Into the Mountains

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         Europe is a very popular tourist destination, with many people focusing on France, Spain, Germany, and others. Grace wanted to break that pattern and travel to a country that hardly anyone would think to go to, Slovenia. Slovenia is a small country bordering Italy to the east and is known for skiing, hot springs, and mountain trails. This was the perfect way to escape her studies in America and get some fresh air in the mountains of Central Europe.

         She opened up her compact mirror as she sat down in her train car. The cabin smelt of tobacco and expensive perfume. Luckily she was able to save up and splurge on this trip. She wanted to really make it memorable. This was her first big get away from everything. The soft fabric on the seats cradled her as she sat down by the window. Miles and miles of countryside rolled by, Grace taking in as much as she could. The mountains in this country were so beautiful. She couldn’t wait to be out there exploring. While she was looking out the window, she noticed something that caught her eye. Up on one of the ridges she saw a small village. It looked like there were hot springs as well, built into the largest building. She saw people who lived there walking with carts of food, laughing and having a good time. They looked so free and unhindered. She wanted to go visit there, maybe talk to some of them and learn a new perspective in life. She suddenly became very energized and opened up her laptop. She had to plan for this. She quickly looked online and booked a room in Hallow Point Inn, located in Radolvjica. From there she would rent a car, and drive up to where this community was. This was the perfect day trip, even if she was going to lose some money by having to buy another train ticket. She altered the rest of her trip accordingly and prepared for her new destination. Adventure was just two stops away.

         With squealing brakes and a puff of smoke, the train rolled into the station. It wasn’t an incredibly busy place, which was perfect. Grace wanted to be away from the crowds. The fresh air once she exited the train was incredible. It was so clean and crisp that she actually closed her eyes and inhaled again. Gathering her belongings, she walked around the train building and was immediately met with a beautiful landscape of pastel colored buildings, mostly square with red tile roofs. The smell of kranjska, prosciutto, and Jota emanated from a nearby restaurant. The stone roads led to a town center where a grand fountain stood, towering over the small shrubberies surrounding it. Grace took her first step forward and made her way to the hotel. She was ready to check in and enjoy the nightlife. One thought was still present in her mind, the village. Tomorrow was the day she found true relaxation.

         The sun shined through the windows of her room. Morning was finally here and she was going to head straight to the village. The idea excited her now as when she first came up with it. The hot springs, the mountain view, and being able to overlook the trains chugging along the tracks. Slovenia had decent roadways and the Toyota she rented was able to pick up speed quickly. She was quickly in route to her destination after filing the paperwork and grabbing the keys. The trees rushed by her open car window as the mountain air filled her lungs. She drove by families of goats, wild dogs, and even some wild horses. The country was amazing and even the wildlife seemed to be unique and alien to what she was used to. The turn was approaching that led up to the village. A small wooden sign along the road read “Spremenil se boš”. Grace thought that the sign seemed nice. Although she wasn’t familiar with the language, she thought it sounded peaceful. The road twisted and turned with rocky cliffs lining the left of her car and trees running up the mountains face on the right. The village was coming into view finally, but oddly enough it seemed like no one was here. Just yesterday she saw people walking alongside the buildings but she didn’t see anyone. She pulled her car off to the side of the main road into town. She needed to step out and investigate. Grace was actually scared, something just didn’t feel right. She could hear rustling coming from a bush across the street.

         As she looked closer to find the source, she was startled by a bark coming from her left. She fell sideways looking wide eyed at the beast, her heart pounding so hard it echoed in her head. In front of her was a long haired dog showing its teeth and glaring at her. The dog looked over towards her car, then back at her and barked again. Drool slowly dripped down the side of the canine’s mouth. Grace was disgusted, terrified, and confused all at once. More dogs, of similar look and nature approached from behind the buildings and bushes. Grace slowly got up, not wanting to make any sudden moves. The path to her car was blocked off, causing her to look for another escape plan. She saw a small shack without windows to her right and if she sprinted maybe she could slam the door behind her.

