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Symbols of Narayan

By Killberk
These signs are from Myst III Exile game.
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julio-lupin-jr's avatar
I just finished replaying Myst III and this was super helpful. Good job!
Found these in a Minecraft mod (Feed the Beast). Knew immediately I was looking at symbols from Exile, but needed a reference. I am so damn glad I found this picture.
xaos83's avatar
Thank you! I'm building a DVD shelf and was going for the symbol you receive at the end of Amateria, but now I can make my own :)
Juno54's avatar
Really nice rendering of all the symbols.
Mirikato's avatar
Myst...the greatest (and first(at least in my mind)) puzzle game of all time...I gladly thank you sire
jackotheofool's avatar
Thank you! I've been meaning to get around to putting that together for years...
smyers91's avatar
Woo I loved that game.
Future looks like a butt.
TariamOfThePez's avatar
This is very good, very good quality
Elorviel's avatar
wow I wish I had this whenever i played it the first time! This is nice.
Killberk's avatar
I'm glad you like it. :)
Seleyah's avatar
How cool! I love the high-res, thanks so much!
igcreator's avatar
this is great! really crisp renditions of the symbols. brings back memories from the game. god, that was such a great game, Exile. :P
Nice. brings back a lot of old memories.
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