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DeLorean-Dark-3.18 15 01242015

DeLorean-Dark for the Gnome 3.18 Desktop.  Cinnamon 2.6.13 (w/gtk-3.18).  MATE (gtk2 and gtk3 versions). Xfce4.

This is a completely gray-scale theme!  The icons used are  'Archdroid-Grey'.

This theme is still in development.  Changes may happen swiftly.  Please keep your version up to date with the latest DeLorean-Dark.
*Note Unity-Desktop here: Check GitHub(…) for latest.

Donations are appreciated, Thank You for your support!

  • Gtk3 theme with matching Gtk2 theme
  • Gtk3 Root-theme
  • Metacity-theme
  • Gnome-Shell-Theme
  • GDM-Theme
  • Cinnamon-Shell
  • Openbox3-Theme
  • Xfwm4-Theme
  • XfDashboard-Theme
  • XfceSplash-Theme
  • Plank-Theme
  • Firefox-Theme
  • Chromium-Theme

  • Gtk-3.18
    • gnome-themes-standard-3.18
    • pixbuf-engine or the gtk(2)-engines package
    • gtk-engine-murrine

  • Method 1
  • Step 1 create symlinks in /root.themes to the global(/usr/share/themes).  Make /root/.themes folder if it doesn't already exist:
    sudo mkdir /root/.themes
    sudo ln -s -t /root/.themes /usr/share/themes/*
  • Step 2 Rename the theme in /root/.themes to exactly the same name as the one from ~/.themes that you're currently using.
  • Method 2
  • Instead of placing the theme in /usr/share/themes, simply place the root theme in /root/.themes, and the themes in ~/.themes.  Then follow Step 2.
  • How to from: by HEXcube at…

  • Download the package, open the delorean-dark-3.18 folder, place the DeLorean-Dark-3.18 folder in ~/.themes/ and open ROOT THEME folder and place DeLoran-Dark-3.18 folder in /root/.themes/ Place XfDashboard-DeLorean-Dark-3.18 in /usr/share/themes/  And place DeLorean-Dark-3.18-Plank-Theme in /usr/share/plank
  • Available at GitHub:…

  • Go to 'usr/share/gnome-shell' and backup 'gnome-shell-theme.gresource'.
  • Next copy the 'gnome-shell-theme.gresource' from the gnome-shell-GDM folder in the DeLorean-Dark-3.18 theme to '/usr/share/gnome-shell'.
  • The new theme will be installed when you restart
  • *Note - Any update of Gnome-Shell will erase the theme file and return it to default, you will need to reinstall after updates.
  • *Note -  If you would like to change the wallpaper please refer to this article:…

Chromium Theme
  • The Chrome theme is located within the theme folders.
  • Simply drag-n-drop the Delorean-Dark-3.18.crx file onto Chromium to install the theme. (You will find this necessary when using this theme).

Firefox Theme
  • This is a patch to make Firefox blend with DeLorean.
  • Copy(or symlink) the 'chrome' folder located within the theme folders, to '~/mozilla/firefox/xSomeNumbers.default.
  • Restart Firefox for the changes to take effect.  This depends on the DeLorean-Dark-3.18 theme being in use!
  • To Remove:
  • Simply move the 'chrome' folder to the trash.

