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Pacha Katia

By KillerfishSG

Pacha Katias for your amusement (Or motivation? Who knows?)

I have no idea if I should make more of these :s

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Wait. Did she lose and eye or broke a blood vessel in the eye? I'm confused. 
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well kinda, she has a thing called eyes of fear and earlier on she uses it but she has a thing if she uses it more than once a day her eye bleeds. and she got helped out by a v̶a̶m̶p̶i̶r̶e̶ a normal human woman and got patched up. you should read the webcomic its basically homestuck but the elderscrolls.

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I did read the first 15 pages but got side tracked by Sabrina Online. I wish Sabrina Online would reference Prequal in some way. Maybe have Katia off in the back ground.

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just freaking right
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You totally should make more of these X3
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When the usage of a meme is done just right:…

Great job.
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A pacha meme for a pacha meme! Amazing :3
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When the reply to a comment about a meme for another meme is just right: When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 
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 Oh yea, you always have to mantain your winning attitude :D .
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goood job ! XD
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He he he! Panel 3 brings back memories! I actually shed a tear for Katia on that day... and wanted to strangle that blue robed bitch!
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Feels good man
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Oh look, more dank memes for the collection.
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Very dank, much memes :P
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No, this is Patrick!
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Good, you're making progress. And yeah, juuust RIGHT!
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Juuuust Right
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pacha pacha pacha
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