gtk2 is soooo messy).

  3. Xfce: It seems to take an awful long time for Xfce to start after login. I can only guess that it is caused by this theme somehow. If anyone can give me feedback...I need to know if this is an issue with XFCE-Desktop. I don't have similar issues with Gnome or Openbox.I have fixed the Xfce problem with hanging on login.

    *1/1/2012 Vers 1.1.6-Beta
    I fixed both the Xfce-Panel and Unity-Panel. Both are now carbon-fiber instead of steel. I also fixed the installer script. I had the previous script looking in the wrong location for the 'base.png' image. The metallic background should now be coped correctly for individual screen dimensions.
    *1/1/2012 Vers 1.1.7-Beta
    I had to revert a few changes I had made earlier to the Panel. They were over-riding the appearance of several apps including Ubuntu-One. I will fiddle with the Panel again over the next few days and see if i can't come up with a solution that makes the changes to the Panel without compromising the look of other apps.
    *1/7/2012 Vers 1.1.8-Beta
    I fixed the Xfce-Panel. (I'm not happy with the panel buttons on LxPanel.) The panel overriding other apps appearance issue is resolved. I rebuilt the panel buttons for xfce-panel. I have 2 image options for the panel, either a default Steel or an optional Carbon. Fixed an error within the script. I think I am going to re-work the theme Buttons...just not happy with them.
    *1/10/2012 Vers 1.1.9-Beta
    I am happy with LxPanel when using the alternate carbon-panel image. New Buttons, they match the gtk3 buttons and prelight with mouse over to the 'selected_bg_color'. I reduced the overall package size. Next I intend to rework the combo-entry entry and spinbuttons.
    *1/11/2012 Vers 1.2.0-Beta
    I have finished the Emerald Theme. I am happy with it. It can be seen in the screen-shot at the top of this page.
    *1/12/2012 Vers 1.2.1-Beta script is fixed. I wish somebody had told me the script wasn't working. I tried it on a different computer and it installs fine now.
    I reworked the Emerald Theme, cleaned it up some and refined it. I have included a second Emerald Theme 'DeLorean_Noir_Ubuntu_with_Unity' with a different metal pattern since Unity doesn't have a menu bar in windows. I had to do this so the image would appear seamless.
    *1/13/2012 Vers 1.2.3-Beta
    I corrected another error within the script (with the Unity Panel). I have tested it many times, and all seems to be working just fine.
    I rebuilt the Metacity Theme it is working. There is one issue with it tho...(after you have selected it in 'Tweak Tool') you may have to open the Metacity-1 folder (AFTER it has been installed and you have logged OUT and logged back IN) and delete the both the metacity-theme-2.xml & metacity-theme-3.xml files. If they are generated. Then, Log out and back in again and it should be working.
    ***Do Not Remove Any Files! This work around is no longer necessary.
    *1/14/2012 Vers 1.2.4-Beta
    Fixed a bug in the script, it wasn't building the Menu-Bar.
    Fixed a bug with the gtk2 buttons.
    *1/14/2012 Vers 1.2.5-Beta
    Reworked Metacity. I have made many changes to its appearance including: Dialog Boxes, Model-Dialog, Borderless-Windows, Attached-Windows. It is no longer necessary to remove any files from the metacity-1 folder. Metacity works right after install. No need to Log-out and Log-in.
    * Do Not Remove: Metacity-theme-2.xml, or Metacity-theme-3.xml!
    *1/15/2012 Vers 1.2.6-Beta
    Metacity Theme has been re-written with the addition of versions 2 & 3. That means all Metacitys "bells and whistles" including those implemented for for the latest Metacity-version-3.*(Mutter) are themed and working.
    Those include: maximize-window, left & right tiled, and attached.
    I intend on improving the unfocused window buttons, soon.
    *1/16/2012 Vers 1.2.7-Beta
    Metacity Buttons improved. I have added buttons for unfocused windows and made the appropriate changes to the metacity-theme-2.xml and metacity-theme-3.xml. For some reason Metacity in Ubuntu doesnt acknowledge these changes. It may be due to Compiz...?
    *1/16/2012 Vers 1.2.7b-Beta
    Made the before mentioned changes to the metacity-theme-1.xml. I havent checked to see if the unfocused window buttons are drawn in Ubuntu now. I am hoping.
    *1/17/2012 Vers 1.2.8-Beta
    Emerald Themes re-designed. They needed more depth. On to the xfwm4 theme next.
    *1/20/2012 Vers 1.2.9-Beta
    Xfce problem with hanging on login is fixed. Xfce doesn't like to scale large images for the GtkWidget(background), I had to change the to scale down the images to a third or less of the actual monitor size. That fixed the issue. Xfce works fine now.
    Metacity is working properly. I didn't place the corrected/working metacity-theme-1,2,& 3 files in the previous packages. Some how i missed it. Sorry about the mixup.
    *1/21/2012 Vers 1.3.0-Beta
    This package has been a clean-up. I reduced the size of the package by 1mb. I have removed excess image files...and cleaned up the Gtk2 rc's.
    I Polished the Xfwm4 Theme a bit.
    *1/24/2012 Vers 1.3.1-Beta
