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You know that feeling when you just can't get full? Like when you eat, kind of full? Well, simply feeding yourself won't do it. You won't get full! You think just because you can eat and simply live your life....Makes it worth living? I would like to think so, see I was born with a twin sister. But, she didn't survive. When you need a arm, or a shoulder to cry on, who do you turn to? Your imaginary sibling that you wish you had, but could only imagine what he or she would be like? Not exactly a person to be friends with. A creepy outcast that has no friends and......No weapon....Currently, I am currently in middle school and well....I am sort of, different. Everyone in the world has a weapon. But, not just any weapon. A specific weapon that you are born with. You do not choose it, it chooses you. Everyone get's this weapon at birth and may call upon it when threatened, or just feeling the need for a challenge.  You can imagine what this must feel like? Getting bullied, pu
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Roleplay is something we all know very well. A term and subsequently a classification.
Can someone live this way in real life for so long they forget who they are?
Living as another person to hide in the dark so things get easier.
Not the way one would think to live. But, if this term could be a safeguard towards evil,
could make a shield so strong that even the user would be effected. Swallowed by it.
Years could go by in this shield. Could even be strong enough to imprison feelings.
Over time this could block even one's future. Stopping new experiences that could be
beneficial to the user's even growth into a wonderful being.
What if one day an opportunity presented itself to finally break free. What if this being finally found a reason to let it's guard down. Would it get shot down again? To the point of putting the shield back up? So many years have gone by with this shield up. The shield itself being so invisible that the user can't even remember it was up. So could it do it? Shou
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We have fought so much lately. I know it will finally be the last. It's amazing how long it takes me to realize certain things. I have something amazing. After all this time I can finally commit to something that's worth the effort. Why would you spend all you time to make me happy is beyond me. No one ever takes the time for me. Also, from what I have herd, no one took the time to understand you either. We have so much in common. We even think alike at times when no one understands! All we have to do is look into each others eyes and know everything will be okay. Our wave lengths match. We are compatible. It's almost like you are there with me everyday. Acting as one. Doing things as the other would. Down to the last word said. I know this is love. With every breathe I take I want to take it with you. I stray down the path all the time. But, you are always right there to guide me right back to you. Like a goddess shooting her light down a dark path. Always there to pick me back
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I am back
Kristen. I know this is coming awfully late. Gave me time to think. In this letter I will be saying more things then I would ever say to anyone else. When we are together I feel like I am the most powerful person in the world. I have the power and the courage to to push whatever bad happens out of my way. Punch through walls, break buildings,ou and fly. Honestly before I met you I wasn't around a lot of people. Some wondered if I would ever show up again. Then, one day, I took a leap of faith. I went out of my comfort zone and went to a bar I had never went to before. Only one person out of 100 people knew of my small existence. There you were. Outgoing and beautiful. Talkative and smart. At first, I was intimidated. Thinking that you were just some girl with a boyfriend that liked to get out and have fun every once and a while. After a couple hangouts with you and Austen I started to talk a bit more. Then before I knew it, you started talking to me. I didn't even seem to ask for your
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Once there was a gorgeous litt
Once there was a gorgeous little girl. She used to walk for miles along the river. Why? She had this problem, she could never sleep. But, one night when she was walking along the river she saw a pretty little kitty. The kitty was so cute that she called him, socks. While she had no food she was actually breastfeeding. So she took the starving kitty and breastfed him till finally, they both fell asleep. In the morning the kitty woke her up and started licking her nose. rubbing on her face with his whiskers. It was 15 hours later. The cat was gone. All that was left was the fur on her clothes....
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Straight accross your ambition I suffer. Around the abyss of the night I truley wonder. Maybe you will not always be around. But I still have you in my heart. Nothing wil replace you, for you are the one that changed me. Love has always been apart of me and you will always be. The one inside me you knows I can be me. You stole my heart and took my manhood. Taking my precious love and throwing it in my face. Forever I will never be able to love. Taking my dreams and my memories and shape shifting into hate and nightmares.
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I sit here with my computer in bedroom full of storage and I wonder if I was just meant to be the way I am. If I was meant to be the biggest screw up in the world. After watching people devote they're lives to their children I wonder to myself if my kids were to think that their dad just doesn't exist; would they feel better? Would they have less hate in their heart if they were to believe their dad was nothing but dead? I think everyday about what I could have done better in my life and I can come up with so many better ideas that it would be fantastic to have done. But, I think there is more than what I have been letting myself believe. Maybe it was suppose to happen to get myself to a position where I can actually survive and take care of myself and my children. I keep trying to believe that something is coming my way and it just doesn't seem to be happening.
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I am me.
I have no money.
Have no car.
But I am the best thing that has ever happened.
People can say what they want.
Words are words.
They mean nothing.
All i have is myself and the people I love.
I am me.
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Help me please....
Something has happened
that cannot be undone.
I wish i could maintain
my perfect state of mind,
but i cant hold it in how I feel
my feelings are shattered
I can't feel anymore than you can hide
for my heart is done and my mind is hurtful.
Never can I forget what has been done
to me and by Your friends,
