Alex's Alien Adaptation Part 3- Growing Pains

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“Ergh, come on! Get. Smaller!”

A large blob of sentient flesh quivered on the jungle floor. Her pink sides jiggled as the cells within the mass of meat frantically attempted to conform to their master’s whim. The humidity was thick against the skin of the blob, but she ignored that mild discomfort. The mind within the alien biomass raged, desperately trying to get her body to become a more manageable size.

“Gah!” Alex mentally gasped, her large, amorphous body finally relaxing. She had been at this herculean task for minutes, silently exerting her body in a vain attempt to reduce her size. But it just didn’t seem to be working. No matter how hard she compressed, no matter how hard she concentrated on small animals or small body parts or small… anything, her body always maintained its enormous size.

Alex paused her compacting for a moment. Yesterday, she assimilated a giant, predatory bug, and when she woke up that morning, she was still just as big as it. Her body had completely converted every cell in the massive beast into free-forming cells within her biomass. It would have been great if she was trying to become some cheesy B-movie monster, but she was far more interested in getting back to civilization. And that was difficult when she could barely navigate her huge body around her ship, much less operate its precise controls.

Alex soundlessly groaned. Her body tensed up again, her trillions of cells all smashing and colliding with each other to become smaller. Pain flared across her formless form as though every alien cell in her body were crying out for mercy. But Alex just had to become normal again, or at the very least normal sized. Twitching and jittering, her body once again went slack as Alex gave up momentarily.

“Damn it.” Alex cursed. It just couldn’t be done. She was stuck like this. A giant, alien blob with the brain of a foolish planetary surveyor.

A very hungry planetary surveyor, at that. While she currently lacked a stomach, Alex could still feel the deep pangs of hunger coming from her core. All of her exertions had only made her ravenous. Unfortunately, thinking back to her ship, she knew what few rations remained in there couldn’t possibly feed her. She needed some other source of sustenance. Well, there was always the bug...

“No way,” Alex quickly shot down the idea that cropped up in her head. Why in the world would she become that abomination? And besides, if she was successful with her hunt, that would only mean she would pack on more alien cells. She was trying to get smaller, not bigger!

And yet, she couldn’t deny the painfully gaping hunger within her. No matter what her rational brain told her, it just couldn’t compete with the visceral feeling of emptiness within her. And what would happen if she kept ignoring it? Would her alien cells revolt and put the bug in charge? Alex shivered, her large, pink sides undulating in fear.

“Alright,” Alex finally relented to the pit in her body, “but if I’m going to do this, it’s going to be on my terms.”

She steeled herself for the transformation, but her body was already hard at work. After being subjected to her strange requests to “get small,” becoming a different life form was easy. Already, she could feel six growths extending out from her pink center, hard chitin reinforcing their surfaces. Growing out, the new legs built segment after segment until they reached their ends. And at those ends, three insectoid claws erupted from the shiny exoskeleton, sharpening to fine points as they impacted against the ground.

Steadily, Alex lifted her solidifying body with her new legs. She had used these legs before, but feeling her torso change as well was something different. Even without her command, her cells organized and constructed the unique architecture of the alien bug, cardiovascular, digestive, and nervous organs forming with connective tubes linking them all. And on the surface, her soft, formless body hardened, taking on a solid, pill shape. Its pink color disappeared under a wave of reddish-black exoskeleton cascading across her body.

All that was left was the head. Alex tried to think about her own head, but visions of the monstrous bug that nearly swallowed her whole haunted her. She imagined the two limbs sticking out from its back, the pale spears impaling her body. She saw the ghastly mandibles, dripping with drool. She envisioned the devilish antennae sticking out of its head like two curved pillars of obsidian. And, worst of all, she fearfully remembered those black, unblinking eyes, compound and blankly staring at her as the creature pulled her toward its maw.

Her body responded to her horrible recollections. From out of her front shoulders, two new limbs erupted from the hard exoskeleton. Much like the legs, they grew one segment at a time, but after the second, a long, white spear seemingly made from bone exploded out like a switchblade snapping out of its sheath. And below those fearsome weapons, Alex’s new head formed.

