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Commission me 2 by Killerjaja
Hi everyone!, welcome to this my commissions journal, if you are interested in my art and want to order something (I will be very happy), please continue reading until the end to know how to do it.  ;D


-Digital Art and finished works only (I do not sell sketch or linearts),
-within this the preferable are Fan Arts and OC of humanoids, anything else will require conversation and faith (both yours and mine xD).
-And always on the SFW side please.


Characters (Background included)
                                    Base        Extra                

-Head / Bust Shot:        $33           $15
-Half Body                    $55           $25
-Full Body                     $88           $40

-Simple /                        $10
-Complex / detailed         $50

*These prices are valid only for personal purposes, for commercial use please ask me by E-mail)


Final Stage / Sunny day by Killerjaja Second Chance / Sir Daniel Fortesque by Killerjaja Onmyoji Fan Art Contest 2018 / Kyuumei Neko by Killerjaja
          Zack-Xeno Contest / Surrounded! by Killerjaja Pastelaine Contest / Death Wish by Killerjaja Bosque / reversed mode by Killerjaja
Stage 01 / Rumia Remastered by Killerjaja Stage 02 / Dont give up Cirno! by Killerjaja Stage 5 / Je...jeje (Sakuya Fan Art) by Killerjaja Flandre Fan Art / Extra Stage 01 by Killerjaja Flandre Fan Art / Re Re Draw by Killerjaja

The values are in dollars  and the method of payment is through pay pal only(excepción solo para chilenos, quienes pueden pagar el equivalente en pesos a través de transferencia a mi cuenta Rut).     

The first step is the contact, please send me a note or E-mail (preferably e-mail) with the subject "commission request" and add the following:

General Info:
-Pay pal info, your username or E-mail direction.
-Personal or Commercial use (this is the time to say it xD).
-Commission type, I mean if the character goes in head / bust shot / half or full body.
-Extra character?.

Character (s) Info:
-Oc / Fan Art /Other.
-Description, race /gender/ age/appearance.
-Expression / personality.
-Desired pose / action.

-References (preferably visual).
-And everything you estimate can better summarize your idea about the work.

*The better you can communicate what you're looking for, the easier it will be for me to get the result you want.

Second Step  comes when I accept or reject your request, if accepted, I will ask for the payment for the total of the commission (before starting to work).

*And please do not make any payment before I expressly ask for it, to avoid possible confusion.

Third Step, received the payment I acquire an obligation with you until the job is finished (beware, if you want to cancel the commission once it has started you will only have the right to recover money before passing the sketch stage and this will be 70% and no more, the sketch goes to be mine and my obligation to you ends).

But if everything is fine, I will show you progress, starting with the sketch which you can approve, suggest corrections or changes, continuing with the color and the final adjustments, in any way you can request at any time to see the progress of the commission and give your opinion, because in the first instance, the most important thing is that you are satisfied with the work you ordered.

*An estimate of the time it would take me to complete a work after the sketch was approved would be 2 to 3 weeks, of course everything depends on the complexity of the order.

Finally, at the end of the work I will send you the image with full resolution (I always work in a format of 4962 x 3508 pixels at 600 pixels per inch.) And if it does not bother you I would have a low resolution version to expose as a example on my social networks.

I think that is all, any questions / queries you want to make feel free to write me, can be here in the comments, a note or an e-mail to my address Thank you very much for your interest and see you.
Portada Coleccion 2 by Killerjaja

Hello that, just point out the main focus of what will appear in this gallery during the next months :D.
The collection N ° 2 is a selection of several characters from anime series or video games that I have ever enjoyed, characters that in my opinion are like death itself (in one way or another), the number of pieces can vary between 10 to 12 (almost all the subject are defined).

So, with that said ,,, let's go forward xD!
Second Chance / Sir Daniel Fortesque by Killerjaja  Collection 2 /Raziel Fan Art (SoulReaver) by Killerjaja

Ok, see you later!
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PortadaColeccion-01 by Killerjaja
Hello that, just point out the main focus of what will appear in this gallery during the next months: D.
The collection N ° 1 is about Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (th06), they are Fan Arts of the heads of all the stages and you know that?, IT IS FINISHED XD, then all the pieces

Which one did you like the most?

Stage 01 / Rumia Remastered by Killerjaja  Stage 02 / Dont give up Cirno! by Killerjaja  Hong Meiling / Stage 03 by Killerjaja Stage 03 / Keep Out (Meiling Fan Art) by Killerjaja  Stage 04 / Ask to the Book (Patchouli Fan Art) by Killerjaja   Stage 04 / You Again (Patchouli Fan Art) by Killerjaja   Stage 5 / Je...jeje (Sakuya Fan Art) by Killerjaja   Stage 05 / Sakuya Fan Art by Killerjaja  Flandre Fan Art / Extra Stage 01 by Killerjaja Flandre Fan Art / Puerta Abierta by Killerjaja Final Stage / Sunny day by Killerjaja

Final Stage / Remi x Saku by Killerjaja

If you liked, stay tuned for the next project ...
Hola de nuevo, vaya me salté Marzo xP, la verdad es que estuve bastante entretenido durante ese mes, comencé a utilizar Sai (Reunion Nocturna)y también a dibujar a partir de fotografías de figuras que me gustan (Dibujos de practica), pero para este mes espero al menos sacar dos dibujos  originales, uno de los cuales esta relacionado al cambio de estación (ahora es Otoño) y el otro, como todo lo demás, es por diversión xD
Mmm este mes ha sido bastante eXtRañO y disperso, desde que terminé mi entrada para el concurso de cartas ha empezado a surgir cosa tras cosa y perdí un poco el enfoque xP, Pero al menos ya estoy pintando algo :D.

Es lo que considero un remanente del concurso, una opción que no alcancé a hacer y que ahora verá la luz xD 
Si me concentro podría tener algo para cerrar bien el mes y poder escribir algo mejor en Marzo.

Muestra nuevo boceto
Boceto1 by Killerjaja   


Hola, feliz año nuevo a todos!

Comienza otro año y tras haber aprobado con éxito mi examen de titulo, estoy por primera vez en dos años con tiempo para tomar un descanso :D, aun así estoy preparando algo para este mes, una ilustración inspirada en las vacaciones, el tiempo libre y el verano (aquí en este país al sur del mundo estamos en verano en este momento), por lo que espero estar subiendo algo en estos días.

Bueno, el próximo mes debo enfrentar mi examen de titulo, en el cual presentaré un cortometraje de animación 3D titulado "El cazador de Hadas", así que por ahora me dedicaré prioritariamente a terminarlo, aunque espero sacar uno que otro dibujo.

Frame by Killerjaja
(Simple Frame del cortometraje, supongo que el niño cazador está tan nervioso por su presa, como yo por mi examen xD)
De vuelta al trabajo original y también enfocado al primer concurso en el cual pretendo participar :o (Eek)  
Tiempo para un Fan-Art? :D (Big Grin) 
Trabajando en imágenes propias Wink/Razz