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Respect The Models Sign XXL


Feel free to use this sign wherever you like!!!
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I get tha feeling that anyone that has to be told this will end up not doing this possibly for a similar reason that they're doing it in tha 1st place|
I fully support tha message this "PSA-if you will" is attempting to deliver to dumb-asses - I mean tha masses that we are unfortunate enough to have "hiding in plain sight" among us|
As much as I believe the models who bare their souls and their hind ends(-teehee)to us in the effort to deliver/transform/portray any form of art or a simple degree of titillation that falls under erotica that Tha dA is known for and is mistaken for full-on pornography...I also believe the opinions put out on em should also be respected as well|
It doesn't happen too terribly often but I comment on plenty of full-on naked deviations because I have an appreciation for the purity that comes with a human form sporting a sweet(or even not-so-sweet)birthday suit and it can even be a visceral-savage porno thrill as well to add to my joy and everyone else watching that appreciates it as well|
That appreciation is often denigrated to that low-grade porno aspect because it's too easy to just see it that way while casually tossing my in-depth analysis into tha waste basket|
I couldn't remember what I was originally gonna close out with but I'm always thinking about what I'm about to say: All opinions should be respected; another thing that does happen quite often is if I dislike a popular movie/like a popular-to-hate movie then that instance becomes a magnet for people who exist to confirm the popular opinion on that movie by affirming that I can only be basically retarded or such to enjoy(or not)said piece of entertainment and they clearly take these experiences far more seriously than we are supposed to|
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Very nice model! Fantastic!
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You'd better respect models. They're people too, and just like people, they have feelings and emotions that can easily damage when hurt.
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Thanks a lot for making this Sign, it will be usefull since respecting the models doesn't seem to be everyone's standard even nowadays :/
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I think people expect something more than hegre or femjoy pictures on deviantart. 
+ Deviantart has drawings of 5 year olds, sculpture masterpieces of very talented artists.
high resolution 3d models of game developers. Comic pages of comic book artists. 
And of course pornography, closups of vaginas and penises and nude bodies.
I think nudity should be on a completely different section, maybe a seperate website.
BW-999's avatar
whatever people expect doesn't authorize them to disrespect a model by publishing gross/aggressive comment. That's what this sign is about. Whatever the content, whether you like it or not, don't touch the model ;)
NeraNanda's avatar
well, no one has immunity in everything.
BW-999's avatar
what do you mean ?
NeraNanda's avatar
When a guy or girl makes a zero efford snapshot of his or her private parts and smacks it on Deviantart and tries to defend it saying it's "art". Then you don't have immunity from negative comments. 
+ if you put your photo online then you should expect all sorts of comments.
It's the interwebz. 

If I like the model's physique, pose, lightning, something fantasy put into it or post edditing stuff
than my comment will be positive. It's just a shot of a girls nude butt, than it won't be positive.

Every person gets the standard level of respect from me. The persons behaviour may change that respect to
a lot of respect, or none at all.

Saying whatever the picture is, don't touch the model and respect it. Than I automatically have less
respect. I'll decide who gets my respect and who doesn't. And I'll also decide what I'll post or won't post.
If you have a problem with that I'm more than happy to discuss the details with you.
KiLLERdjay2k15's avatar
My pleasure! Feel free to use it wherever you want!
AnnieCatBlue's avatar
Thank you! As a photographer who works with models, and a sometimes model, and a woman, thank you.
KiLLERdjay2k15's avatar
No problem! Feel free to use the logo wherever you want. Maybe a shooting or something else! Best wishes!
graphicsurge's avatar
Of course respect the models, or rather show as much respect as the person has shown themself.
KatiDunkelschoen's avatar
ich habe es auf meinem Profil stehen. Tolle Arbeit.
Danke fürs mitteilen.
thmghty's avatar
i respect anyone who gets naked in front of a camera for 2,000,000 people to view dude.
NeraNanda's avatar
I don't, do you know there are a hell of a lot of people on this planet?
All of them have a nude body you know. 
Chances are 0.0% will recognize them even with their face in view. 
So you're practically anonymous, I don't automatically have respect for that.
ImpostirEvil's avatar
More like an infinite amount of people, as anyone can view it, anytime, anywhere. It's a risky choice, but if the person is brave enough, they're cool enough for me. I've only shown my complete face on the internet twice, the first being VERY hard to find, the other is someplace obvious. Either way, I'm not the guy who likes to show himself. I prefer to be somewhat masked and hidden, so that NO ONE may know who I truly am. If someone ever did discover me, they would be confused and possibly have a reason to never like me again. As you can see, not very many people know who or what I even am. I can be anything. I can pretend... but I usually don't. Despite the fact I can lie, somebody is bound to find me. Hopefully not soon. Hopefully not someone I do not like. They might question me. Only the people who know me personally will understand it. For now, all that everyone else knows is that I am Ruben. I like hats. I like ponies. I like art. I like computers. I like videogames. I like being stupid. I like life. Hehehe... Yeah. But what must I fear? It's dA. I might have revealed myself anyways, without even noticing it.
KiLLERdjay2k15's avatar
It doesn't matter if nude or not. All models deserve the respect.
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