But it wasn’t her human head. No, this head held the same crimson and ebony coloration as the rest of her large, beastly body. Starting as only an orb, features began wiggling out. Antennae shot out at the top, the hellish things curving toward each other like the horns of a demon. An opening appeared at the bottom of the insectoid head, jagged and powerful mandibles pushing out from either side of it. Drool dripped from the new maw, its connection to the nightmare’s digestive tract completing. And between the two new formations, on the left and right of the increasingly solid head, black, compound eyes awakened.

Alex’s vision felt distorted in the peculiar view of her alien eyes. Stranger still were the sensations she felt coming from the top of her head. She stumbled slightly, struggling to find her sense of balance. The world didn’t appear like it had with her human eyes. All she could see were splotches of black and white. Had her body not properly formed her human eyes? And what was with those bizarre feelings coming from her hair?

Her mind, desperate for answers, unconsciously called upon the memories, experiences, and instincts of the assimilated alien. The more subconscious information her body gave her, the more the world around her started to make sense. To Alex’s conscious mind, the sudden flash of knowledge and wisdom felt odd. Like she was recalling events from her life that never happened to her, memories and feelings that weren’t her own.

“Oh God, no.” Alex finally realized what she had become. She had failed; she was now exactly like the bug!

But she, Alex the Human, was still in control. She could still distinctly remember herself: her appearance, her parents, her apartment back on her home station, her mission to Weaver, how all this crazy stuff happened to her. At the same time, she could draw from the assimilated alien’s experiences so clearly and completely, it was like she had lived them herself. The numerous successful hunts of the insect flashed in her starving mind, the methods and techniques of the predator suddenly and instantly teaching Alex how to use the strange alien’s body properly.

She wasn’t sure how to feel about this turn of events, but she did know one thing: she was hungry! And now she had the perfect body to fix that.

Alex took another look around. While her vision certainly wasn’t as good as when she had human eyes, it was enough for her to get a sense of the land. Her antennae tasted the air, picking up on the faint trails left by other aliens.

“Left by prey,” her subconscious teacher corrected.

Giving her body a shake, Alex felt all the new muscles across her body. Despite knowing they had just formed, none of them felt odd or fresh. No, she had used these legs and spear-arms before in another life.

Ready, Alex quietly rushed off into the underbrush. She had waited long enough. It was time to eat!


“Come on,” Alex thought, watching the two-legged creature inch closer to the pond, “take a drink.”

Laying silently within the thick foliage of the jungle, Alex watched the creature hop closer to a pool of water. She was completely still, her muscles tense yet unmoving, her maw agape but not letting a single drop of saliva slip out. Deep in her cover, Alex watched the white silhouette get right up to the edge of the pond.

Alex had waited patiently beside the water source for nearly an hour. While Alex the Human thought it was silly to sit around when she had so much strength, Alex the Insect knew that this method was far easier and had a higher chance of success. And so far, it seemed that the Insect was right. She just had to time her ambush just right.

The bipedal creature took a look around. Alex was like a statue, her whole body petrifying when the creature’s oblong head pointed toward her cover. Yet, the creature was clueless, scanning right over her and peering at other spots for longer. It inspected its surroundings for a few seconds more, but Alex held still, never betraying her cover.

“For God’s sake,” Alex complained, “it’s safe, you stupid thing! Now go take a drink.”

As if the creature had heard her, the white figure turned back to the water. It’s frame hunched over, its exposed back gently rising and lowering in time with its gulps. Now was the time.

Alex pushed off with all six legs at once. Her body rocketed out of the jungle like a bullet. Both arms were held straight out like a lancer in a full gallop toward the enemy line. Yes, this was it!

The creature didn’t even have time to react. Alex’s lances found their marks, digging deep into the creature’s back. On instinct, Alex whipped her arms up, lifting the alien off its feet with hardly any effort at all. She could see her prey writhe for a moment in her grasp, but her spears had nearly split the poor thing in two. She felt its muscles relax, its body falling slack. She had done it; her first kill!