can i ever get through you.
How much will it take to convince you to help me
through the problems your life, but also your love
brings me.
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I Miss the feeling of feelings
Why must you all be a stranger to me
you used to be the one that drives me
the one who makes be, be.
I wish i had you forever in my heart
to help me achieve my dreams
but instead I have been torn apart
without you I am nothing
without my feelings i have no heart
without feelings i have no soul
Without you I have no meaning.
:iconkiller-writer101:killer-Writer101 1 5
AAA of polvstein dances and... by killer-Writer101 AAA of polvstein dances and... :iconkiller-writer101:killer-Writer101 0 0
i lost.....
the game....
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Its been too long.
Its been a long time since i have felt in a state of phobia
one which should never be long for but achievable.
This will be a final farewell to the state of a frolic
that has darkened my days since the beginning of my life.
when i leave that you, this feeling,
i want it to be there for  me to remember forever.
not in vain but to have a sensual purpose of life,
a life of a state of mind that will always be a art of me.
me as a person to be remembered not to be slain,
but forever in my heart, you will always be there for me.
i appreciate you though you have hurt me so.
but the hurt will always be there for me to live on.
living on knowing it was you that helped me get to peace.
:iconkiller-writer101:killer-Writer101 1 0
Why did you do this to me and those who loved you,
you climbed so high but now for what is not.
Why you left me was the utmost shame in me,
i was not strong enough help or to be willing to enpower.
But there is a place where everything is for true,
true to the power of undenyable strength.
I admit this now as a sign of this strength,
that i am not worthy of being my own power.
Simple as that i wish i could survive on my own,
as i need the strength of others to surve a purpose.
They're is one who is beside me at all times,
the one thing that keeps me hanging on.
Tis' you the angel of hope, strength and reconcilliation,
that helps me rise again till the rising sun that you put into my heart.
I will therefore live forever inside this world for you and only,
the strength you gave me will never subside into darnkess.
Because I choose to live forever.
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I Crave This Feeling
I see you walking along side the bed,
the oceans screams at the very sight of thee.
I crave that feeling of not silence but absence,
the absence of the feeling i crave of that is your touch.
Not just the touch but the love and tenderness of your heart,
too much to be handled without the warmth of another.
Without you there is no rain,
no wind to carry the soul.
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Lingering Presence
Sitting here
In the silence of night
Sitting here waiting
For you to come hold me tight
I want you to be here
Show me everythings alright
But no matter how long I wait
You never come into sight
Im thinking of the past
When you were my light
No matter how dark things were
You always seemed to make them bright
Your lingering touch
Is all I feel
I wake and youre not there
But in my mind it seems so real
Is it all illusions
Or were you even there
I dont know whats real anymore
As reality begins to tear
Where did you go
When will you come back
Youve been gone so long now
My sanity I start to lack
Footsteps off in the distance
I run to see if its you
Again my minds playing tricks on me
But my heart already knew
I see you standing in the mirror
When I turn theres nothing behind
So the question remains, are you real
Or made up by my subconscious mind
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Kuroneko Halloween Fun by Talatu196 Kuroneko Halloween Fun :icontalatu196:Talatu196 5 15 Faerie Finding 3 by ViceMonarch Faerie Finding 3 :iconvicemonarch:ViceMonarch 2 2
I hope
I hope for this year
this time and this place
will never be looked at
in a glass case
The sun, sky and moon
floating lazily by
must look down on us
and continouly cry
All we needed
was food water and air
but look at us now
we created our own despair
:iconwings-of-the-hopeles:wings-of-the-hopeles 2 12
I'm tired
You make me tired
Sleepy, in a dream
All of my energy
You take out of me
Opening my eyes, they're so heavy
Turn to my side and sleep
I can't fight you
There's to much of this
So it's done. You won.
I don't care.
I'm yours for the taking.
As long as you let me sleep.
:iconwings-of-the-hopeles:wings-of-the-hopeles 1 5
Hold me...please?
Won't somebody love me?
Allow me to hug and pretend?
Let me hold you until the world ends
I think that I am crying and I don't know why
Maybe I shouldn't think "Will I love before I die?"
It's like being thrown in the ocean, now sigsns of land
Won't you be kind enough to hold my hand?
You can't because you don't exist
you can't even give me a goodbye kiss.
Won't somebody love me?
In time for a dance?
For me, can there even be romance?
Am I too cold?  To harsh to see?
Could somebody actually love me?
Please, speak up, say it loud!
Don't be like me and act too proud.
It is my fault, I know this of course
love is something you cannot force.
I am falling, falling link in the beginning
Am I even someone worth winning?
Won't somebody love me?
Bring me a fairy tale ending?
Because the rules are there for bending.
:iconwings-of-the-hopeles:wings-of-the-hopeles 4 7
me as spike spiegel by Talatu196 me as spike spiegel :icontalatu196:Talatu196 5 29


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"I have decided that I am going to start writing the stories my mind makes up every 2-3 years. Yes, makes up. My mind actually makes stories quite often. I just never wrote about them until now. Since I am letting you guys peer into my brain finally I am going to let you know that as messed up as some may be, I am quite sane. Sometimes....

BTW. I haven't decided what I am going to call this one. As it is one of many. Cause I said before, my mind makes these up all the time and HAS for a long time. There maybe more epilogues coming or a first chapter to this one. I haven't decided yet." 

Yes I have said all this before. But, if you didn't read my latest Deviation, then how could you have seen it? Right? Anyways, here I am after another festival, writing on here. However, I am going to stay here for a while. There's been a lot on my mind lately in terms of fantasy. I need to unleash it. I have been holding these from the world for way too long. So it seems that everything I have tried to hold back, for my own safety, is coming out in full force. (Dirty yes, yes I know). So I am going to start posting my boiled fantasies on here. How verbose it may be, that doesn't mean I don't remain in control. I will not repeat that. I keep my sanity, no matter how messed up my mind may be at times. 


Chris Rosenburg
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