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The Wanderer and the ex-Pirate
On a fresh morning, from the earlier mist, Ethan had been wandering about the grasslands of Boreas, where he had freshly set foot upon not many days ago. Ethan had been travelling realm to realm, savoring in the swordplay of the peoples of each realm. And he thought, "It's the third realm travelled so far, and I'm doing so far, so good...though I wonder... This land is...rather barren - all the ruins, the freshly sprouting greenery, all that jazz... I wonder myself if there are any skilled knights or fencers of any of the existent kingdoms around?"
Ethan had trekked across the grassland until he had come upon a cliff's edge. "No way," he said to himself, "Is this a dead end?" His mind, however, made with clarity, a riposte as the fog had cleared, revealing a lone, floating island, buried in further, clearing fog, revealing much more island before his eyes. A large pole had signified an entry for the island.
Without hesitation, Ethan leapt with his acrobatic strength, jumping wit
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Mufasa's Old Spice take
Hello ladies.
Look at the stars.
Now back to me.
Now back at the stars.
Now back to me.
Sadly, they aren't your king.
But if they stopped using Scar-scented body wash and switched to Pride Spice, they could smell like they're me.
Look down, back up, where are you? You're on a grassland, with the king your kings could smell like.
What's in your paws? Back at me. I have it. It's a stick with two pigments that could perfectly paint a picture the next future king.
Look again. The pigments are now a rainforest!
Anything is possible when your king smells like Pride Spice and not a hyena.
...I'm on the Leo star system.
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(NEW OC) Ethan Galen Silverhart by killerdragon558 (NEW OC) Ethan Galen Silverhart :iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 21 14 Prayers by killerdragon558 Prayers :iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 18 22 Ascend, Dear Axl by killerdragon558 Ascend, Dear Axl :iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 14 31
Axile Reigneth C5
---WARNING: This is a possible AU, and yet a crossover. The story mustn't be taken personally and is irrelevant to the main storyline of the Nightriders, by AxlReigns. All activity is not meant to happen in the original storyline and is meant to be an alternation and alteration (A&A). Thank you!---
Opening theme: [link]
Rebirth of an Exile
Chapter 5: "To Steel One's Self"
*cue music: [link]*
"One Balanced Harvest Fillet Burger with Ginseng-Citrus Iced Tea, one SnT Special Pizza (Earth-Side) 12-inch, 8-slice, and one Rhodebeest Choice-Cut with a side mixed steamed vegetables, on the house! Enjoy!"
The waitress placed each and every dish at the ready, onto the
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Balrog 'Bal' Draconis (Baxlgor) by killerdragon558 Balrog 'Bal' Draconis (Baxlgor) :iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 34 22
Axile Reigneth C4
---WARNING: This is a possible AU, and yet a crossover. The story mustn't be taken personally and is irrelevant to the main storyline of the Nightriders, by AxlReigns. All activity is not meant to happen in the original storyline and is meant to be an alternation and alteration (A&A). Thank you!---
Opening theme: [link]
Rebirth of an Exile
Chapter 4: "Confessions and the First Day of Training"
"On me. Likewise, we'll meet at the lobby."
"Be there around 19:00. I'll meet you as soon as I buy the present(s) for you." finishes Adrian.
Axl nods with a firm "Aye." and Adrian leaves the room, traversing a couple floors lower, crossing onto another towering building by an over-passing bridge connection.
A tautly armored, suited-up Davion came into view, ready to report, as he reported, "Just got new orders from command. I'll
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D.S.C. Antics - Red and the 'Defective' Car Stereo
In this scenario, Torkos, Osmium, and Red Lightning are portraying what appears to be the Top Gear trio.
This scenario is based off the 17-year-old Car Challenge from the original Top Gear, apparently that it seems to be called the Teenager's Tuner challenge. During the challenge for this one television skit/episode, the trio are left with little cash to spare and the chance to buy a second-hand Japanese tuner from the car yard. Torkos manages to buy a Nissan Skyline ER34 sedan with a very sleeper-like appearance, and swaps its drivetrain for rear-wheel-drive using his remaining, given 300 pounds. Osmium manages to buy an E46 318i, and buys a cheap alternative to a Rocket Bunny body kit, which was loosely installed, and Red Lightning, efficiently chose to buy a Toyota Caldina GT4, and guess what kind of upgrade HE manages to buy with his remaining 300 quid...
*NOTE: The characters aren't necessarily portraying their TRUE, full-fledged personalities, as they have followed a director'
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Crimson Crusader (Adrian's Keyblade and portraits) by killerdragon558 Crimson Crusader (Adrian's Keyblade and portraits) :iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 20 6 HK G26 (Assault Rifle) by killerdragon558 HK G26 (Assault Rifle) :iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 4 3 Davion Smith by killerdragon558 Davion Smith :iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 10 11 Cloud Slade Drum II (BuddyFight x Final Fantasy) by killerdragon558 Cloud Slade Drum II (BuddyFight x Final Fantasy) :iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 39 20 Knight Adrien of Astora (Dark Souls OC) by killerdragon558 Knight Adrien of Astora (Dark Souls OC) :iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 22 17 Akiraruko (Jokerruko) by killerdragon558 Akiraruko (Jokerruko) :iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 11 17
Axile Reigneth C3
---WARNING: This is a possible AU, and yet a crossover. The story mustn't be taken personally and is irrelevant to the main storyline of the Nightriders, by AxlReigns. All activity is not meant to happen in the original storyline and is meant to be an alternation and alteration (A&A). Thank you!---
Opening theme: [link]
Rebirth of an Exile
Chapter 3: "Retrieve, Recover, Restore"
"...Now come, brother, let's shape our own world into a new panorama we'll never forget."
Axl rose further from his bed, hugging Adrian, and in unison, did Adrian do the same, cradling the bandaged Axl in his loving arms.
*cue music: [link]*
Axl said, "....I have a favor to ask you..."
"...Will you please show me the new way? The fame, the pride, the burden which the world had given me...they're n
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Love is given, love is taken,
Love of our Saviour, spread where and when?