While Alex was overjoyed to finally have something to eat, there was something sickening about seeing such an event. Particularly because she had been the one skewered yesterday. Had she not become some strange assimilating blob creature, she would have suffered the same fate as this poor thing. Alex couldn’t help but feel somewhat disturbed by her actions.

“Well,” Alex’s reasoning quickly came to the rescue, “I guess this is just how nature works. Animals have to eat, and humans are animals, too. I bet this is what cavemen had to do back in the day… erm, with real spears, though.”

Alex brought the creature in toward her drooling maw. The body of the creature broke as her mandibles smashed and ripped pieces off her meal. Her method of eating sort of reminded Alex of eating a shish kabob or having some corn on the cob. Her mandibles, after grinding up the meat and bone, then delivered the pulp to her mouth. Tasting the raw meat helped distract Alex from her unsightly method of eating.

Her mandibles and teeth made quick work of her catch. Finally, Alex felt a bit of relief from the gnawing hunger in her mind. Focusing on her antennae, she started searching for another source of food-

“Oh crap!” Alex remembered what her body did: assimilate creatures!

“Oh no, no, no, no!” So much for her getting smaller. Alex nervously shuffled in place, worriedly focusing on her body. She waited for the tell-tale sign of her alien physiology converting the animal she just ate into more cells she would have to feed. But as the seconds passed, Alex confusingly didn’t feel the same wash of endorphins or sensation of growing like she had with the bug.

“Does- does my body not always assimilate things?” Alex pondered the self-proposed question for a moment. She had certainly eaten the alien, no doubt about that. Was it because she didn’t “eat” it like she had the giant bug? That seemed plausible, but was there any way to be certain?

“I could try to become it.” Alex proposed. That seemed like a good way to test her theory.

Gathering her thoughts, she focused on the bipedal creature she just ate. It was a bit hard for her human mind to picture it since she had only seen it with her limited insect sight. But the silhouette did come to her, clear as day. It was about one, maybe three-quarter meters tall. It had a digitigrade stance, with legs that were longer than its torso. And it had that oblong head, jutting out from where its neck was. Yes, even with that limited data, she was sure her body could replicate it if it could.

Alex the Bug started to soften. She could feel her hard skin start to crack, her legs feeling wobbly. Even her vision started to distort, her antennae no longer responding as they sunk back into her equally retracting head. She lowered herself to the ground just in time for her legs to melt back into her torso. Even her spear arms, still coated in alien blood, returned to Alex’s changing torso. And after a few moments, Alex had become a pink blob once again.

“Huh?” Alex wondered, finally taking stock of what she had become. “I’m… I’m a blob again? But that can’t be right, I envisioned that other alien!”

Alex buckled down, deeply concentrating now. “Come on, you stupid body! Become. That. Alien!”

A slap of pain quickly stopped Alex. A pain she remembered from her panicked attempt to reform her first day as a blob. So… she couldn’t become that alien, then.

“Is it because I ate it differently?” That seemed possible to Alex. After all, she had become a blob again to properly assimilate the giant insect. And she hadn’t done that with this last meal.

Another point popped up in her mind: if she could become whatever she ate, no matter how she ate it, then she should be able to become a chicken. After all, she had those Chinese leftovers the first day she was a blob. If she could become a chicken, then… well, she wasn’t sure what that would prove, but if she couldn’t, then that would explain what was going on.

Alex imagined a white chicken. She pictured its feathered wings folded against its sides. She visualized its yellow beak and the two flaps of red skin above and below it on the chicken’s head. She saw its tail feathers. She conjured its yellow feet and thick thighs. She envisioned it all, a little white chicken milling around, clucking every once in a while.

But nothing happened.

Alex tried a little harder, exerting her body. Her cells immediately responded with a flash of pain. So she couldn’t become a chicken, either…

“Then, the only way I get bigger is if I absorb things, not just eat them,” Alex concluded. “Well, at least that means I can eat whatever I want. I just have to be careful to not absorb them.”