         Grace bolted off towards the shack and heard the dogs barking, their nails scrapping the pavement as they tried to catch up to her. She ran into the house, immediately slammed the door and jammed the lock into place. Her heart continued to race as sweat ran down her face. Her legs and arms seemed to be itching from the rush of adrenaline. Grace heard the dogs scratching at the door growling and whining, trying to get in. The lighting was dim and dreary. This appeared to just be a simple tool shed. She needed to call help; this was a mistake to come out here alone. She reached for her cell phone checking her left pocket. Then she checked the left pocket, and finally the rear pockets. Nothing. Did she leave her phone in the car? What was she going to do now? Grace took a couple deep breathes to try and stay in control. The itch was getting worse and she attributed it to her shocked and panicked state. She aimlessly scratched her arms as she looked around for something to help her. Obviously the shack didn’t have any modern technology, meaning no computers, tablets, or even house phones. The air started to turn stale and hot with the door closed. The cool mountain air didn’t have a chance to get in. Grace stripped her jacket off, noticing that her arm hairs seemed darker somehow.

         Just the lighting, she told herself. She had other things to focus on. She found a shovel in the corner of the small room. If she had to, she could fight her way out. She reached for the shovel, but as she did her nails seemed off. They appeared darker but also sharper. That couldn’t be possible, but as she watched her mouth dropped. They were getting longer and changing in front of her very eyes. The hair on her arms was also not an illusion. It was thickening and more was growing in. Around her wrists, she could really see the tuft of hair start to cover her skin. This was impossible; there is no way she could be turning into some monster. This was just in movies. The itching spread from her arms and legs to her entire body. Sweat pouring from her now. She pulled up her pants legs to discover that the hair matched her arms and was coming in as a mix of blonde and black. It finally clicked with her; the fur that was sprouting on her body matched the wild dogs outside. They were human once too. Grace began to hyperventilate from the stress of the situation. Her blood was pumping, seemingly speeding up the change. Her shoes felt cramped, as she felt her feet and toes elongate inside her boots. A ripping sound could be heard as the newly developed nails on her toes shredded the material. She quickly pulled both boots off to watch her feet twist and tear through her socks. Her toes had turned into shortened digits. She felt herself losing her balance. Bracing herself against the table she tried to fight the change. She didn’t want this, it wasn’t fair. The air now smothering her as her body heated up, she needed to escape. Pushing off the table, Grace leaned towards the door and tried to grab the lock. Her fingers were slowly following the same pattern her feet went through. With one last effort, she pushed free the lock and the door swung. She collapsed onto the ground outside. She was so busy with her newly acquired paws; she barely noticed that her changing appendages were completely covered in fur. The mountain air, which she once inhaled with bliss, rustled through her fur. Grace looked over herself as she lay on the ground. Her lower body was mostly canine from her feet to the top of her legs. Her arms had changed completely, ending with canine paws. The fur crept up her body as she saw her stomach being consumed by the sprouting fur. Grace grimaced at the new invading sensation, a pressure that was seemingly pulling on her spine. She knew what was happening and turned to watch her new tail slowly extend and swing freely. The fur started to sprout heavily and rapidly from the base of her spine to the end of her new tail. Her chest sank into her torso and she saw the fur creep past her shirt collar up to her neck. The sensation of her ears being pulled was next, alongside her nose extending outward into a classic muzzle. The fur finished spreading across her face. It was seemingly over. Grace whimpered and attempted to push herself up, only to have her hips pop and locking her into a quadrapedal stance.

         As Grace looked around her, she had to adjust to her new senses. The dogs that were once baring their teeth at her looked on in sadness. Had they been trying to warn her? Possibly scare her away? She finally freed herself from her human clothes and looked out at the mountain and village. Unsure as of what to do next, she followed the pack. They walked up Main Street and into a thick patch of forest. Whether she was a human or a dog, Grace wanted to survive. She had to find help and maybe this pack was looking for the same thing. In the meantime, at least she was able to hike the mountains and finally break free from her fast paced life in America.
Holy ****! I'm back? Looks like I was able to finish one. Side note: I'm terrible at writing conclusions soooooo yeah. 
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