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Candra-Themes-3.20-2 05102016

Candra-Themes for Gtk-3.20.
Candra-Themes are a light-and-dark,
a dark-and-darkest, and
a darker-and-darkest set of themes. 3 sets in all.
Donations are appreciated, Thank You for your support!

Also the very latest at Github:…

  • Gtk3 theme
  • Gtk2-theme
  • Metacity Theme
  • XfDashboard Theme
  • Openbox-3 Theme

  • Gtk-3.20
    • gnome-themes-standard-3.20
    • pixbuf-engine or the gtk(2)-engines package
    • gtk-engine-murrine

05-08-2016  First Upload.
05-10-2016  Added Darker to Darkest Theme to the pack.

*More to come!  Feel free to make reasonable requests.
© 2016 - 2021 killhellokitty
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Looks good, thanks.

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xfwm please...btw awesome theme dude
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Killhellokitty his a partner of Viperr distribution due to his great work and investment in theming. The Viperr Team as always been proud of his work since the start of it :)
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"Feel free to make reasonable requests."
No more request, it's beautiful. Only tens of thanks for sharing your great work with us :)
Yesterday I upgraded firefox to 50.0-1, and detected two small issues in the default theme for the browser. When you select a bookmark folder the colors changes to something like grey, and the fonts become ilegibles. I supose is too soon to know if the problem is only of firefox, or if has broke a little part of configuration theme. I use the darker theme. The dark one has not problem and work fine as always. The second issue is about the downloads folder. The "box" (sorry I don't know the exactly how it names) has become transparent and ilegible too. I use the darker theme on arch linux 64.
Thanks for your great work!!!
(Don't know if have been a good idea, but I have put the same on github too. Sorry if not..) You can see an image:…
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Hey there's a bug I've found in the theme that I've reported to the 3.20 Github page. Please check it out! <3
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Is there a quick and easy way to change the default teal to a different color?
Has anyone else noticed issues with the light theme not playing well with Libreoffice?  The "blank space" outside of a new page in Writer, for instance, is solid black.   I have similar issues in Calc, but they're less noticeable.  It also renders Synapse unreadable.  I'm happy to post screenshots if that's helpful.

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Awesome stuff Kitty :)
hm, no gnome-shell theme?
apparently it have to be linked into darker variants

A bit of comparison with previous version:
candra 3.18
candra 3.20
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For the next update to this could you change the text highlight colour to a lighter shade of white? Still adore this theme by the way, thank you again :D
Hey so I downloaded this but the darkest one was not included... What did I do wrong?
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The three themes come in the same package. If you unzip the package you'll see three files: Candra-Theme-3.20, Candra-Theme-3.20-Dark and Candra-Theme-3.20-Darker. I suposse you like the last one. Copy into /usr/share/themes anda that's all. Hope I help you  :)
Nah, the problem is that the darkest theme (the fourth one from the top in the picture) is not included in this download or on the github page. Been looking for that one as well…
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I was also looking for the Darkest variant. Since it is nowhere to be found I decided to implement it myself based on the screenshot featured above:

It may have several glitches, specially in features dependent on PNG assets. Feel free to open issue reports or submit pull requests in the GitHub page.

killhellokitty would you like me to submit this as a pull request to your original repo?
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As always...the best!! You're incredible man!!!
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Great work! i like it . Thanks for sharing .:thumbsup:
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You should really combine all versions (3.16, 3.18, 3.20) into a single package, it will avoid the confusion of having multiple pages and repositories. See here for instructions on how to do this nicely:…
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Candra dark is like a grey colour and to be honest it doesn't look so great ;/ The old dark grey/black one was better because without it people who aren't using gnome can't have a dark version of the theme. (No malice intended, the quality of your themes is immense, you have a talent for it)
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Since you really like the darker middle color rather than the current one; I will make the previous color theme for you.  Yeah, I'm that nice or crazy ;-)
Gimme a few days and I'll let you know and post it in with this package.
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Perfect, thank you very much I appreciate that!
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Its in the theme pack now.
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