The thought concerned Alex. While her body didn’t crave it now, she knew there was some hidden hunger for assimilation deep within her. She had felt it before; that day when she consumed the bug, and that had only been a little tinge. She wondered what would happen if she let that need fester and grow...

“I need some more food,” Alex told herself, pushing aside that troubling thought. Her amorphous body started to become the predator alien once again. But while she tried to ignore it, the thought of that other hunger lingered in the dark recesses of her mind. That hunger to...



Alex charged through the thick jungle. Her focus was squarely on the light-grey blob that was bounding ahead of her. When it disappeared from sight behind the greyscale bushes and scrubs in her path, her antennae could still track the tasty morsel. Her six legs pounded against the dirt and fallen leaves, skillfully and effortlessly navigating her body up and around and under the numerous obstacles in her pursuit. Her arms jutting out of her back were coiled back, ready to strike the second she came in range. Alex was on the hunt!

A branch whizzed past her, nearly slapping her across her beetle-face. A blanket of foliage did strike her head, but Alex was so focused she hardly noticed. She scurried onward through the jungle, never changing her course or redirecting her attention. She had screwed up her ambush, and after failing so many times, she refused to sit around and wait another second. She was going to get this alien, so help her God!

The chase was infuriatingly close. Every time Alex got a bit closer, something would get in her way and make her fall behind. And every time the animal got a little further away, Alex would find some sneaky way to cut that lead. On and on the two ran through the jungle, nearly one catching or losing the other. But Alex refused to give up.

Over another root, ducking past some low branches, sidestepping another shrub, the large bug chased her prey. All it would take was one mistake, one little slip-up, one fortuitous shortcut, and it would all be over. She just had to keep going.

The alien tripped slightly, allowing Alex to get tantalizingly close to the creature. But it was still just beyond her reach. The damn silhouette kept ducking and dodging at just the right times, just beyond her spears’ reach. She still tried, though, sticking her arms out, futilely hoping the animal would perhaps skewer itself on them. But no, the two had returned to their endless chase, neither taking advantage.

“Come on!” Alex screamed, her words coming out as a hissy roar. She had been tracking this stupid alien for minutes now. Why wouldn’t it just give up for crying out loud?

As Alex extended her arms, her body reacted. Slowly, subtly, her arms softened ever so slightly. With her arms becoming malleable once more, her cells reacted to her desires. Taking cells from unnecessary organs and body parts, the arms started to grow in length. Steadily, her arms reached out to Alex’s prey. They were so close, so aggravatingly close! Yes, just a bit more, just a few more inches, and…

They touched it! Her arms, now more like tentacles than spears, brushed against the alien’s skin. It let out a panicked cry, but Alex couldn’t hear it. All she could feel was a sudden surge of a forebodingly familiar endorphin.

“Wait, no,” Alex thought, but her protest quickly lost steam. The glorious feeling coming from her tentacles silenced all her thoughts to the contrary. She had finally caught the alien and in the best way possible.

Already, Alex’s body was demorphing as her tentacles ensnared and wrapped around her prey. The poor creature tried to wriggle out, but already it’s cells were being assimilated. More and more of its body melted into the blob, its flesh fueling a symphony of pleasure in Alex’s elated mind. With a sudden jerking motion, Alex’s tentacles pulled the alien off its feet and into her biomass.

A rush of ecstasy slammed Alex when her body folded over the alien. She mentally gasped as she felt the creature melt inside her, every single one of its cells joining her own. It was a high Alex hadn’t felt since her last assimilation, but this one came at her all at one time. Her pink sides jiggled as she sat on the jungle floor, loving every second of her meal.

Unfortunately, after a few moments of bliss, a crashing reality set in. She had just assimilated another creature, which meant she was even bigger now.

“Goddammit!” She silently screamed. Her blob thrashed and jerked as her tantrum continued. She cursed her body, she cursed her luck, she cursed her job and boss, she cursed the alien, she cursed anything and everything she could possibly think of!

