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How to force transparency.

By killermole23
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Video, detailing 2 methods (This tutorial and a hex method), as well as containing proof that it works: [link]

This is a simple tutorial on how to force transparency on Vista, using an integer in Ave's vista style builder.

For a tutorial on how to do this via Hex-editing, see this by ~marxo.

For a forum post of both tutorials, see this tutorial, on forums.

________________________________________ _______

Navigate to "Fonts, colours & system metrics" > "Colours (Globals)", and set "COLORIZATIONCOLOR:INT" to 0 (Zero)

Save the style, and when applied, if Aero is enabled, Transparency wil be forced on.

This can be used to enable transparency for your visual style on Vista Home Basic, too, where transparency exists, but cannot be enabled (Until now! :D)

I am a user of Vista Home Basic, and as the creator of this tutorial, i can portray that this works flawlessly.

I hope you enjoy this simple tut, please :+fav: and comment if used.
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Will this work on any Vista version like Ultimate, Home Premium etc.
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Awesomeeee dudeeeeeee!! Thanks a lot! :D :D I used the Aves Vista Style Builder :D :D
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Does it works of ur pc isnt aero-capable?
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windows 7 man windows 7!!!!
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windows 7 man windows 7!!!!
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Thank you! It worked for me! You are made of so much awesomeness! Thanks a lot!
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Can yo make a video for windows 7??? everytime i change the color(global) with an aero theme (my pc doesn;t support aero) it changes the visual style to basic instead aero!!! Lol in a few words:

If i change the basic theme for an aero theme it keeps the basic appearence and if i choose an aero theme(it keeps the visual appearence) to make the "hack" and save the msstyle my pc instead of force aero makes the theme basic!!!

Plz help me i have the windows 7 version of the program.
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Unfortunately, you can't with windows 7, as no new method has been found yet.
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OKOKOKOKOK are you wrking o a windows 7 method?
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Hi! hey could you do this for the msstyles on Windows 7 Home Basic as well please? :D
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Here's a link to a patched version: [link]
I'm unsure if it'll work, however, as I haven't tested it myself.
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Very cool. Thanks for sharing. Tiny little details like this are often hard to search out, glad I stumbled here.
Lol. Some of these commenters really strain the patience eh?
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omg omg you are officialy my new best friend
took 2 hours but it effing works!!!!!
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2 hours? Wow.

This takes like 30 seconds to do...
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nice i did it in 1 try with your method
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This is awesome! I'll translate it into Korean and blog it. Of course I'll link it to this page.. :)
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Awesome. Spread the word! :D
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I'm not a user of vista basic but good job!
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can you post vista style builder i can't buy it if posible very thank
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PLease help, i have vista home basic and everything works, but when I try to change the visual style by downloading them on deviantart, it works but there is o transparency, and I have vistaglazz

please help
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