Solace and sadness are what the vain refuse,
Tears disregarded, ignorance within them, so profuse.

I mourn and pray, for you and I, and them too,
Tears must we shed, for the Holy Trinity knows so too.



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Seth, codenamed Cloudgator (Dragator character)
"A sword alone cannot be truly sharp. For He is with us everywhere, nobody fights alone."
-Sebastian Gareth "Seth" Yong

So I decided to make an OC by deLEGOfying a Megabuilt/Technic Chi Cragger. Basically this fella was HEAVILY influenced off the CHIMA series. Here's a bit of information about him

Name: Sebastian Gareth "Seth" Yong

Nickname(s): Seth, Cloudgator (Resistance codename)

Age: 17

Nationality: English/Korean (although he normally speaks English in a regular American accent)

Birthday: December 5th

Voice Actor: Chris Burnett (Familiar role: Deneb from Fairy Tail)

Race: Mandragator (half-dragon-half-alligator anthro)

Laid back, but energetic, loyal and hardworking, even for being a bit of a quiet type. He's mostly quiet in combat compared to other times, due to being the focused, dextrous-over-brutally-strong type.

He's also very optimistic, but has a certain fear of centipedes and big spiders, which he's still trying to conquer.

Short bio:
Seth was a 17 year old highschooler who had proven loyalty as he defended his girlfriend and his best friend a year ago from an assailant with a gunblade.

After a nasty battle, fists to gunblade, he suffered a double scar across his left eye, the first larger one being a cut with the gunblade, the second smaller one coming from a bullet grazing slightly through his eyelid. After knocking the criminal off guard, he took the criminal to custody, he bade farewell to his bestie and GF, to become a God-Soldier, saying that he will meet them again someday.

The year later, he met Adrian as a God-Soldier. He and Adrian have been newly united comrades in the Divine Coalition, and with a Godly friendship newly forged, they shall carry each other through Him until the very end.

Battles were fought, and progress was made, and soon enough, Seth grew a stronger Spiritual character, allowing him to be compatible with the use of Resonance and a Godblade.

Ambidextrously, Seth wields a Godblade built off an Einhander sword named Aetherstrider. In the image above, he is wielding a spectral clone of it on his offhand. This shows his use of the his power known as Gemini Strife.

Props, thanks and shoutout goes to TheOneVeyronian, a fellow LEGO and car enthusiast, who with her renditions of a realistic Chima character were a good inspiration.

Art and OC belong to me

This character was inspired off Cragger from the Chima series which belongs to LEGO.

Einhander was inspired off the Zweihander

Delegofication complete. Thank you for your service!
Title says it all. Today's the last day of summer and my new school begins tomorrow.

There's no guarantee I'd be just me and me alone in that school. And if I tried being the people-pleaser I used to be back then, if I had been such a tryhard fanboy or just a tryhard in general, then I'm pretty sure that's just the last mistake I'd be committing once again.

I do believe in a transformed self that I enter today, that I'll be able to make do with what and who is ever around me. I believe that tomorrow, by God's instruction and by a bit of you all, I'd be able to take what I need for the new journey ahead.

All of you watching me is free to see. :)

God bless all of you:
and everyone else.


Mood: Patient
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  • Playing: Stellaris
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HK G26 (Assault Rifle)
Back to Pimp My Gun.

This is the Heckler & Koch G26, or AR26. A derivative of the 5.56x45mm HK416 assault rifle designed for mid to long range combat. With a heavier barrel and precision-suited attachments, the G26 is an assault rifle which misses little to no marks.

The G26 is basically the lighter, fully automatic assault rifle counterpart to the G28 DMR, which is a semi-auto only HK417. Knowing that the G28 looked like it would also fulfill assault if fitted with proper equipment, I thought, maybe a lighter counterpart should have been made, so here it is.

Top: full kit

Bottom: LW Patrol version

H&K G26/AR26
RoF: 700 - 900 RPM
Weight: 4.6kg (10.1lb)
Affiliation: USMC, Bundeswehr

Made using PMG 0.7
On a fresh morning, from the earlier mist, Ethan had been wandering about the grasslands of Boreas, where he had freshly set foot upon not many days ago. Ethan had been travelling realm to realm, savoring in the swordplay of the peoples of each realm. And he thought, "It's the third realm travelled so far, and I'm doing so far, so good...though I wonder... This land is...rather barren - all the ruins, the freshly sprouting greenery, all that jazz... I wonder myself if there are any skilled knights or fencers of any of the existent kingdoms around?"