But most of all, she cursed herself. How could she let her body take over like that? Once again, she had let it just do whatever it wanted, and now she had to pick up the pieces. Worse, she started to pick up on some of the memories and feelings of her captured prey, which seemed to have a higher cognition than the giant bug. The sobering scenes of the creature’s life played as an accompaniment to her failure. Once again, she had proven she wasn’t as “in control” as she thought.

Upset and depressed, Alex started reforming into the bug. As she finished, she could tell she was subtly bigger than before. Trying not to think too hard about it, she picked up her own insectoid scent with her antennae and started retracing her steps. It was getting late, and she needed to get back to her ship. She had some thinking to do.


Alex slowly woke up. She was greeted to a familiar, eyeless darkness around her. She could feel her bed propping up some of her body, but she mostly felt the cold steel of her bedroom floor against her underside. She wiggled a bit, feeling the metal walls of her room against her sides as she did. Another day stuck as a blob.

Using her memory of her ship, she slunk out of her room and oozed into the cargo bay. At this point, she reformed her human eyes and extended them up into simple stalks. Looking around, she saw her hold was just like she left it: mostly barren, save the final beacon she still needed to set up. The sight of the beacon made her heart sink. It was day three she had been marooned on this part of the planet, and judging by her inability to go one day without assimilating something, she had a feeling this was a permanent move.

“Get a grip,” she scolded herself, extending a tentacle out of her pink mass and pressing the button to lower the cargo bay ramp. So she had screwed up a few times. Big deal. She was still new to this body, after all. All she needed to do was get a little more familiar with it, find a way to curb some of its more… interesting ticks, and she would be fine.

Speaking of “getting to know her body,” it was time for Alex to try and shrink again. She still felt pretty full from her meals yesterday, so she had a good feeling about today. Besides, it wasn’t like things could get any worse. What, was she inexplicably going to grow three sizes instead? Please.

Sliding down the ramp, Alex landed against the warm, damp jungle ground. It felt nicer against her body’s bottom than her cold, hard ship floor. Maybe she would sleep out here tonight instead. It’d be good practice if she was stuck on Weaver.

“No, focus!” Alex reminded herself. She wasn’t going to be stuck on this stupid planet because today was the day she was actually going to shrink down, and figure out this weirdo body she had, and get off this dumb planet!

Fueled by spiteful determination, Alex started exerting her body. She felt her trillions of cells tense, the amorphous layers of flesh all reacting to her command. She then started pulling and pushing all her body inward, coalescing her body down.

“Come on,” Alex groaned, straining herself. Flashes of pain popped up here and there, but she ignored them. No, she couldn’t let her body control her. She was the one in charge, and it was time for her to get smaller!

Suddenly, her body reacted differently. Deep inside the folds of flesh, Alex felt something hard. A small little thing, almost like a pebble in a shoe. Even stranger was the empty feeling she felt around it. It was like there was something sucking up her formless body from the inside. She hesitated, but only for a second. Then, she focused on the spot, squeezing her body toward it. And with a lurching motion, she felt more of herself slip into the hard spot. Could it be?

Alex concentrated as she scrunched herself in on her hardened center. The harder she exerted herself, the more she felt slip away. Looking around with her eyes, she could tell her body was, indeed, growing smaller. She had done it; she was shrinking!

Not wasting her chance, she doubled her effort. Aches and pains flared across her body, but she refused to acknowledge them. More of her body continued slipping into the new core. She couldn’t feel the flesh that entered, but she could definitely feel the stomach-churning sensation of her insides getting smaller. But the pain and discomfort didn’t phase her a bit as she relentlessly continued squeezing into the core.

As she shrunk, she could feel the core becoming harder. More and more of her cells tightly compacted into it, solidifying the strange thing at an accelerated rate. And as it became harder, it became more difficult for her to push more of her body inside. Alex wriggled and pulsed, trying to fit as much of her egregious body inside before it became impossible.

