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[Contest Entry] Kristof



Tiny Star Bullet STATS Tiny Star Bullet 

Arrow left Name: Kristof Jurant
Arrow left Gender: Male
Arrow left Current Age: 40
Arrow left Birthday: May 8th
Arrow left Form: Bipedal
Arrow left Known Upgrades: Elegant Hair | Slit Pupils | Cheek Fur | Body Fluff | Dual Pointed Elbows| Rear Toes | Unlimited Clothing | Teeth | Thumbs | Brow Changer | Rattle Horns | Colored Sclera | Naked Ears | Finger Paw Pads | Gradient | Stripe Markings 
Arrow left Quirks: Tends to whistle when he works and nobody is around. Can be kind to most patrons unless they start to get rowdy.. then they get the horns. (Pun for the Rattle Horns/ Rattle's Rest Tavern) He also loves treating Thistle like a princess!

Tiny Star Bullet MAGICTiny Star Bullet 

Wyngro Water Element Pixel  Water | Level: Basic
Wyngro Wind Pixel Element  Wind | Level: Basic
Wyngro Ice Pixel Element  Ice | Level: Intermediate

Tiny Star Bullet RELATIONSHIPSTiny Star Bullet

Arrow leftParents: Chester and Maple
Arrow leftSibling: Netty
Arrow leftNiece: Thistle
Arrow leftBrother in-law: Zagor
Arrow leftFriends: (WIP if accepted)

Tiny Star Bullet PAST Tiny Star Bullet

Kristof was born in the town of Wynsiph the eldest of the siblings of Chester and Maple. He was quite the sport wanting to make his dad proud by eventually taking over the building business when they got too old. When his sister was born he cherished her and looked up to her for going into magic as that was something she enjoyed, questioning if he really wanted to join the family business as an adult. Suddenly when his sister returned back ill he decided he did not want to fall behind and follow his dream.

As adulthood came into place he came upon sap wanting to make his own creations and become as greatly known as his parents. He began by asking his parents for help with his company called "The Rattle's Rest". They built his dream within a couple of months as he then began buying furniture and putting his business on the map of "Wynsiph". The dream of his slowly coming together like his sisters as she became a Magic Teacher, which in his mind was pretty frickin' awesome! He came upon a drink known as "Cold Shower" enjoying the feel it gave him as if he had ice magic before looking to his sister to learn some magic to help protect his own business.

His business, "The Rattle's Rest", was quite a hit for those who worked hard or just wanted to tell a tale with some sap. He let musicians come and play some music, enjoying the atmosphere it gave to his business as well as listening to the tales of distant travelers. He tried hard to keep everything clean and updated, eventually having to replace things to make the place even better than what it was as it couldn't stay the way it was forever! 

Tiny Star Bullet PERSONALITY Tiny Star Bullet

Kristof is quite memorable with his good looks, charisma, humor, and his style, but that's not the only thing! Kristof gives off a warm welcoming vibe to those who enter his establishment, greeting them with a warm smile and a drink of their choice. He works hard, mixing drinks, changing kegs, and carrying the cases of sap he purchases, not wanting to disappoint! He respects all wyngro who enter and thinks of them as family, listening to their tales and ever making sure they return to their homes safely! However, with his male customers he may seem more humorous and chill with the females.. well he is a flirt for short words. Any female wyngro entering "The Rattle's Nest" usually gets a single flower from him with a genuine smile of "Hey there, good looking!". He tends to pay a lil' more attention to them, making sure they are comfortable and well taken care of while in his establishment.
However, beyond his nice attitude towards the customers he can become quite intimidating. He will not deal with fights or loud ruckuses to be placed within the walls of "The Rattle's Rest", not for the factor of them getting hurt but more for the fact that he does not want damaged property. If a fight or ruckus was to break out he would calmly place whatever he was doing down and walk over, nicely asking for them to leave until they have calmed down. Sadly, things did not work out that way as he would then have to break the fight up and literally kick them out and tell them they are banned from the premises until further notice. Surprisingly he has gained no scars so far from the very few fights he has dealt with but his time could be running out!
Kristof LOVES his family, especially his brand new neice, Thistle! He tends to bring her a different gift every time he sees her just to see that lovely smile and hear that musical laugh to his ears! He would do anything for her and he means ANYTHING. He is quite civil with Zagor not neccessarily liking him but not disliking him either as he is the father of Thistle and the mate to his beloved sister, Nettle. The only reason he would not like Zagor is for the pure purpose of, 'you're with my sister!'. He tends to try and visit his sister as much as possible but considering that she is a magic teacher she is usually quite busy so instead would go and see his parents. He loves his father appreciating his tough exterior and prideful ways, looking up to him when he was younger but now as an adult he thinks of them as equal, considering he named "The Rattle's Rest" in honor of his father. 


I am soooooo proud of this.. Like I tried so hard to make him as decent as could be. I even added Rattle Horns to his head.. like Chester.. because the tavern is called "The Rattle's Rest"! Get it! Ha.. My thought process is that he named the Rattle's Rest in honor of how hard working his dad was and wanting to make the tavern a bit less "modern" keeping it to the classic old times. 

Also why did I give him slit eyes? Well he would most likely work in darker areas and till late at night so I thought it would fit with the dimly lit tavern and at dark^^

Anyway! Enjoy :)

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