Ethan had trekked across the grassland until he had come upon a cliff's edge. "No way," he said to himself, "Is this a dead end?" His mind, however, made with clarity, a riposte as the fog had cleared, revealing a lone, floating island, buried in further, clearing fog, revealing much more island before his eyes. A large pole had signified an entry for the island.

Without hesitation, Ethan leapt with his acrobatic strength, jumping with all his might at the end of his sprint. He could have fallen, but with his slim, lean, agile frame, he had but a whim making quite the epic jump. Ethan hadn't sprained an ankle or a muscle upon his landing.

Ethan was more than a wandering swordsman. His acrobatics and athletics in a hard-knot tandem had proven he was probably a ninja. And there was more. With his killer swordsmanship, his endurance being the best part of it, he felt like he could chop bamboo sticks the whole day, morning 'till afternoon. He could put on even a day-long show of chivalrous swordplay without breaking a sweat. Paired with his undefined confidence, masked by his silence and his focused guise, he felt like he could duel all day.

As Ethan strode on, he continued through the clearing clouds, slowly, until the fog had fully disappeared. Ethan had imagined getting the green light for a race. So, he sprinted again, heroically jumping onto another island with a graceful backflip to gild his movement. Landing on the other floating island, he went on. This adventure had probably proven to be quite the parkour session he hadn't fictionalized within his naive, young lizard-dragon head.

"I could go forever. Even with these movements, this intensity, I could feel at one with myself. Like a ghost in the wind." Ethan thought. His little skyland hopping hike continued, as he jumped upon a chain of islands, as it looked to him like a giant's staircase. It welcomed him unto a new skyland which had bore a large mountain. There, he hiked. And so he climbed. The mountain wasn't a tough customer, for there, it bore a path leading unto the higher grounds.

Ethan climbed further. His steps feeling heavier as he goes up the slope. He didn't seem to give up, despite the condition of his tiring feet, he felt no burdens. The freedom of exploration had him progressing further up the mountains. Further did he go until he had reached the mountain's summit.

The summit had proved a further road to travel for the young, rambunctious Ethan. This time, however, he seemed to be a bit more conservative of his energy, slowing down into a walking pace as he trekked along the peak, encountering a few trees in a treeline. Ethan hiked further into a small, sparse forest. Venturing straight ahead, he had no difficulty voyaging along the temperate treelines of the high, alpine-like skyland.


Meanwhile, onboard the deck of a floating airship was Reynardo, a fox, an ex-pirate who had been the unsung, unexpected, yet welcome hero of the Rebellion, now the New Erdan Republic,. He had docked his ship, settling for the skyland below, landing it slightly above the grassy ground. Its magic engines had come to a halt. The ship had floated above, idling, even without its engine running primarily, as the auxiliary power had been keeping the ship afloat.

The fox had jumped off the deck of his ship, landing on the grassy land, to catch a breather. He thought, "Finally, some time to relax." Just when he had basked in the fresh, peaceful winds of solitude, he had hopped up a tree, lying in wait for something interesting to happen. So he jumped up, lay lax in a branch, and drank from a liquor bottle filled with some spring waters.

"Alas, I'm beginning to feel that I'm not the only one alone..." Reynardo thought, as he felt as if he were expecting another traveller, a lone traveller at best. As he had parried the thought away from his vigilant mind, he continued to drink from the used liquor bottle, and so dropped it onto the grassy soil, as he had guzzled up all the spring water from it.

There he could idly think shortly, and he did. Of the successful missions he had accomplished, with Zenobia, with the Rebellion, heck, even with the unusual Lapino. But he reminisced that it was all good. Such were the adventures he had...

Still, he couldn't sit and stay idly. He watched the sky, as he would the surroundings. The grass and branches may rustle, but the clanking of armor or the stomping of boots could sound anywhere. So as he sat high on the branch, he affixed his position and poised himself, hidden within the higher canopy of the tree.


The lizardman wasted no time climbing his way through the larger land. As he emerged from the forest, he kept his moderate pace through a field of tall grass and explored another tunnelling forest. And it was only beginning to worry him just for this moment.

"Why do I get the feeling that I'm being watched by someone from outta nowhere?" thought Ethan, "I'm getting a crawling feeling up my spine for no apparent someone here? Is someone after me?" So he carefully, silently stepped through the dry, rustling grounds of the little-big forest.

Ethan had come upon finishing his little forest walk, right out of the trees, into a new grassland. His bare feet hadn't made much of a crunching upon the loam and tall grass, but rustling had remained. It was then, upon the time Ethan had gone far into the open grass field, he stopped. He could feel his sixth sense tingling. He focused his vision, and calmed his mind, waiting for the time to react.

Lurking within the shadow of a tree's canopy was Reynardo, finely dressed in his everyday's best. He hadn't made a sound since he had first jumped into the canopy. The fox was more than ready to strike - he could pounce upon the red lizardman's naive existence, or he could try the old crossbow that Lapino had left him since he left to find another job for the Skyland Expeditional Republic, which the old Rebellion had dissolved into. With a bolt loaded onto its machinery, Reynardo aimed.