At last, the stone refused to accept any more. No matter how hard Alex tried, no matter how much effort she exerted, the stone remained diamond-like. Alex released her body, feeling it go slack save the tissue around the stone. Those fibers pushed the stone up to the surface of her body until it popped out of her side.

The process was exhausting. Alex’s eyes quickly retracted into her body, finally giving her blob body nothing to keep track of. She lay there for several minutes, letting herself catch up.

Once she regained her strength, her eyes came back out and inspected her body. They traced the impression left in the ground by her body at full size. Those tracks left by her flexing body were distant, however, nearly two meters away all around. She looked down at herself, seeing that she was now her original size.

“I- I did it!” Alex gasped. Somehow, someway, she had shrunk back down to her original size! Sure, she was still a blob, but at least she was a manageable blob again. Of course, she needed to make sure.

Focusing on her human form, her blob body responded. Her eyestalks were engulfed by her surfacing head as it rose from the flesh, her ears, nose, and mouth also reforming. Her arms came next, anchored to the fresh shoulders that served as her head’s mount. Then her torso formed, her chest curving nicely into her trim waist and moving out again as it reached her hips. Finally, the pool of her blob body split in two as her legs reformed, allowing Alex to stand on her feet for the first time in days.

Alex opened her eyes, seeing the world exactly as she saw it when she landed in this jungle. She looked down, turning her hands over and clenching them. She twisted and turned her torso and hips, inspecting her legs and rear. She was back with no extra baggage!

“Hell yeah!” Alex triumphantly cheered. She felt her eyes water up a bit, her relief nearly indescribable. Finally, after so much time, she was back to being her.

But as her celebration subsided, curiosity with a hint of fear took her. Looking down at her feet, she spotted the thing she had made. Its surface was black and uneven. It was no larger than her palm. And it looked shockingly familiar to a certain stone she had picked up four days ago.

“Oh no.” Alex bent down to pick up the freshly formed pseudo-rock. She knew what was inside it: the same strange thing that had turned her into a blob. She involuntarily shuttered at the thought. She had just unwittingly made another blob.

“I don’t think so.” Alex quickly turned to her ship and marched up the ramp. Her bare feet made soft slapping sounds against the metal floor. Stopping by her locker on the right, she rummaged around inside, trying to find something to keep the black “stone” inside. Unable to find anything, she went further into her ship.

She stopped in the kitchen, checking the cupboards for something to keep her stone inside. But as she searched, her eyes came upon her microwave. A fiendish thought occurred to her that made her smirk.

“Let’s see how you like microwaves,” Alex cruelly cooed as she threw open her microwave. Tossing the blob egg inside, she slammed the door shut and started inputting a cook time. Going with the maximum time and power, Alex watched with devilish delight as the inside of the kitchen appliance lit up.

The stone moved around on the glass plate inside the microwave. For the first minute, nothing seemed to happen. Alex looked over at the appliance panel, making sure she set it to cook. Suddenly, she heard something pop. Whipping her gaze back over, she saw a chunk of the rock had fallen off, and a purple slime was oozing out.

The purple substance seeped out of its home. Alex watched as steam started to rise from the burning creature. She could hear it sizzling inside its cell, the hum of the microwave heralding its demise. The accursed blob’s skin started to crisp, its slight movements stopping as it was cooked alive. And Alex couldn’t help but smile at the fate of the damn thing.

Alex watched the carcass of the creature spin around a few times before she turned off her microwave. The thing was starting to stink, and as she opened it, she was greeted to a noxious cloud of black smoke. Coughing, Alex peered inside to see the charred corpse of her former cells.

“That’s one problem down,” Alex said, taking a fork from a nearby drawer and scraping the remains of the alien off onto a paper towel. The flakes of the slime still smoldered as she collected the last bits of the infectious creature. Tossing them into the kitchen trash, Alex left to get dressed.

While it felt slightly constraining to have clothes on, Alex still felt relieved to wear them again. She turned to see herself in her bedroom mirror, admiring her returned human body. But her smile didn’t last long. She knew the horrible truth. She was still a blob alien, masquerading as Alex the Human.

