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Scalyfied! by killerdragon558 Scalyfied! :iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 17 13 Maverick (Life Guardian) by killerdragon558 Maverick (Life Guardian) :iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 17 9
The Wanderer and the ex-Pirate
On a fresh morning, from the earlier mist, Ethan had been wandering about the grasslands of Boreas, where he had freshly set foot upon not many days ago. Ethan had been travelling realm to realm, savoring in the swordplay of the peoples of each realm. And he thought, "It's the third realm travelled so far, and I'm doing so far, so good...though I wonder... This land is...rather barren - all the ruins, the freshly sprouting greenery, all that jazz... I wonder myself if there are any skilled knights or fencers of any of the existent kingdoms around?"
Ethan had trekked across the grassland until he had come upon a cliff's edge. "No way," he said to himself, "Is this a dead end?" His mind, however, made with clarity, a riposte as the fog had cleared, revealing a lone, floating island, buried in further, clearing fog, revealing much more island before his eyes. A large pole had signified an entry for the island.
Without hesitation, Ethan leapt with his acrobatic strength, jumping wit
:iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 5 4
Mufasa's Old Spice take
Hello ladies.
Look at the stars.
Now back to me.
Now back at the stars.
Now back to me.
Sadly, they aren't your king.
But if they stopped using Scar-scented body wash and switched to Pride Spice, they could smell like they're me.
Look down, back up, where are you? You're on a grassland, with the king your kings could smell like.
What's in your paws? Back at me. I have it. It's a stick with two pigments that could perfectly paint a picture the next future king.
Look again. The pigments are now a rainforest!
Anything is possible when your king smells like Pride Spice and not a hyena.
...I'm on the Leo star system.
:iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 4 1
(NEW OC) Ethan Galen Silverhart by killerdragon558 (NEW OC) Ethan Galen Silverhart :iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 22 14 Prayers by killerdragon558 Prayers :iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 18 22 Ascend, Dear Axl by killerdragon558 Ascend, Dear Axl :iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 13 31
Axile Reigneth C5
---WARNING: This is a possible AU, and yet a crossover. The story mustn't be taken personally and is irrelevant to the main storyline of the Nightriders, by AxlReigns. All activity is not meant to happen in the original storyline and is meant to be an alternation and alteration (A&A). Thank you!---
Opening theme: [link]
Rebirth of an Exile
Chapter 5: "To Steel One's Self"
*cue music: [link]*
"One Balanced Harvest Fillet Burger with Ginseng-Citrus Iced Tea, one SnT Special Pizza (Earth-Side) 12-inch, 8-slice, and one Rhodebeest Choice-Cut with a side mixed steamed vegetables, on the house! Enjoy!"
The waitress placed each and every dish at the ready, onto the
:iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 5 12
Balrog 'Bal' Draconis (Baxlgor) by killerdragon558 Balrog 'Bal' Draconis (Baxlgor) :iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 38 22
Axile Reigneth C4
---WARNING: This is a possible AU, and yet a crossover. The story mustn't be taken personally and is irrelevant to the main storyline of the Nightriders, by AxlReigns. All activity is not meant to happen in the original storyline and is meant to be an alternation and alteration (A&A). Thank you!---
Opening theme: [link]
Rebirth of an Exile
Chapter 4: "Confessions and the First Day of Training"
"On me. Likewise, we'll meet at the lobby."
"Be there around 19:00. I'll meet you as soon as I buy the present(s) for you." finishes Adrian.
Axl nods with a firm "Aye." and Adrian leaves the room, traversing a couple floors lower, crossing onto another towering building by an over-passing bridge connection.
A tautly armored, suited-up Davion came into view, ready to report, as he reported, "Just got new orders from command. I'll
:iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 5 13
D.S.C. Antics - Red and the 'Defective' Car Stereo
In this scenario, Torkos, Osmium, and Red Lightning are portraying what appears to be the Top Gear trio.
This scenario is based off the 17-year-old Car Challenge from the original Top Gear, apparently that it seems to be called the Teenager's Tuner challenge. During the challenge for this one television skit/episode, the trio are left with little cash to spare and the chance to buy a second-hand Japanese tuner from the car yard. Torkos manages to buy a Nissan Skyline ER34 sedan with a very sleeper-like appearance, and swaps its drivetrain for rear-wheel-drive using his remaining, given 300 pounds. Osmium manages to buy an E46 318i, and buys a cheap alternative to a Rocket Bunny body kit, which was loosely installed, and Red Lightning, efficiently chose to buy a Toyota Caldina GT4, and guess what kind of upgrade HE manages to buy with his remaining 300 quid...
*NOTE: The characters aren't necessarily portraying their TRUE, full-fledged personalities, as they have followed a director'
:iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 2 6
Crimson Crusader (Adrian's Keyblade and portraits) by killerdragon558 Crimson Crusader (Adrian's Keyblade and portraits) :iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 21 6 HK G26 (Assault Rifle) by killerdragon558 HK G26 (Assault Rifle) :iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 12 5 Davion Smith by killerdragon558 Davion Smith :iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 9 11 Cloud Slade Drum II (BuddyFight x Final Fantasy) by killerdragon558 Cloud Slade Drum II (BuddyFight x Final Fantasy) :iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 44 20 Knight Adrien of Astora (Dark Souls OC) by killerdragon558 Knight Adrien of Astora (Dark Souls OC) :iconkillerdragon558:killerdragon558 23 17
Love is given, love is taken,
Love of our Saviour, spread where and when?

