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DeLorean_0.92 Gtk Theme



A Brushed-Metal Theme: DeLorean is now in BETA. Gtk3 still needs the 'backdrop', 'dark-theme' to be finished, as well as check/radio scale, and tabs.
This theme will spawn DeLorean-Dark and the Gnome-3.4 versions of both DeLorean-Mono and DeLorean-Noir.

  • Gtk2 theme

  • Gtk3 theme

  • Metacity 2 & 3 themes

  • Tint2 rc

  • Gnome 3.4

  • Gtk3-3.4*

  • gkt-engine-equinox-1.50

  • gtk-engine-murrine- newer)

  • pixbuf-engine or the gtk(2)-engines package

  • gnome-themes-standard-3.4.*(provides the 'adwaita' theme)

  • gtk-engine-unico-1.0.2

My themes can be obtained from any of the following repository's. Installing from a repository has several advantages: you can install using your package manager; authenticity of the GPG signed files is automatically verified (under most cases); and you receive updates automatically when you update your system with your package manager.
If you encounter any problems with the packages or the repository's, please let me know. You can add a comment below.

  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (presicePangolin), and
  • Linux-Mint 13 (Maya)
  • To add this PPA:
    Copy and Paste the following in a terminal
      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:killhellokitty/themes.ppa
      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get install delorean

  • Arch Linux install from AUR

  • Fedora 17 (Beefy Miracle)
  • To add this Repository:
    Copy and Paste the following in a terminal (remove the quotes"" around http):
      sudo yum-config-manager --add-repo="http"://
      sudo yum install delorean-gtk3-theme delorean-metacity-theme delorean-gtk2-theme

  • OpenSuse (12.2 Factory)
  • To add this Repository:
    Copy and Paste the following in a terminal (remove the quotes"" around http):
      sudo zypper ar "http":// home:jo-shva.repo
      sudo zypper install delorean-gtk3-theme delorean-metacity-theme delorean-gtk2-theme

  • Debian 7(Wheezy/Unstable) The Ubuntu PPA is safe to use, or download from this page.
  • ALL other distrobutions
  • should download the version (delorean) from the top of this page. Unzip the archive, and copy the delorean folder to /usr/share/themes/

    *Note* Only the zip archive downloaded from this page contains the Tint2 rc file.

07-21-12: First alpha version posted.
07-23-12: Fixed the need to have a separate ubuntu version. Now, all Debian-based distros should be able to use the PPA. Fixed Metacity3 coloring and artifacts, and added dark-theme. *note* Metacity2 doesn't have a dark-theme. Dark-theme background fixed. Buttons, changed hover to darken instead of lighten. Fixed sidebar scrollbars. Fixed EpiphanyBrowser url bar. Many other small fixes. Added Tint2rc to download package.
07-27-12:Fedora repo finally has the correct delorean theme. I had been having problems with Metacitys rendering in Fedora. It is fixed with revision 43...LOL! I finally got OpenSuse's package built and up in the repo. Still working on Github repo for Debian...Yes, I think it is important for themer's to go beyond posting a theme file, and in my case additionally due to this theme being in development; and themes aren't static. My two cents.
07-29-12:Gtk3 fixed the notebook and tabs and the scale, selected icon view, numerous misc fixes. I have taken it out of alpha as i only have the dark theme and check/radio left to theme. Gtk2 is themed, i will return to it at a later date to build the panel and work on xfce and lxde's specifics.
07-28-12:Finished Gtk3's backdrop,links, and fixed the scrolled-windows. Gtk2 Toolbar is fixed and matches gtk3, scrolled-windows, links, gtkframe fill color is metal now. Fixed the blue color in the treeview.
07-31-12: Finished Gtk3's dark theme (preparing it to be a theme on its own). Fixed Nautilus sidebar-the artifact that was at the bottom and darkened the borders. Fixed the primary toolbar top border. Fixed Metacity attached windows for dark theme.
08-02-12:Fixed the entry/spin borders in gtk2. Many improvments to the dark theme; toolbar, buttons borders, sidebar.
***I need your feedback to help me fix bugs, issues, and problems with this theme***

Should you chose to download and/or use DeLorean, please take a moment to provide feedback. Be it positive or negative, just as long as it is constructive.
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Just installed and came to tell you that I love it!!! Thank you so much! :rose: