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DeLorean-Dark Thunderbird-Theme 1.10

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DeLorean-Dark-Theme for Thunderbird 15+
Themed for Thunderbird, Lightning, & Enigmail

This theme is different from others.
Due to the rapid changes to Thunderbird's CSS that occurs for each and every version update. I decided instead of creating a theme that will have to be updated for every new version of Thunderbird, I would create a userChrome.css file that contains all the theming within it. The main advantage is that updates to Thunderbird's CSS code will not break this theme because it is simply a layer drawn on top of the default Thunderbird theme . The code is easy to view and change. The theme does not rely upon some Third-Party for an Ad-On. And the ability to make adjustments is simple for either accessability, or just preference.

The theming in the included userChrome.css is intended to be applied to Thunderbird using its Default-theme while the DeLorean-Dark theme is selected as the systemwide GTK-Theme.

  • userChrome.css: Is for user-specified theming of Thunderbird's GUI. It contains the code for the DeLorean-Dark theme.

  • userContent.css: Is for user-specified theming inside of web-pages.

  • images-folder: Contains the image files that are called for within the userChrome.css.

  • Open the included folder: Chrome

  • Inside locate the 'userChrome.css', 'userContent.css' and the 'images' folder.

  • Select all THREE to copy.

  • *If you have previously made changes to your Thunderbird userChrome and userContent,
    be carefull not to over-write them.
    Add the code from your old userChrome and userContent to the TOP of the the new files.
    Please note, that some or all of your old code from userChrome.css may conflict with the new theme code. Although this is highly unlikely.
    Adding it to the top of the file will make it secondary to the new theme's code.
    userContent shouldn't have any conflicts. But again, add it to the TOP of the new theme file.

  • PASTE all three into your Thunderbird User Profile: '~/.thunderbird/userprofile/chrome/'
    *** Where 'userprofile' is XsomeNumbers.default folder.

  • If there is no 'chrome' folder in that location, create one, or just copy the one included in this package.

  • **** Alternatly one may choose to create a new User-Profile specifically for the DeLorean-Dark-Theme.
    To open the Profile-Manager for Thunderbird:
    Important: Before you can start the Profile Manager, Thunderbird must be completely closed.
    In Terminal or using Alt/F2 (run-dialog) type: thunderbird -p

  • More information on creating and utilizing User-Profiles in Firefox/Thunderbird may be found Here

  • Remove the 'userChrome.css', 'userContent.css' and the 'images' folder from Thunderbird User Profile: ~/.thunderbird/userprofile/chrome/

For additional options to add into these default files: userChrome.css and userContent.css located within the 'chrome' folder you just installed. See - Mozilla Customizations: [link]

Gnome-Shell with Thunderbird Integration:
    For Calendar:

  • The Evolution Mirror Addon is needed.
  • This 'how to' is in part form 'Jay' on
  • Make sure Evolution is installed including the 'python-evolution' package.
  • Run Evolution and go through the set-up dialog once. You can use fake credentials, doesn't matter. (I'm not sure why this is necessary but a comment on the add-on site recommends it.) Close Evolution.
  • Download Evolution Mirror Addon.
  • In Thunderbird, Go to Tools -> Add-ons. Click the drop down next to search box and choose "Install Add-on From File". Select the .xpi extension file you just downloaded.
  • Restart Thunderbird. Your Thunderbird events should now be appearing in the gnome (shell) clock applet. If you already have Google calendar syncing with Thunderbird then at this point your Google calendar will be showing up in the gnome clock applet.
    To Have the Open-Calendar Button in Gnome-Shell Open Thunderbird:

  • Type the following in Terminal: 'gsettings set exec thunderbird'
    For Email Notification:

  • Download the gnome-shell-extension-thunderbird-integration extension. This extension uses the GNOME Shell notifications system to inform the user
    about new mail.

  • To Install: unpack the zip package and run the script which copies all files to the extension-folders of Thunderbird
    and GNOME Shell. You can also do it yourself but don't forget to make executable. You might need to restart Thunderbird
    with the -purgecaches flag and enable the extension (gsettings).

*Thunderbird is a very large and complex application to theme so please report any bugs or inconstancies that you may find in the theme. Thank You.

*Begining with version 1.54/2.54 of DeLorean-Dark a scrollbar-fix will need to be applied to the Thunderbird-Theme.
    Firefox & Thunderbird (for some reason they refuse to draw the scrollbars properly)
    TO FIX: Go to the Firefox-Theme Link page and follow the instructions for the Scrollbar-Fix.

9-19-2012 vers. 1.10 uploaded.

10-21-2012 Starting with version 1.54/2.54 of DeLorean-Dark a scrollbar-fix will need to be applied to the Thunderbird-Theme.
Firefox & Thunderbird (for some reason they refuse to draw the scrollbars properly)
TO FIX: Go to the Firefox-Theme Link page and follow the instructions for the Scrollbar-Fix.
© 2012 - 2021 killhellokitty
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Broken in TB 60
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Hi, great theme, thank you.
Worked well for me except for strange colors here and there.
When i click on a mail, the mail header is orange, and sometimes the mail background is white instead of dark.
Are those features or bugs ? can i fix it ?
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I couldn't say, as this theme is very old from 2012.  And no longer works with the latest Thunderbird.
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Actually it looks well on thunderbird 31.2. right now. My issue was that I forgot to uninstall a previously installed theme. Do you plan on any updating or do you advice similar themes for newer versions ?
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Is it intended that when using this theme together with the lightning calendar extension in thunderbird the colors of different calendars are ignored and all events are diplayed in blue?
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I honestly can't remember. And its been so long since I worked with Thunderbird that I was unable to make heads of tail of the css.
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I really like that you made this theme available also for Firefox and Thunderbird. DeLorean-Dark is my favourite theme on Fedora (19) and it's nice to have a matching visual impression for my browser and mail client.
I have two remarks regarding the Thunderbird theme, though:

1. The Thunderbird toolbar buttons have a different appearance in comparison with Firefox: In TB toolbar, the button are engraved and show a dark shading with the mouse pointer moving over them. In your Firefox theme, they have no engraving (flat) and show a lighter shading when the mouse pointer moved over it.

As I like the style of your Firefox theme better - is it possible to adjust the Thunderbird theme?
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I am not certain that this theme completely works with the latest Thunderbird.  I made this for gnome 3.4. 
I have no intention of updating or changing either thunderbird or firefox themes, they are both out of date and incredibly time consuming to maintain.
That being said, I'll look into fixing those buttons. ;-)
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Problem solved! I was putting it in the Thunderbird LOCAL folder

But instead I should have been putting it in ROAMING

Then I restarted and it works! YAY!!!
killernumberx's avatar
How do I use this with Windows? Same way? Well I copied the fodler to the user folder and restarted but theme is not working, it is still default. Help!
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looks awesome :squee:
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Thanks! This one is really complex.
ShippD's avatar
You are welcome...Guess I'll have to try it if i can finger it out lol
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