    Gnome-Shell & MGSE(cinnamon) Theme have been added to the Theme package. I still have a bit of polishing to do on the gnome-shell. Im very happy with it. Its been themed with compatability with the MGSE bottom bar. I will include a seperate Cinnamon Theme soon.
    This was a mile stone. I need to work on the Entry and SpinnButtons on Gtk2 and I will be ready to take it out of beta.
    I will probably have to make a seperate theme package for Xfce because gnome doest scale the background image larger. I dont like the seems it produces. Look for a seperate Xfce Theme Package.
    *1/25/2012 Vers 1.3.2-Beta
    Reworked the Window-List Buttons on the bottom MGSE panel. Now they match the gtk2 panel buttons.
    I have done a lot of polishing of the Gnome-Shell Theme.
    I finished the GDM3 Theme, but I haven't been able to test it yet(I have lightDM and SLIM on my system).
    *1/27/2012 Vers 1.3.3-Beta
    Rebuilt the bottom panel buttons for MGSE in SVG. They look 100% better!
    Gnome-Shell, changed the box-shadows and Text shadows. A few minor changes.
    GDM, newly themed.
    Fixed the background image scaling issue. I won't need a seperate xfce-package. No more seems ...whew@#^$!
    *1/28/2012 Vers 1.3.4-Beta
    Cinnamon Theme finnished today.
    Side note, Cinnamon doesnt display the window border theme (metacity theme). All I get is a black version af the Adwaita Metacity theme.
    *1/29/2012 Vers 1.3.5-Beta script improved. It only asks to check monitor dimensions and asks once for the Width. *Thanks to Trilby on the ArchLinux Forums for the help with the script.
    *1/31/2012 Vers 1.3.6-Beta script, improved script performance and Imagemagick useage. Thanks to "fmw42" on the Imagemagick-forums.
    Entry/ComboEntry change for better usability. In Gtk2 Im still not happy with them...Gtk2 is very difficult to work with, especially with Entry-widget when the GtkWindow is an image file.
    Entry-widget in Gtk3 I am happy with. It more closely matches entry-widget in Gnome-Shell Theme.
    SpinnButtons-I started with Gtk2...(sidenote...I really dont like themeing sckz).
    *2/02/2012 Vers 1.3.7-Beta
    Gnome-Shell & Cinnamon, changed the "dash/dock" in both overview and menu. Both themes match oneanother. Made many small changes to Shell theme.
    *2/18/2012 Vers 1.3.8-Beta
    fixed Gtk3 buttons and progressbar
    *2/19/2012 Vers 1.3.9-Beta
    Changed the active/pressed button in Gnome-Shell/Cinnamon to an inset button.
    Fixed the hover text in Gnome-Shell.
    Fixed the GMSE/Cinnamon Menu. The menu items when hovered no longer bounce around.
    *2/21/2012 Vers 1.4.0-Beta
    Cinnamon Theme changed for version 1.3. Changed hover on favs in menu and app menu entries. Fixed hover on Panel items and text. And a few other minor changes.
    MGSE theme changed to match Cinnamon Theme.
    *2/24/2012 Vers 1.4.1-Beta
    Gnome-Shell/MGSE/Cinnamon(cinnamon.css has these button classes, but doesn't apear to use them. At least not yet.) new buttons for model-dialog, and hot-plug-eject, hot-plug-notification. Im very happy with these button changes. :-)
    Gtk2 fixed the radio/check-button text color issue.
    Gtk3 changed the radio/check-buttons they more closely match gtk2 now. Im very happy with them as well.
    *2/25/2012 Vers 1.4.2-Beta
    Gtk3 reworked the Entry.
    *2/26/2012 Vers 1.4.3-Beta
    Gtk3, finished redesigning the entry widgets. Changes include NautilusSearchEntry, RhythmboxSearchEntry, and ToolbarEntry. I am very happy with these changes. Therefore Gtk3 Entry is finished.
    *2/27/2012 Vers 1.4.4-Beta
    Cinnamon updated for vers 1.3.1. Fixed the lag when hovering in the menu. Changed volume-popup. Fixed an issue with text bouncing while hovering in popup menu. Added the vers 1.3.1 Panel Drag n Drop color Highlighting.
    Gnome-Shell/MGSE, also fixed the lag when hovering in the menu. Changed volume-popup. Fixed an issue with text bouncing while hovering in popup menu. And a few other minor fixes.
    Gtk3 spinbuttons changed their appearance.
    Gtk2 fixed Gimp BG/FG selector.
    *2/28/2012 Vers 1.4.5-Beta
    Gtk3, fixed entry and radio/check in apps like cinnamon-settings. Changed scrolled-window. Various changes to Gedit. Fixed the search icon in entrys color. And many small changes within Gtk3.
    *2/29/2012 Vers 1.4.6-Beta
    Gtk3, changed menu color to black.
    Redesigned IconView Selected.
    Worked on Tabs gave them 3 demensions.
    *3/07/2012 Vers 1.4.7-Beta
    Redesigned the ToolBar in both Gtk2 & Gtk3. I was going to use a bright/flashy carbon-fiber image, but decided against it, and went back to this dark/muted carbon-fiber. I guess it really looks more like textured rubber. Oh well.
    Changed toolbarButtons Gtk3.
    I changed the default "selected_bg_color" to Blue. I needed a change.
    *3/09/2012 Vers 1.4.8-Beta
    Minor fixes in Gtk3: The Primary-toolbar-button highlights have be changed. Toolbar-raised-button:hover has been changed to match primary-toolbar-buttons:hover. Changed the statusbar text and text shadow.
    *3/10/2012 Vers 1.4.9-Beta
    Fixed slider-button now gkt2 and gtk3 sliderbuttons match.
    Improved the check/radio text, active, normal, hover in Gtk3.
    Added transition times to primarytoolbar buttons.