Reynardo thought, "I suppose I can send him a little greeting...but it is rather unbecoming to shoot a harmless stranger out of nowhere... Still, he's armed, probably off to cause some trouble." He had finished scratching his chin and attended to his crossbow again, and focused on the lizardman's presence, who was armed with a large longsword magnetised onto his back, no sheath, no magic lights, just somehow, the sword appears to be magnetised.

Second thoughts came to Reynardo's head, and just then, he thought, "But we, the Republic *are* looking for new recruits join the Expeditionary Force? Hmm....well....if that's the case, time to send the boy a letter."

Reynardo fired a miniature crossbow, loaded with a somewhat small dart, with a paper wrapped around it. In that paper had the letter, saying:

Hero, young...or aged, I challenge thee to a game of prowess. Fetch me a good drink, and we shall meet on this field. The new Republic needs new heroes.
-Capt. Reynardo

The bolt had hit the soft loam, making a whistling noise upon the impact, through its special head. Ethan picked up the bolt, harmless to anyone that comes across it.

"Fetch me a drink, and we shall meet on this field...someone is watching me. Maybe they're not so hostile?" Ethan read aloud the little letter.

Shortly, Ethan had walked up to the tree from where he had heard a short, violent flicking sound. From there, he had figured the crossbow had fired the bolt. As he had approached the tree-foot, he noticed a glass bottle drenched slightly within the dirt. It wasn't broken, but it was empty. He noticed someone might have been here, drinking liquor...or water, for there was no alcohol-scent emanating from the interior of the glass bottle. So, he tried to look up, but the tree was rather tall, and shadow had concealed most of the canopy, that whoever hid there was well-hidden in the dark of its shade.

Ethan scratched his chin, and thought, "Is it a trap? Honestly, the scent coming from this bottle seems completely normal to me, nothing poisonous, ominous, or what not... If this is the case, I guess it's time to fetch some stranger a fresh bottle of water!"

Much to his surprise, there was a river not too far from where Ethan stood, reading the short letter. So he coursed for the river, assuming there'd be a spring from where the river flows, and much to his assumptions, he was right.

A spring, fresh and clear was before his eyes. Ethan waded as quickly as he could, jumping from one side, onto a stone, then across, unto the other side of the riverbank. He walked along the banks, saving his stamina for any dangers ahead, and as he closed upon the fresh, clean springs, he filled the bottle with springwater. If only he could take a little sip, he would. But that was another man's water. And sharing meant caring.

Back to the tall grass field did Ethan trek, and call out, "I have your drink. Come out and fetch it!"

Reynardo could tell that the lizardman was addressing to him in particular. Apparently, Reynardo was a man full of surprises, so he still hid, readying the mini-crossbow again.

It was within the blink of an eye when Reynardo had fired the crossbow, seconds after his daft aim. The bolt, coated with another paper, flew towards the bottle filled with fresh spring waters. The bottle shattered into several shards. Oups! Did he really need more hydration than he could ask for? Or was Reynardo playing a game with the newcomer?

And much to his surprise, Ethan found another old paper, reading:

"Well done. I shall now challenge thee to a duel."

Ethan thought, shortly after having read the message, "Sounds like I've got a veteran looking for me."

Ethan, with his sixth sense pulled out his sword, picking up the bolt, tossing the bolt into the air cutting the bolt in half, with an inhumane reflex. "I knew it. Whoever it is, the stranger's watching me." Ethan said to himself, just in time after splitting the wooden bolt into halves.

Just noticing the lizard-kid's reflex, Reynardo still hid. Surely, the crossbow had made some noise after firing it roughly twice, but he stowed it away as to hide the evidence. He was getting ready to ambush the seemingly skilled lizardman warrior.

Finally came the time to show off his prowess. Just before the duel could start, Reynardo had lowered himself a few branches, and leapt with a heroic pounce. With his sword in hand, Reynardo lunged off the high tree branch. He was flying, with his arms raised high, ready to strike with a cleaving overhead. The big sword, pointed up, was about to cleave into halves its victim.

Ethan with another reflex had unsheathed his Soulbound Saber without hesitation, engaging a pink, glowing energy blade around the double-edged sword. Within a flashing moment, he had turned a half-circle's degrees back, noticing his foe. The two had locked themselves in a duel.

"And a good day to you!" Reynardo mused, as he noticed the skillful lizardman, blocking, as he held his double-edged longsword in front of him.

Ethan pushed his sword further away, countering Reynardo's ambush, pushing him a small distance away. "Whatever it is, I'm not looking for a fight, dude!" cried Ethan, "But if it's a fight you want, then gimme your best shot!"

Reynardo smirked, lunging forward, swinging his larger, single-edged hero-sword in a horizontal arc. Ethan blocked and blocked as Reynardo had flurried a few, heaving strikes.

After defending himself from around four to five swings, Ethan countered Reynardo's simple strong attacks, with a single, swift horizontal slash. Ethan had noticed Reynardo ducking under Ethan's swift, slim-bladed longsword.

"This kid's good!" Reynardo had thought as he recieved a goosebump from the agile swordplay of the young Ethan. Ethan had then launched a flurry of horizontal and diagonal strikes with no delay. His swings were as quick as a howling crosswind, as he gripped the sword's handle with his two, tight-gripping hands. Decisively did he swing his blade in aggressive, finessed style. Several strikes did Ethan swing about upon at his foe, but Reynardo had blocked them all with ease.

