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DeLorean-Dark-Theme-3.6-G vs.2.56

Green DeLorean-Dark Theme for 3.6

The G version will be kept in parallel with the standard delorean-dark-theme-3.6.

All information including reqirements, extras(for now), fixes, and changelog are located HERE.

  • Ubuntu, Linux Mint, & Ubuntu derivatives:
  • To add this PPA:
    - Copy and Paste the following in a terminal -
    For 12.10 Quantal Quetzal:
      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:killhellokitty/themes.ppa
      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get install delorean-dark-theme-3.6-g
    For 13.04 Raring Ringtail:
      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:killhellokitty/themes.ppa
      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get install delorean-dark-theme-3.6-g
  • Arch Linux install from AUR
    yaourt -S delorean-dark-theme-3.6-g

  • Firefox - G - Theme

The ubuntu-software-center hasn't been themed as of yet. Should you discover any blue i didn't turn green, please leave a message with all pertinant information.
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Added repo for 13.04 ( which appears to be identical to the one for 12.10 - all are same url ). Did sudo apt-get update and didn't see this ppa show up in the list. Verified that the ppa is installed via software center > edit > software sources (other tab) - it is showing there. When I do sudo apt-get install delorean-dark-theme-3.6-g I get the 'E: Unable to locate package delorean-dark-theme-3.6-g' stuff coming up. I'm obviously connected to the internet (I've submitted this comment). What gives?
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just download from this page the PPA is out of date
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This is great! But I have one small issue in linux mint(latest .v15 I think?) with MATE, and after installing both delorean-dark-theme-3.6, and delorean-dark-theme-3.6-g my highlighted icons, scrollbars and misc stuff are blue while all most everything else is the black & green. It says the window manger theme dorian-theme is missing even though I've installed it.

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MATE doesn't play well with this theme.  I don't find the same issues with highlighted icons and scrollbars etc.  Perhaps try to reinstall.  If you are using the PPA that might account for your problem.  I will fix the ppa package today. 
As for MATE asking for missing window manager theme, ignore it.  Its a know bug in MATE.  Just select the Dorian window border from the list when customizing.
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Thanks for the themes, these are great !
But ... Might we -or I as, afaik I am the one asking- ask for a thunderbird version too ? <3
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I will not be working on Thunderbird themes any longer.  They quickly go out of date, they are incredibly time consuming to create and don't seem to be of much interest in general.
Thank you for asking.
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Hello! First of all I would like to tell you that I really love your work on this theme. I just found two bugs in this version:

-> For example in the home folder, the path where the user currently is when you click on one of these buttons the button is blue (maybe you forgot)

-> The second is that any maximized window with your theme has a very tiny close,minimize etc buttons. When you unmaximize the window, the buttons are back fine, but when you maximize again the buttons become small again.

Hope you can solve this two minor bugs! Really enjoy your work ;)
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I added the PPA for 12.10 and only see delorean, delorean-dark and delorean-ubuntu.
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I was desperately looking for a dark and green theme that would work properly under gtk3.6 and... here it is! :) You, sir, rock.

A bit too "squared" for my taste though, but still awesome. Good work!
Issue :
If you try NetBeans, the background of the main left column is Black... like the color of font. Why is not grey like another areas?

An idea ?

I tried without solution but the color "black" is #161616 ...
I tried all gtk3.0 solution with this colour but I have not improvement.

Thks to your concern.
If someone has a real solution, i take.

I survive through my second display which has a greater gamma : like that, the background is dark gray and the color text is dark.

Nevertheless, i love your theme !!!

Thks you !!!
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Amazing ! looks like a sort of delorean for mint :)
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You could say that. Or for Suse ;-) I've had requests for green.
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lol yeah, looks great anyway :)
Manjaro Linux like dark themes with green. Maybe you'd like to with with them?
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Sorry, I don't understand what you mean.
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you are welcome
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