Solace and sadness are what the vain refuse,
Tears disregarded, ignorance within them, so profuse.

I mourn and pray, for you and I, and them too,
Tears must we shed, for the Holy Trinity knows so too.



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Antonio Sesdoyro
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
FYI, I don't brag, I don't bite, I'm not a high guy. Thank you.

Hello people!

I'm a young artist/writer who's living on the autistic spectrum, living in a messy-not-messy home somewhere in the Philippines...just doing my stuff and things, etc.

Still a-ok, still sane, still keeping up, despite my life-problems, and other misc stuff, and indolence may be one of them....but that's being taken care of.

I'm studying in a PACE/School Of Tomorrow curriculum school known as Mind Matters Christian Academy, and I'm doing a lotta stuff, whether it's my homework/schoolwork or my art/literature, or just simply my hobbies. My schedule is tightly messed up so I reckon you may simply see me, on mixed dates, online, whether here on deviantArt or on Steam.

I know, I know, I'm not the smartest, most thoughtful guy around here. I'd appreciate/love at least a few comments on my works, and I'm open to your opinions (although some negative elements may not be necessary) and if I end up hiding your comments, then I'm sorry if I might have overreacted. But please don't be shy to at least share a little respect, best by leavin' a few comments! :)

Well, it's about time to wrap up this little bio about me.


-------††††-------To Show
-------††††-------That You
-------††††-------Love and Believe
-------††††-------In Him

Put this on your
---██--- DeviantArt page
█████ if your
---██--- not embarrased
---██--- to tell
---██--- others that
---██--- you're a Christian

[Put this on your page if you role-play]

"And now for something, completely different."
-Monty Python

Current Residence: Quezon City, Philippines
Favorite music genres: Death Metal, Rock, Soundtrack, Classical, Rave, DnB, Chillstep, and any music which conveys emotion and soul.
Favorite style of art: Digital, Sketches, GModding, Fan Fiction, and more to come
Current MP3 player: My phone. A Samsung Galaxy S3.
Personal Quote(s):
"If you wanna save someone, you'd best be Saved first."
"I am a spirit. No more, no less."
"I will abandon myself...and leave my body one day."

FAVORITE SONGS (mostly what I listen to everytime):
Pieces - RED
White Noise - ERRA
Northlane - Transcending Dimensions
Awaken - Stand Alone Complex
Drive - Incubus
Take A Picture - Filter

Now for a list of people who inspired me and are my best friends...well, here on dA that is.