Reynardo singlehandedly swung in a wide arc, catching Ethan off guard. Stepping aside, Ethan could feel a grazing of air next to his arm.

"This guy must be a hero of some kind. From where does he hail?" wondered Ethan. Though thinking of such could have altered his focus, Ethan fought on.

The fox and the lizardman had blocked, attacked, and parried each other's blades in sync like they had never imagined. The two had clashed their blades, and pushed each other away, as if a blast of wind had caught them off guard.

Ethan caught his breath, inhaling and exhaling, all the while it was no different with a panting, sweating Reynardo. As they caught each other's eyes, Ethan rose up, and asked, "Who are you? From which land or kingdom do you hail from?"

Reynardo smirked, and his eye had shined (lo did his eyepatch keep his other eye from contacting his foe), "I'll tell you my name," jested Reynardo, "That is, if you can prove me your might. But for starters, I'm a war-hero for the Erdan Republic!" Reynardo continued the duel after his little enthusiastic taunt.

Ethan had backstepped from Reynardo's jump-strike. He could notice an aura emanating from his fox foe. "Suddenly, I could feel some kind of energy flowing from this fox-man...what kind of secret force of nature is on his side?"

The lizardman, Ethan, had swung his 'light-saber' in a rapid, parrying motion, in an attempt to catch the bold Reynardo off guard. After several successive whirls, Ethan had caught him off guard, parrying his brave ex-pirate adversary.

"You've got heart and talent, kid. I never thought I'd meet another sword-fu adversary since my glory days spent with Zenobia." spoke an amused Reynardo, quite pleased with the lizard-kid's swordsmanship. Ethan hadn't been trying to show off anyway.

Ethan then challenged, jesting back, "Yeah? Well, how's this?"

With his sword holstered aside his waist, and as he deactivated the pink light-blade on his weapon, he sheathed out of the rear-end of the longsword, another sword, more specifically, a rapier. With its thinner blade pulled out of the other, slightly wider sword, sheathed in some 'invisible scabbard', the rapier had its energy blade lit up with a green energy surrounding its edges. In a rapid succession, Ethan thrusted it in a rapid flurry upon his foe, Reynardo, who rapidly stepped aside to avoid the attack.

"The kid's full of surprises. I'm beginning to take a liking for not only his swordsmanship, but his weapon too...where did he get such a blade to begin with?" thought a puzzled Reynardo in the midst of the duel, "Well then..."

Reynardo had another option by his side; another trick up his sleeve. While he had stowed away his hero-sword in a shifting stream of light particles, he had unsheathed another one. A fiery, double-edged blade about the same, large claymore-size as his initial sword. And it had focused a flame around its blade.

"Take this!" Reynardo jumped back into action, with his blade raised into the air, then cleaving upon the ground, causing a fiery burst. His adversary, however, managed to backflip away from the blast, following with a wide, arcing, slicing strike, which had blown a wind across the flames on the ground.

Ethan had blown a cinder away from his mouth, "That's hot!" Ethan cried out as he could feel the surface of the fiery impact.

"If you're askin' who's hot, it's the Firebrand. Or is it just me wielding it?" Reynardo cockily gloated before the serious-faced, battle-focused Ethan.

Ethan chuckled, "But still, it's a pretty cool sword. I guess all of your swords are cool on so many levels." Ethan picked himself up from the ground, and unsheathed his longsword once again. "I bet you still can keep up your dance with me wielding both my beasts, no?" Ethan jested with little confidence, as he had absorbed his latter confidence into his battle-mindset.

Reynardo laughed, "Cool? Puh-lease! I've only shown you half the collection. Well, here's the coolest in my arsenal..." and right after he had sheathed his Firebrand disappearing within cinders, he drew out of a blurring light a blue-bladed sword, cold to the touch. With its freezing blade, Ethan could feel shivers up his side, as he ducked and dodged a wide, horizontal arc-strike from Reynardo. Ethan could feel himself moving a bit slower, as he barely grazed through the surface of the blue sword.

"Literally though...that's one way to put it." Ethan shaken, but not bothered by the cold, as he could feel the frost melting upon his skin.

Ethan reinvigorated himself, by launching himself in a dual-wielding kamikaze strike, he was spinning through the air like a heat-seeking missile. His bullet-jump had ended with a scissor-slash of his two blades, both pink and green lights dancing around the air like a tornado of twin glowsticks.

Reynardo could feel the hot energy, with its warmth, upon the surface of his neck, avoiding the cutting edges without hesitation as he backstepped some short distance from his adversary. With no remorse left, Reynardo was more than ready to let loose with one final test for the passer-by lizard.

"I figured you'd stay frosty with little Winterthorne here, but you still haven't seen the finest addition to my collection." beckoned Reynardo, as he had let his ice-blade shard away as he had unsummoned it, sheathing it into a magic inexistence, exchanging his ice sword for a more Eastern-styled blade entering his hand in a vorpal fashion. The newer, rather, the newest to his collection, an Eastern sword, had warped its way unto Reynardo's gripping hand in a flash of violet-magenta energy which had burst.