10-29-2015  First Upload.
10-30-2015  Added Root theme and Metacity theme.  Made the theme Cinnamon and MATE compatable.
11-01-2015  Gnome-Shell-theme added to package.
11-02-2015  Cinnamon-Shell added to package.  Gnome-Shell Dash fixes.  Gtk3 minor adjustments.
11-05-2015  Openbox3-theme added as well as both Chromium theme and Firefox theme.
11-06-2015  Xfwm4-theme added as well as XfDashboard-theme and a few minor fixes to Gtk2.
11-07-2015  GDM-theme added as well as Plank-theme.
11-08-2015  MATE added Gtk3 version.
11-09-2015  Fixed Nautilus TreeViews selected color and background color.
11-09-2015  version-10.  Fixes for: Dconf-Editor, Gnome-Terminal, Gedit, Sushi, Gnome-Music, Eye of Gnome, & Gnome-Photos.
11-10-2015  version-11  Xfce4-Panel themed, as well as log-out dialog, alt-tab, & fixed Xfwm4 button react area.  All Xfce fixes.
11-11-2015  Initial commit to GitHub for Unity version of DeLorean-Dark.  Making it backward compatible with Gtk-3.16.
11-16-2015  Boxes, fixed issue with wizards color being white.  A few additional minor fixes.
11-20-2015  XfDashboar-Theme has been updated.  ROOT Theme has been updated to match the additions to the default theme files including dark-theme.
12-11-2015  FIxed legacy tray in Gnome-Shell thanks to
01-24-2015  Fixes for Chrome and Firefox thanks to aauzi!
© 2015 - 2021 killhellokitty
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Your themes are without question the best. I've been using them for years.. I'd love to send you some money and will do so as soon as things turn around for me - thank you for so kindly sharing your work with so many. Hope to see more of your work in the future. All the best to you. Shawn.

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I am extremely impressed. Hands down the best dark theme I've come across and completely compatible with Xfce in Slackware stable.
One of the best!
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Hello there, it looks very nice.
Though... I am clueless about how to install it on XFCE ^^;
I only see stuff for Gnome, but not the proper installer or "theme" file for XFCE ^^;
Hello. Thank for your work, it's beatifull!
I want to say that if you   change colour in 1089 line in gktrc in gtk2 folder to black - the omnibox of chromium with gtk+ theme should be black. 
Quite possibly the best looking gtk theme ever made.  Voting for a 3.20 update.
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This compliments my Cinnamon theme super well! Thank you for sharing :D
First of all, Let me just say this "I have never seen Linux desktops look more cooler and beautiful than this"

It works great with Ubuntu unity but there seems to be glitches in Linux Mint specifically Cinnamon Edition. And Scroll Bar is not visible in few Applications. Am I doing something wrong? Can you please provide a quick solution for integrating this theme with Cinnamon Desktop?

Thank You!
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Thanks for the compliment!
If you are using Linux Mint Cinnamon then this version wont really work.  That is because for some strange reason Linux Mint is using Gtk 3.10.  This theme requires Gtk 3.18.  I don't know if there is a PPA available to upgrade to 3.18.
If you are lucky enough to be using Cinnamon with Fedora or Arch Linux then this version will work perfectly (both use Gtk 3.18 and Cinnamon-2.6).  The next release of Ubuntu Xenial Xerus will be using Gtk-3.18, so Cinnamon should work fine there.
Its weird and often confusing trying to get the theme that you want to work with your OS because of Gnome's Gtk version.  I wish I could do more to help.  The best advise I can give, is if you want the latest and greatest; to be at the forefront of Linux then you should consider Fedora, Arch Linux, Manjaro, and others that follow quickly with Gnomes newest version. All of them offer a Cinnamon Desktop with the latest bells and whistles.

I wish you luck, Cheers!
Nevermind, 3.12-Dark works great with Cinnamon. Thank You for such great themes!
Wow, great theme, I love it
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Thank you, I'm glad to hear you enjoy it!
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Thanks Man!
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This is one of the best dark themes I've seen in a long time. Thanks!
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Thanks you!  Its been fun making it too.
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Oh oh looking amazing. woot woot
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Thanks bro!
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You are welcome man..
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first thank for the great theme you made for gnome 3.18
i just have a question,how to disable transparency effect ?
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If you would like to remove the transparency you need to open the gtk-contained.css and go to line#2176.  Remove the 'url("assets/background...").  Then go to line#2174 and replace the 'background-color:' with the color of you choice, to match the metalic background choose #2c2c2e.  Do the same for the 'backdrop' property.
Alternately,  you can replace 'url("assets/background...")' on line#2176 with url("assets/background-dark.png").  This will give the metal finish to the header-bar.
I hope this helps.
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