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I love badges and collect

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Same!! I love the badges and something about them just makes me wanna collect them! I especially love the ice cream and dog one ovo. I don't care much for llama badges but eh still-
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I'm selling cake badges for 81 points. Each time I raise another 4000 points, I will donate $50 of canned food to a local charity.
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I want all of these badges!!!!!

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Gotta collect them all! Love 
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I want all of these badges!!!!!
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how does one put this on there page? as a stamp o3o
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just copy\paste the thumb and add it to your dev description
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:iconepicstareplz: Is that a Klingon badge?
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OMG I was just thinking that!!!!!! O-O
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so true and so using for my profile :giggle:
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used, i love these ^_^
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The Deviantart Region- Unlimited Badges. In yer face Gary Oak!
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[link] I found this one to be unique. ^^
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Cool, never came across that one before :D
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It's new. According to what I've heard about it, they're not available anymore. They were rewarded to deviants who purchased a paint pack for dA Muro, the packs aren't for purchase anymore, they're free. So you might see some deviants with these brush badges. ^^
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Yea I think your right :thumbsup: Cool badge then for anyone who bought the brush pack at the start :D
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Indeed, but that's another badge I'll covet. :lmao:
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Check this group out
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i want them all too :O
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