Reynardo silently dashed from the ground towards Ethan, but without any time in between, he blinked forth, catapulting himself at an alarming speed. A violet trail of light had flashed before Reynardo's wake, and in an instant, within an eye's blinking, did Ethan find his adversary, Reynardo clashing the Eastern blade against Ethan's defense, blocking the single-edged void-sword with both his blades crossed.

Ethan struggled, and pushed Reynardo's strike away, but Reynardo lunged back, with Ethan responding in a quick defense. Parrying Reynardo's attack, Ethan made a counterattack, jumping towards Reynardo with both his swords raised into the air. Reynardo disappeared in a flash of light, blinking right behind Ethan, who had cleaved nothing but the dirt and grass in an overhead. Reynardo attacked, but Ethan's reflex was no slouch, as he parried Reynardo's attack from behind, using the sub-sword rapier.

Recalling his attempts to master his mysterious weapon, Ethan began to twirl both his swords in a desperate attempt to land a hit. By the second, Ethan was beginning to rely on more advanced dual-swordsmanship techniques, swinging his two pieces of the Soubound Saber in more decisive, timed slashes. Still, Reynardo was swift as a falcon with the new sword equipped, as violet afterimages flashed after his swift defenses. Unfortunately so, Ethan's rapid attacks had yet yielded no damage again.

"Guess playtime's over. Time to kick it up a notch!" Ethan thought. He could analyze his enemy proving more than formidable. His opponent, Reynardo, was becoming cleverer and more difficult, after having showcased each of his magical swords. With haste did Ethan roll aside, avoiding another overhead cleave, and place the rear-ends of his swords together. With both blades combined into a double-bladed saberstaff, he could feel a vibration ebb and flow from the newly-formed weapon combination.

Ethan swung. He could resemble Darth Maul for only so long, as his staff-like swings had been proving monstrous dexterity. Reynardo couldn't easily keep up with Ethan's new style, as with every time Reynardo had successfully blocked Ethan's strike, a second, following slash from the backside sword would follow suit, thanks to the staff-style combat as utilized by his foe, Ethan.

Ethan finally landed a small cut on his opponents hide. Reynardo felt a small, shallow cut on his left thumb. "Augh!" cried Reynardo as he backed off, from the small wound, but he wasn't quitting just yet. Switching back to his initial sword, he utilized its magical essence, healing his cut as emerald energies flowed onto his cut thumb.

Gripping his sword with both hands this time, Reynardo spun in a 360-circle as he dashed for Ethan, with a horizontal attack. Ethan clashed his saberstaff, hitting the front-blade against Reynardo's greatsword, but as Reynardo had recognized Ethan's style, Reynardo decisively shifted his block towards the rear-end of Ethan's saberstaff.

Ethan then leapt, spinning his Soulbound Saber in saberstaff form in helicopter-fashion, but it was stopped. Reynardo had firmly stopped Ethan's attack, shifting his blocking to his other side, just as Ethan had utilized the rear-blade. Ethan jumped away from a counter-attacking Reynardo, and landed on his two feet, struggling to keep his fighting spirit in good conditions.

It's too late. If simple fatigue wasn't alone; it was something elusive, taking Ethan out of his fighting spirit.

Ethan felt a powerful vibration course through his body. His eyes flinched, lids twitching, and his time was running out. Just as he had noticed the curse of his own sword take place, he detached both the rapier and the longsword from each other, just before he could turn into a bloodthirsty monster, and just before the swords energy blades could run a crimson, sunset red, they flashed back into their initial, psychedelic colors.

Ethan stanced himself upon the ground again. Reynardo charged towards Ethan again, clashing his initial hero-sword against Ethan's dual blades, but shifted back to his dark-colored Eastern blade without a second's delay, and blink-stepped right past Ethan in a vorpal flash of purple light. The duel would soon be over.

"Aahh!" Ethan let out a short cry of pain. His right arm was slightly cut. Reynardo was too fast, as his void-imbued Eastern sword had magically empowered him to blur right past the red lizardman.

Reynardo sheathed his sword, and remorsefully noticed Ethan slightly bleeding, as his bicep was just slashed.

"Oh no...are you alright?" called Reynardo, "Hold on, I think I may have some bandages...they're in my ship!"

Reynardo climbed aboard his magical ship, the Farfarer, and rummaged though its storage compartment for some medical supplies.

Ethan sheathed the rapier back into the longsword body, collapsing onto his knees as he tries to stop the bleeding. "This duel...was worth it." Ethan said to himself. And he could feel his spirit flake away like ash.

Reynardo then hopped off the deck of his ship with a medical bag. As he came running towards Ethan, he said, "I'm absolutely sorry. How badly does it hurt?"

Ethan assured, "Quite a bit..." He then caught the sight of some large, white wrap-around bandages in the medkit

Reynardo finished the wound by pulling out a dressing out of the bag of medical supplies. As he tended to bleeding cut with the long bandage, Reynardo wrapped the bandage-dressing around Ethan's right arm, covering the bleeding on Ethan's right bicep.

Ethan vaguely whimpered to the tightness of the bandage and rose from the ground, sheathing his blade onto his back again. He gratefully said, "Thank you...again, good sir." and finally stood tall again, patting his right bicep.