    *3/12/2012 Vers 1.5.0
    I feel the theme is stable enough to be taken out of beta.
    Changed spinnbuttons/entry/comboentry/menu/progressbar in Gtk2. The comboentry button in gtk2 still needs to be fixed.
    *3/16/2012 Vers 1.5.1
    Cinamon-1.4.1 compatible.
    Many, far to numerous to list...fixes and changes to Cinnamon. From new Dash to Window-List-Buttons. Much improved. I have yet to apply the similar changes to Gnome-Shell.
    *3/17/2012 Vers 1.5.2
    Finished the revamp of Cinnamon. Many fixes and changes, including the Dialog-Boxes are steel.
    *3/18/2012 Vers 1.5.3
    Cinnamon, fixed: volume-slider, popup-submenu-menu-item:open, dialog unfocused-entry, favorites-button border, lightened the Window-list-item box, and made some improvements to LookingGlass.
    Gnome-Shell/MGSE: Completely revamped the theme. Numerous fixes, and changes. I am about 2/3rds of the way finished with the shell-theme.
    *3/19/2012 Vers 1.5.4
    Gnome-Shell/MGSE: many new misc. changes most notably the new Notification System. Still more to come.
    *3/20/2012 Vers 1.5.5
    Cinnamon: Fixed the jumpy menu box. Fixed Dialog-boxes text shadows. and a few other polishings.
    Gnome-Shell/MGSE: Finished the Notification-Hot_Plug box, Cleaned up the MGSE bottom panel. Many misc fixes and polishes.
    *3/21/2012 Vers 1.5.6
    Gnome-Shell/MGSE: gnome-shell-musicplayer-extension is now themed. Added a message-notification button. Redesigned the window-list-buttons on MGSE. And cleaned up some gnome-shell odds n ends.
    *3/26/2012 Vers 1.5.7
    Gnome-Shell: mostly reworked the top panel(gnome-shell-panel) added the brushed metal to the right and left side, and indented the center panel.
    MGSE: new Menu and Notification buttons. fixed the padding alignment issues with the bottom panel.
    Still have an issue with the overview icon alignment being different on LinuxMint then on other distros using MGSE. I should have it fixed with the next update.

  • Ubuntu-11.10 Oneiric:

  • Arch Linux:
    Gnome3/Gnome-Shell & MGSE

  • Linux-Mint 12 Lisa:
    Gnome3/Gnome-Shell & MGSE

***I need your feedback to help me fix bugs, issues, and problems with this theme***

If you chose to install this theme, PLEASE take a moment and provide me with feedback, be it positive or negative. Just as long as it is constructive.
Thanks for helping to improve this, the DeLorean_Noir Theme!
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While the theme doesn't work anymore, these are probably the best panel buttons I've seen on Cinnamon. I've been experimenting with adding them to different themes. Not that I'd post them online or try to claim credit for them though, I'm just doing it for myself as a hobby. Thanks!