With a sigh, she made her way to the cockpit. Despite not flying for four days, or having fingers for two, her muscle memory quickly set in. The engine came to life after a few revs, their familiar hum easing the troubled pilot slightly. She pulled back on the stick, lifting her spaceship into the air and severing the few tenacious vines that grew over the ship’s landing craft.

No, no matter what kind of body she had, she was still Alex. Alex the Human was gone, but Alex the Person was here to stay. And she was going to leave Weaver with all the beacons installed. And she was going to get back to her home station, have a drink, and try to piece together some semblance of a normal life. Or she was going to die trying.

Alex jerked the throttle forward, sending her ship violently forward with a burst from her engines. Her last destination was only a few hours away, and then she’d be off Weaver for good.
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Alex's blob body has grown tremendously after assimilating a large predatory insect. Unfortunately, that means she can no longer fly her ship. She needs to figure out how to shrink herself back down; however, the method for shrinking may not be what she thinks...

Thanks for reading! I appreciate any and all feedback, so be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below. And if you really liked it, consider contacting me about a possible request or commission.
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hope she lives peacefully considering she's an alien now

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I think she would like to, but as a person, too.

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does she eat in ways other than absorbing things

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Yeah, she did it at the end of the first part

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Well, you were certainly right- the possibilities for this one are nearly boundless. :D

And I appreciate you adding in some fetishy stuff beyond the TF- though brief, the description of her breasts, belly, ass and thighs swelling up with fat were pretty great. :)

Also quite interesting to see her method of shedding mass. I'm sure that won't ever not go according to plan... :P

What would be interesting to know now is, could she become the bug still, with what mass she had?  Or does she have to have enough mass to become an original-sized bug?

Definitely hoping to see more of this. ^___^v
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Glad to hear you're excited to see this series continue! It's a bit of a slow burn, but I do want to continue it.

As for her retaining the ability to turn into the bug, she cannot. I'll go into the specifics later on in the series, but basically, she sheds the creatures she's assimilated to create a new blob egg. This was my attempt to make sure she doesn't become overpowered or just a giant blob... at least not yet or easily ;)

Thanks again for reading!
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when do you think your going to post the next episode?
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Not sure, honestly. I've been working on other stories and my job is going to be picking back up soon, so realistically, it may be a month or two
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Well i am willing to lend a hand 
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That's very thoughtful of you! If you have a discord, perhaps you'd be willing to receive drafts of the story and give your feedback on them?
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I do have a discord
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Can't wait to see more, (more of assimilation and growth MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA- *cough* *cough*). But jokes aside, I like this story so far, can't wait to read more. :)
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Thank you! While as fun as it would be to make Alex an assimilating machine, I'd rather take the story in a different direction. But I hope you'll enjoy it, too!
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thers my reply i wonderd why i culdent fint it after sendint ite soe meny times!
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well id liked to hear how tryin to live a life as an alin blob is gunna work out for her. 
Hope she gets plenty of practice holding her human form.
of cors hiding what she is is not gunna last long at lest till they do a checkup on her!
i hope she thinks of that and tell mom! i hope that works out.
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I'm sure Alex will find a way...
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The moment i had to take a break from DA you release part 3 oh come ooon! ><
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When you least expect it... ;)
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Well i thorougly enjoyed the story, again i cant wait for more as you stopped right at the part i wanted to see more (she returning to human civilization). I highly recommend you continue this series (add in obligatory death treaths if you dont) as it is one of your bests soo far, i would love to see what happens to her in the future, will we rise to see a blob overlord? Or a blob superhero?
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You and I think alike, my friend. I, too, want to explore how this blessing/curse affects her life, but with real life things coming up, the continued story may take some time...
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Take your time, until then, i will see you on the next angry killer sh....ups!
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Appreciate the patience, see you then!
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Ooh. I wonder if the creature in the rock is still alive and bonds with a more *evil* host. That would be wicked. 
(i may be thinking about 21 too much)
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