"No pressure." lauded Reynardo, as he had finished treating Ethan's wound.

"No, really, I owe you one. Never figure'd you'd be so nice a foe in the many duels I've encountered. I believe that if I can take you on, I could take on anything." humbles Ethan.

"It's all good, no need for the formalities, kid." Reynardo mused, as to knowing the duel was all but the recent past, and what's now, is what's new.

Ethan caught his breath, and as he was already back on his feet, he stood, reluctant, and curious.

"You wanna come aboard? I can find ourselves a place to stay for the night. And trust me, I've got plenty of good connections. You interested, kid?" Reynardo beckoned, "You know, if you're lost, I can help you find a way out one day. So, what say you?"

Ethan let go of his fears and reluctance, and had faith in the fox champion, following Reynardo's lead. With his retained curiosity, Ethan mused to join the foxman's motley crew. "Count me in!" said Ethan.

Without hesitation, Ethan rounded himself up aboard the Farfarer as he followed Reynardo, and they set sail as the ship began to take off from the ground, propelled by magical drives.

High noon had barely past, and the high sun was beginning to fall. Its beautiful rays had pierced the many clouds of Erda's firmament, grazing through the beautiful floating cliffs and skylands.

"So, what's your name, kid?" Reynardo questioned.

Ethan introduced himself, "Ethan Galen Silverhart. Just a wandering swordsman from nowhere."

Reynardo laughed, "Nowhere? Don't kid, hotshot! You gotta come from somewhere!"

"Well..erm...wait...I remember. I'm from Kansas. Must have lost a bit of my memory right there." Ethan remembered.

"Well, wherever this Kansas place is, kid, I hope we're not too far from where you're trying to go." said Reynardo.

Ethan remarked, "No worries. In fact, I came this far not only looking for strong swordplayers, but as a hero, it's my honor to help along the way, every dimension I travel to. Sure, it's a bit costly on the memories, but hey, I'll get those memories back in time."

Reynardo mused, smiling, "You sound pretty bold. Just like me." Then, Reynardo introduced himself, subtly, yet smugly, "Name's Reynardo. I'm an ex-pirate, the unexpected, friendly neighborhood hero of Erda. Saved it from the tyranny of the old Empire, which then dissolved along with the Rebellion, into a Rebel Alliance; then, a month later, into the Republic. The New Erdan Republic. Long story short, I met a couple friends, formed a couple, strong, not-so-strong bonds...all that jazz. Kicked some Imperial ravens' rears, sabotaged the Emperor's superdreadnought, and saved the day."

Ethan chuckled, "Wow, well, that does seem pretty nutshell-esque...right? Maybe someday you could tell me the Story in details?"

"I will." guaranteed Reynardo.

Reynardo and Ethan lectured each other, stories were told, jokes and jests were exchanged, and they laughed together, forming a bond like they did the many friends they made not so long ago.

Finally, Reynardo came up to the bridge of the ship, welcoming the greenhorn Ethan at last, "Well, new-breed, welcome aboard the Farfarer. Fastest ship in the Erdan skies, did the Kestrel run in 12 furlongs."

"Hey, that sounds vaguely familiar...reminds me of my childhood science fiction movie!" chimed an enthusiastic Ethan.

Reynardo replied, "Maybe. Robin Hood? Oh, wait, he doesn't sail on a ship. Or was it"

"Han Solo!" Ethan interjected through his inner fanboy.

"Hahahah!...right! Not a single pistol in my arsenal! (unless you count miniature crossbows!)" jested Reynardo, then, he turned to the ship's wheel, readying the arcane drives. Reynardo declared, "Hey, kid, I think it's high time we find a place to eat, maybe find a good place for you to rest, so buckle up, or hold onto something. You won't believe how outlandishly fast she goes when we go to hyperdrive mode."

Ethan gulped, "To...where?"

Reynardo smirked, readying the console of his ship, as he engaged the magically powered hyperdrive crystal, mounted somewhere, deep within the Farfarer's engine... "Wait and see."

And so, the Farfarer, with Ethan and Reynardo on deck, disappeared in a long, beaming, flashing light, as the Farfarer had taken off into the air. The hyperdrive took the heroes into a new horizon, a new adventure.

"YEAHOOOOOOO!!!!" burst Reynardo, echoing through the skylands.

"Ooowh, I think I'm gonna be sick!" screamed Ethan.

And so, the wanderer, and the Republic hero, set forth on a brave, bold, new adventure. To where may their story go? Who knows what they'll find and what they'll go through?

The possibilities are endless. And the sky's horizon, the firmament's limit, is infinite and bright.
The Wanderer and the ex-Pirate
A skit written by me! Art belongs to Ferroth 


Antonio Sesdoyro
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
FYI, I don't brag, I don't bite, I'm not a high guy. Thank you.

Hello people!

I'm a young artist/writer who's living on the autistic spectrum, living in a messy-not-messy home somewhere in the Philippines...just doing my stuff and things, etc.

Still a-ok, still sane, still keeping up, despite my life-problems, and other misc stuff, and indolence may be one of them....but that's being taken care of.

