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I love my watchers

I love my watchers stamp

*Updated 16-03-2011*

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My only watchers whom I don't :heart: at all are trolls/bullies who give me a watch for no reason other than to either make my life on DA worse or people who watch me just to order me in killing innocent users who've done nothing wrong (such as Notellkiller bothering sweetheart1012) (I block all those type of personal watchers). ):< :steaming:

But other than that, I do completely agree with this stamp :)
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What about people who watch you but don't fave anything of your's
I have a few of those
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Well I ain't a decent artist yet at this point, I still need improvements on how to draw something in my life, because with the lack of motivation I have on DeviantArt, school's kept me busy, and thus I have hundreds of time constraints when it comes to submitting something useful in my gallery, so i'd honestly don't know who'll do that to me so far yet, at this point ratio... ^^;
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Makes sense I don't expect my watchers to favorite EVERYTHING, and they probably are busy a lot but sometimes it is a little annoying
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Heart 3D my watchers. 
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