:iconlord-dracodraconis: LORD DRACO DRACONIS
The first one to catch my attention, specially in making Pimp My Gun creations, and a master-at-arms at making PMG stuffs, I friended him pretty quickly, but it will still take a lot more than crafting PMGuns to make an impression, but still we're still tightly bound through inspiration. I still wonder, though if he'll make a weapon named after me (which will sound kinda weird for the result/offspring!)

:icondraconian-man: DRACONIAN MAN
Draconian-Man (Teranus) is the first deviant I got to roleplay with. Although only once, I managed to really enjoy that session. I still hope for another one, even if it's been really a long time. Also, he's got a pretty cool name for an OC (sounds like a Transformer's name to me!)

:iconredlightningnod608: RED LIGHTNING NOD608 (sometimes abbreviated as RLN608)
One of my closest friends, I talk to him somewhat often on Steam and leave quite a number of comments on his arts/photos (and by photos I mean IRL captured photos), and I seem tightly bonded with him. Still distant, yet a good riposte comes from a long-gone return.

:iconrico-the-dragon: RICO THE DRAGON (formerly known as Dracozek)
A fellow who I managed to encounter with an interesting art style. I happen to like it. Soon, I'll get to grow closer. :)

:iconaxlreigns: AXL REIGNS
Reptiles, heavy metal, etc! We have much in common! Blessed is this brotherhood forevermore!

:icon5nafsimmonsinator: 5NAFSIMMONSINATOR
Brothers in faith and fate. With different ideals, but with no different love. We last all the way.

:iconbatruko: BATRUKO
He's got an awesome cartoon-styling, plus he's also capable of causing a lotta humor! He and I are like pun-pals. Brothers in puns! He's also got a lot of inspiring character designs, and thus he's got a neat set of original species/races! :D One of the first few to gift me an artwork too!~ A bestie confirmed.

:iconferroth: FERROTH
Ferroth is also another one of my reptile-pals. He's a neat fellow who's drawn a gift art like Batruko. Also, his art styles are a significant amount of steps further, and an intriguing one at best. :)

Well, to wrap up this friends list, I'd like to say, they're ALL my friends (and in a technical way.) Indeed, they are, because...

"Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet." (Jaune Arc in RWBY EP2 - The Shining Beacon)

██████ 40.0 % Not super-proud-happy, but still happy being a dragon; FYI, I'm a HUMAN. I'm no roaring firebreather, putting me in the case of a rare specimen.

-----.I-.$b b-'.-----------"P---.P*""*$$$$;--$$$
Random dragon thing for lols.

A little past nutshell story to explain what I said above:
"I spent my past days hunting them all: firebreathers, flyers, ravagers, you name it.
But now I'm one of them, turned into a beastman, who people call a monster.
Knowing that; feeling it inside, I'm now on the run......yet still on the hunt.
Lest this be a crazy adventure...once more."

This doesn't mean I hate them. I mean, they're my top favorite mythical creature, but I don't feel like being an absolute, 100% dragon, simply speaking.

Might, power and strength isn't everything. Though some may be weak, they won't suffer the dead end. Protect them. Guide them. Help them up. Stand up for them. Do not belittle them; do not talk them down, and put them off. Don't hold onto your pride, and self-righteousness, but be righteous in Him. Seek His way, and not yours. Humble yourself as you offer a hand. Lest you go your way, which the LORD shall transform.

True friends will read and re post this. Fake friends will just ignore it.
If you are a real friends, one who cares for their friends, copy and paste this.

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Hey guys, if you like my art, you can additionally donate here. I'm looking to get some points for at least a few commishes, as a little side-order achievement here. Thank you all! :D

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Thanks dearly for your FAVS!

I read your biography and I think we have a lot in common.
I am also an artist/writer.
I often struggle with some things like depression.
I am a Christian.

Have a great day! :D
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