I'm studying in a PACE/School Of Tomorrow curriculum school known as Mind Matters Christian Academy, and I'm doing a lotta stuff, whether it's my homework/schoolwork or my art/literature, or just simply my hobbies. My schedule is tightly messed up so I reckon you may simply see me, on mixed dates, online, whether here on deviantArt or on Steam.

I know, I know, I'm not the smartest, most thoughtful guy around here. I'd appreciate/love at least a few comments on my works, and I'm open to your opinions (although some negative elements may not be necessary) and if I end up hiding your comments, then I'm sorry if I might have overreacted. But please don't be shy to at least share a little respect, best by leavin' a few comments! :)

Well, it's about time to wrap up this little bio about me.


-------††††-------To Show
-------††††-------That You
-------††††-------Love and Believe
-------††††-------In Him

Put this on your
---██--- DeviantArt page
█████ if your
---██--- not embarrased
---██--- to tell
---██--- others that
---██--- you're a Christian

[Put this on your page if you role-play]

"And now for something, completely different."
-Monty Python

Current Residence: Quezon City, Philippines
Favorite music genres: Death Metal, Rock, Soundtrack, Classical, Rave, DnB, Chillstep, and any music which conveys emotion and soul.
Favorite style of art: Digital, Sketches, GModding, Fan Fiction, and more to come
Current MP3 player: My phone. A Samsung Galaxy S3.
Personal Quote(s):
"If you wanna save someone, you'd best be Saved first."
"I am a spirit. No more, no less."
"I will abandon myself...and leave my body one day."

FAVORITE SONGS (mostly what I listen to everytime):
Pieces - RED
White Noise - ERRA
Northlane - Transcending Dimensions
Awaken - Stand Alone Complex
Drive - Incubus
Take A Picture - Filter

Now for a list of people who inspired me and are my best friends...well, here on dA that is.

:iconlord-dracodraconis: LORD DRACO DRACONIS
The first one to catch my attention, specially in making Pimp My Gun creations, and a master-at-arms at making PMG stuffs, I friended him pretty quickly, but it will still take a lot more than crafting PMGuns to make an impression, but still we're still tightly bound through inspiration. I still wonder, though if he'll make a weapon named after me (which will sound kinda weird for the result/offspring!)

:icondraconian-man: DRACONIAN MAN
Draconian-Man (Teranus) is the first deviant I got to roleplay with. Although only once, I managed to really enjoy that session. I still hope for another one, even if it's been really a long time. Also, he's got a pretty cool name for an OC (sounds like a Transformer's name to me!)

:iconredlightningnod608: RED LIGHTNING NOD608 (sometimes abbreviated as RLN608)
One of my closest friends, I talk to him somewhat often on Steam and leave quite a number of comments on his arts/photos (and by photos I mean IRL captured photos), and I seem tightly bonded with him. Still distant, yet a good riposte comes from a long-gone return.

:iconrico-the-dragon: RICO THE DRAGON (formerly known as Dracozek)
A fellow who I managed to encounter with an interesting art style. I happen to like it. Soon, I'll get to grow closer. :)

:iconaxlreigns: AXL REIGNS
Reptiles, heavy metal, etc! We have much in common! Blessed is this brotherhood forevermore!

:icon5nafsimmonsinator: 5NAFSIMMONSINATOR
Brothers in faith and fate. With different ideals, but with no different love. We last all the way.

:iconbatruko: BATRUKO
He's got an awesome cartoon-styling, plus he's also capable of causing a lotta humor! He and I are like pun-pals. Brothers in puns! He's also got a lot of inspiring character designs, and thus he's got a neat set of original species/races! :D One of the first few to gift me an artwork too!~ A bestie confirmed.

:iconferroth: FERROTH
Ferroth is also another one of my reptile-pals. He's a neat fellow who's drawn a gift art like Batruko. Also, his art styles are a significant amount of steps further, and an intriguing one at best. :)

Well, to wrap up this friends list, I'd like to say, they're ALL my friends (and in a technical way.) Indeed, they are, because...

"Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet." (Jaune Arc in RWBY EP2 - The Shining Beacon)

██████ 40.0 % Not super-proud-happy, but still happy being a dragon; FYI, I'm a HUMAN. I'm no roaring firebreather, putting me in the case of a rare specimen.

-----.I-.$b b-'.-----------"P---.P*""*$$$$;--$$$
Random dragon thing for lols.

A little past nutshell story to explain what I said above:
"I spent my past days hunting them all: firebreathers, flyers, ravagers, you name it.
But now I'm one of them, turned into a beastman, who people call a monster.
Knowing that; feeling it inside, I'm now on the run......yet still on the hunt.
Lest this be a crazy adventure...once more."

This doesn't mean I hate them. I mean, they're my top favorite mythical creature, but I don't feel like being an absolute, 100% dragon, simply speaking.

Might, power and strength isn't everything. Though some may be weak, they won't suffer the dead end. Protect them. Guide them. Help them up. Stand up for them. Do not belittle them; do not talk them down, and put them off. Don't hold onto your pride, and self-righteousness, but be righteous in Him. Seek His way, and not yours. Humble yourself as you offer a hand. Lest you go your way, which the LORD shall transform.

True friends will read and re post this. Fake friends will just ignore it.
If you are a real friends, one who cares for their friends, copy and paste this.

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